Monday, 23 January 2017

Hong Kong 2016 Day 6: The Garden of Stars and The Peak

Didn't post this weekend... Too busy being lazy, catching Pokémon, studying Japanese and for the HSK Level 2 exam...

Thursday 8th December 2016

Ta da! I finally slept for a bit. Food helped. Kind of. But still had to wake up early for a fun packed day ahead. We finally got to go out without having to worry too much about anything else...

We had nice weather throughout the week, and I think I started tanning quite well. ^_^ (It's started to fade now... need more sun!).

MummyGeek and I went back to the congee place again. I think I've not had so much congee as a breakfast since I was a baby I bet. LOL! 
On previous days I had seen people order this fried dough covered with cheung fun... I wanted to know what it was, because I've never had it before. It's called "fried two" Ja Leung 炸兩. The taste is hard to describe. It's got the texture of something fried and steamed at the same time. The fried dough loses it's crispy texture as the cheung fun takes over it. This was served slightly cold too. For me, I'll stick to fried dough and cheung fun separately. >_<"

Congee on this day was abalone and chicken flavour. Wow. At HK$40 (~£4.21) it was mega worth it! I think this would be a very expensive dish in London if restaurants started serving this. Triple price is likely! ¬_¬"... But wow, I was trying to leave the abalone last. The texture of it was soft and sweet enough to go with the congee... Amazing, I'm craving for this right now. ^_^

Total cost came to HK$94 (~£9.89). Still mega cheap for two people!

Time to head out now to Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Stop! We took a bus (I think we took the 81C - forgot to take bus notes) and stopped at the very last stop, when we should have got off the stop before. In the end we had to walk back... But also in the meantime, we were looking for the Bruce Lee statue because I've never seen it!

We trekked back and forth, underground and ground floor level... It was like a hectic walkabout... MummyGeek got fed up and asked an old man who pointed to the opposite street that the statue was on the other side... I had actually wanted to go in a different direction as there were arrows pointing up (where we should have gone). :p

Finally, after walking across to the other side from below, walked a few kilometers, we noticed that the old guy was probably pointing to the old location of where the statues were at The Avenue of Stars. Unfortunately that part of the harbor is closed off for renovation. Fortunately, close by there was a lift directing us to The Garden of Stars... Phew! I think we would have got fed up if we didn't find it. 

Anita Mui

Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Hong Kong 2016 Day 5: Shek Kip Mei, Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Ack. Another night of NO SLEEP! That bottle of wine didn't even get me to sleep for too long. :( What does that make me? Non susceptible to alcohol? ¬_¬" Ugh. 

So it was kind of an early morning again... around 8.30... Time for brekkie!!! ^_^

MummyGeek and I went to the same congee place. I had the congee with fish slices, and MummyGeek and one with pork liver... I think we had the fried dough again and chee cheung fun, but didn't take a picture of those. My fish one here in the yellow bowl really smelt and tasted fishy. Didn't really enjoy it that much but ate the whole thing.

MummyGeek asked me to try the pork liver but I skipped (I did try it eventually on another day).

Total cost came to HK$72 (~£7.58). Not bad. ^_^

I was still hungry so I started on a packet of crisps I bought earlier. This is Carbonara flavour. What can I say? It was quite peppery, and I didn't like them. ¬_¬" Sorry Japanese snacks can be quite queer for me too!

Time to hit the streets of Kowloon finally! No family bothering us!! Woohoo!!

We took the Bus 86C which took us to a place called Shek Kip Mei... The place where MummyGeek and I found a dai pai dong (street food stall) in one of the side streets - it's still there!!! Anyway, it was Mr Stingy's first time there. I remembered some of the streets but couldn't remember the places exactly.

We ended up walking around and around trying to find Ap Liu Street - the famous street for electronics.

Ah, found it, we were actually just next to it. We had to go to a Metro station anyway to exchange our old Octopus cards with the white machine - just don't go to the desk as they'll look at you as if you're stupid! ¬_¬"" Sometimes I think Hong Kongers are set in their ways with attitude problems. Nevermind. Miss Vegan said to me in her country Guyana, it's the same with the attitude. LOL! I guess I just need to get used to it.

Ap Liu Street is filled with electronics. We ended going to one store asking for a media box because the one that DaddyChef uses is practically a failure. Seagate - please fix your GoFlex Media Box or release a more up-to-date version! Anyway, we bought a cheap one. Think we should have bought a slightly more expensive one as when we brought it home it was a little complicated to use!!! ¬_¬""

MummyGeek was excited!! We found this shopping centre called Dragon Centre 西九龍中心. Address: 37K, Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. She likes to YouTube everything, and this shopping centre was in a news article that she came across. LOL! Why did she want to go here? You'll find out more in a moment...

I found the billboards with some provocative underwear advertising... LOL! And I thought the ones in the UK were too sexy. I guess not... :p

In we go...

Now to the top floor!!

This seat here in the dining area is the reason why MummyGeek wanted to go this shopping centre. You can't see it well in this picture, but in fact it is slanted to make people not sit there for too long. People were complaining there was nowhere to sit as the oldies were sitting there watching the television sets. LOL. My mother is crazy. 

MummyGeek said she was hungry, so we picked a place and ordered food... This place cooked 3 meats/seafood and one vegetables in a soup with boiled rice on the side. 

This is my bowl. Very colourful isn't it? Well, it sounded appetising but on taste it was VERY bland. Ugh. Boring. I had to add salt and soy sauce for any affect. Mum, please don't take to me this stall again. Thanks.

Total cost came to HK$72 (same price as breakfast!) including two drinks - had ordered a lemon tea, but changed my mind for a Fanta when they had no cans for the lemon tea... ¬_¬" Sorry. My mind thinks differently.

We had already split up with Mr Stingy, so MummyGeek and I explored most of the shopping centre. There's a lot of stuff in there. Just don't forget to go in between the stores as there's much more too look at than you think there is. ^_^ I think I could have done lots of shopping if MummyGeek wasn't with me at that moment in time. But I really stopped myself because I didn't want to take home lots of things...

We eventually went downstairs, bought some snacky things, then saw these cakes... I really want that Gudetama cake!!!

LOL! This looks like the 3D origami Darth Vader I made a couple of years ago. ^_^

Time to go now and explore more and shop more! We kind of got lost and didn't know which bus stop to go to next... Seems like we're always getting lost!! Eventually we found a bus stop/shelter near the shopping centre which was heading to Mong Kok.
Took a picture of this to show that Hong Kongers like to protest about property...
Finally got to Mong Kok in one piece. I kind of knew this place but always get lost trying to find Ladies Market... Time to bargain and shop peeps!! Split again Mr Stingy for a good hour or so... :D

Gosh, that was a long walk!! But we got some good bargains, got cheated from one stall but gained more from another... it was like walking into a very business like market. It's a good place to test your bargaining and negotiation skills... if you don't have those, then I don't think this market is for you to be in. Just ask for cheaper... CHEAPER PLEASE... If they refuse, then walk away. WALK AWAAAAY from that item.

I really had to try and find stinky tofu which can only be found in places like Mong Kok or where there's a lot of street food... Ah heaven!!

I found stinky tofu in one stall... I bought two pieces, one for MummyGeek and one for me. Mr Stingy didn't want any... Yum yum yum... We had to take a mini bus (at the very end of Ladie's Street) back to Sai Kung and change for the 299X to get back to the hotel, since it would've been much more complicated if we took a bus back to Sham Shui Po or Shek Kip Mei. Hope I didn't stink out the bus... Those mini buses are killer buses. They speed like crazy drivers!

At the bottom of the hotel (MummyGeek wouldn't let me take it to the room in case it really stunk badly) I ate my stinky tofu. To be honest, it didn't stink that badly, and thankfully I didn't add any sauce as it would've been ruined. Really tasty fried tofu with a bit of stinky bad toilet smell...  ^_^

That night we didn't eat much... I just ended up eating "Getting Married Cakes". MummyGeek's favourite cakes... and no I'm not getting married... it's really hard in my world to find a nice guy to get along with, who has similar interests and all... My workplace has no such guy available. Hahahah. 

I only had one cake which had an egg in it. I think MummyGeek wanted this one. Oh well. :p It's really filling for the stomach, so don't eat too much!

And that's all I had for dinner including a box of milk and some crisps.

Sleep again... trying to sleep again... :p

End of Day 5... goodnight!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hong Kong 2016 Day 4: Grandpopo Summons Us

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Day 4 kicks in. And I'm positive for the past few days in Hong Kong something is trying to prevent me to sleep at night. Is it the temperature in the room? Yes. Did I need to go to the loo? Yes. Was I distracted by my phone? Maybe. Was I hungry? I don't think I was that night, but likely yes...

Well, it seems I had to wake up anyway because I had to call my Grandpopo (MummyGeek's mother, aged 95... yep, 95)... My family from DaddyChef's side were quite surprised we didn't call them already... ah, no need. They aren't very much into modern technology so we might as well call them when we get to HK. And that's what we did. Called them at 8.30 in the morning and my aunt answered the phone. She was a bit abrupt with us because I think she feels we care more about my father's side of the family more than them. Not so true. I don't care about either side (in terms of family gossip and feuds - gosh, does this happen in every family?)... Both sides are ignorant to us, the ones who escaped to safety in Britain, only to come back for a couple of weeks for a holiday. :p 

Anyway, Grandpopo summoned us to come that day. That was a surprise to us, because in the history of all the times we came to HK we always went later... Hmmmmmmm...

So MummyGeek and I went for breakfast, I forgot what Mr Stingy was doing in his room or if he had already gone for brekkie. We went somewhere different this time. Another place near the hotel, and this place served Chinese-Western food. This isn't my favourite kind of food, but you know, eat light. ^_^ So French toast, spam and egg on one plate plus the noodles was for MummyGeek, but I ate her plate of Westernized food... I also had the plate of pork chops and flat scrambled eggs... LOL!!! You would never get this in the West. :(

Total cost came to HK$61 (~£6.42)... Expensive! Well the rates are still pretty low since the Brexit vote. :(

新潮軒打冷小菜粉麵, 沙田勵城花園3號地舖
Floor 3, Lai Shing Garden, Sha Tin

Time to go to Grandpopo's! We waited forever for the bus when we could've got a taxi. Bus service has really changed as there's new stations that have opened up. Good for some, but for an old tourist like me who know the bus routes more than the tube map is bad sign for us.

Anyway, we arrived before lunchtime. Upon our arrival Grandpopo started crying as she hadn't seen us for 3 years. Gosh, she makes me teary all the time. MummyGeek had even told me to crochet her a hat before we came, which I made within a few days... Black wool is hard to see at night... 

My aunt had already flew across to town via taxi and came back with so much food! Blimey... so we ate as much as we could... My mother's side of the family loooooooove Mr Stingy, so my aunt bought this mostly for him. ¬_¬"" 

We spent most of our afternoon at Grandpopo's... we even had to call my other aunt and one of our cousin's from DaddyChef's side to come last minute... Uh, sorry, but you did tell us to call you to go and visit! They haven't seen my Grandpopo and aunt for 30 years. Blimey! That's a very long time!

My aunt and Grandpopo even had some visitors - have no idea who they were... A business couple... :p 

Aunty took us around, so I took some pics of the surroundings...
Common HK flower

Aloe Vera!!!

Bananas... the smaller native type... they aren't sweet...

There's baby mosquitoes there

Wow... I have never spent so many at Grandpopo's for a very long time... Think Grandpopo is feeling lonely and bored... But I see the resemblance between MummyGeek and Grandpopo! They talk too much!!! ¬_¬""

It was time to go, and my cousin dropped us off. Exhausting!

Later on, MummyGeek and I went back downstairs and back into the supermarket near the hotel... Bought my dinner from there because I had too much for lunch!!!!! Pot noodles and ice cream with a portion of BBQ pork...

You see that bottle of wine next to the bin? It's empty. Got this from Grandpopo's as they had a lot leftover from guests bringing them over. Had the whole bottle to myself (as it had a cork screw and we didn't have anything to seal it) with the char siu... The red wine tasted great with meat! 

I got drunk and spilt the soy sauce onto my duvet (the cleaners didn't even change the duvet cover!).

End of Day 4 ... But did I manage to sleep?!


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