Sunday, 17 September 2017

British Museum - Hokusai: Beyond The Great Waves (and Walworth Festival)

Everything is Japanese themed for me this summer!

My Japanese teacher mentioned about this exhibition, Hokusai: Beyond The Great Waves, at the British Museum this summer just gone. So I booked a ticket in advance. When I looked at the bookings again, the tickets were all sold out fairly quickly!

The day I went was a wet day, and there was already a huge queue to enter the museum. I feared that I would miss my timing to go into the exhibition... But thankfully as I had a ticket, I was able to skip the massive queue.

As I was there about half-an-hour to 45 minutes early, I couldn't go into the exhibition early, so I went around the museum...

A piece from Da Vinci... ^_^

Korean household...

Chinese pottery...

Well, it was time to enter, unfortunately there was a long queue just to read and go through Hokusai's artworks! He did a lot in his lifetime!!! 

Since I couldn't take any pictures, I decided to purchase the postcards, and give you a glimpse of the famouse artworks of Hokusai... the artist who drew and painted those famous waves! I never believed that the world of manga art existed for so many years either...

If you want to know about Hokusai's life in 2 minutes (and if you understand Japanese), here's a cartoon... Unfortunately there's no subs. But it's funny even if you don't understand!

The exhibition has now finished... but look out for more Japanese exhibitions!

Address: Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG


The Walworth Festival happened to be on the same day I went to the museum... I actually didn't know this was happening... just stumbled upon it as I was heading to Argos! LOL!! ^_^

There were only a few stalls of interest, but apparently there were some dancing acts....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Hyper Japan 2017 @ Tobacco Docks

Trying to speed through my remaining posts from the past two months... Speedily I write... And apologies for writing a fairly short article!

Hyper Japan Summer 2017 was in Tobacco Docks between July 14th to 16th.

This year I went on a Saturday morning. And just for the morning session. It was amazingly a quiet entry compared to all the years I've been going to. This year, we went through the car park. Scandalous! LOL!!

Went to most of the stalls and had a look before I decided to purchase anything. I took fewer pictures of people in costumes this year... (I think I've outgrown the pretty costumes... :( sumimasen! )

I ended up in the live stage area...

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Veramar Hotel - Costa del Sol, Spain

This is the hotel we stayed in. Veramer Hotel. It's near the beach, a 5 minute walk. Very close to the supermarket. There's a bakery and there's a few restaurants to choose from.

Since Baby B is a fussy eater (not that fussy... but she likes chips, fish fingers and waffles at the moment), we chose a hotel where we were allowed to cook.

We were a bit surprised with the spacing... there was hardly any room to move. Two single beds and a cot... There is a balcony, aircon and a small TV on the wall...

Bathroom was ok! We loved the shower... It was very welcoming.

Toilet was in a strange place and they also provide a bidet! Wow. It's the first time I've seen a hotel provide this. I guess some people have problems with their bottoms... Too much spicy food, huh.

Sorry for the messy kitchen... The main problems of the kitchen were... NO KETTLE and toaster... How does a kitchen cope without a kettle? The cups were quite small, but I'm so happy I brought my mug from Algarve... My trusty mug. Hehehehe. 

The cot... you may need to ask for extra bedding for the cot...

Well, we did have a nice stay, staff were friendly all over.

I think our only main complaint was the kettle situation... But everything was ok. The lift is a little awkward, but you can also use the stairs...
It's close to everything, and close to the airport if you take the motorway to get there!

If you're planning to use the sun chairs and swimming pool, make sure to bring your own towels instead of the hotel' get there early!

Address: Calle Burgos, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 58 05 00


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain - Day 5 & 6: Being a Tourist

Sunday 9th July 

Finally, Miss Pinky, Baby B and I took a tour around the area we stayed in.

It was still hot at around 30 degrees ++, but we managed...

We ended up back at the hotel after walking around and a beer... Siesta came by quite quickly!

Had a smoothie for my lunch at the hotel...

Later on we went the bar/restaurant on the other side of the hotel... It was time to write some postcards to some friends... Miss Pinky chatted away whilst I was trying to write... I really can't chat and write at the same time!! I really have to concentrate in what I'm writing... :p We think the postcards may have got lost in the post box because it was hard slot in... Or they still might be travelling to wherever via road... Postcards always get lost in the post!! I at least took pictures of them... so sorry to the families that are still waiting on them. Heheheheh.

As it was our last night in Spain, Miss Pinky suggested that we go out and eat (I was paying this time)... So we walked around first, then back to the hotel, then changed... Miss Pinky didn't even bother to dress up and she had told me to!! ¬_¬"" Sometimes Miss Pinky does things on purpose... :p

We ended up eating Indian food that night with a jug of red wine sangria...

I think I felt deprived of carbs, mainly rice, on this holiday... So I enjoyed my meal but felt very bloated...

The night ended with us taking another walk to digest our food...

The moon looked so pretty coming up from the sea...

End of Day 5.

Monday 10th July

It was a hard night trying to sleep before the flight. I was so hot, that the next day I was bitten by a mosquito in a few more areas. Yes, there are mosquitoes in Spain too!

I think Baby B and I were the most restless that night as we kept moving around our beds... Miss Pinky had a few hours sleep, but apparently I ended up snoring my head off. The previous days I hadn't snored much... ¬_¬"" ... Oh well...

We woke up quite early to make breakfast, tidy up and to finish packing.

Checked out on time, weighed our luggage (thankfully I hardly bought much as Miss Pinky had overweight luggage AGAIN!), then walked swiftly to our transfer car to the airport... Our ride was there quite early. Yay!

We made it to the airport in half an hour compared to the day we got there... We took the motorway! Why didn't that happen on our first day?!

Checking in at the airport was ok, easier than Stansted! Bags were slightly overweight, but that was fine... Going through security wasn't bad either as Baby B was trapped in the baby area so she couldn't get out. ^_^

After passing through the shops we wanted to go upstairs to eat at Burger King... Unfortunately there was no lift, so I made the risk with the pram like how MummyGeek used to take me up and down the escalator. You're not supposed to use the prams on the escalator but if you're confident just do it! We got there, Baby B was ok, and we queued for a very long time!

Once we got our food, ate and was almost about to go, a German boy came up to us, I was there was enough room for him to pass, but he actually wanted to give his toy away to Baby B... Awww... There must have been some kid connection in the queue, as we were actually queuing behind him and his father...

I took the risk again and took the elevator going back down. Baby B went down backwards... Did a bit of shopping, then found our gate... and we kind of jumped the queue when the announcers said families can go first! ^_^ I like family queues, they have their benefits!

Flight was ok. Baby B managed to sleep on our laps for the whole two hours. She didn't scream but we did give her, her dummy.

Got off the plane (not as the last passengers thankfully), past passport control, Miss Pinky was shocked at the way they thought Miss Pinky wasn't the mother... That's how British passport control is... Got our luggage, waited forever for the pram... and then got our train tickets to Liverpool Street Station - £29 again with the dual pass and Miss Pinky's travelcard pass.

Just so you know, I hate Liverpool Street Station at rush hour! Then we returned by taxi (plus bus on my way home)...

This is an adventure I won't forget, but I hope we go to a slightly cooler destination on our next holiday. Hope Miss Pinky and Baby enjoyed their first international flight together. I've learnt so much about Baby B in such a small amount of time. Baby B must have been thinking "how comes Godma Geek is with us for so long"... Lol!

End of Day 6 and Holiday!


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