Sunday, 18 September 2016

KPlace Korean BBQ Restaurant - London St Mary at Hill, Monument

It's time for a Korean food post!! Was going to write and post this before I went to Ireland, but I was a lazy geek once more... Work and social life overload last week. ^_^

Thanks to Groupon (and Mr B who messaged me to go... hahahah - although I had already seen the deal before he told me) I bought a £28 voucher for 2 for a 10 course meal. So who did I go with? Miss Pinky of course!!

If you remember my post on Old Justice, the pub turned into a Korean bar/restaurant in Bermondsey, then you would know it had closed down and moved to Monument a year ago. A more central place to go to. Miss Pinky and I had no idea how this place would turn out, and had no clue on where it was... It's really hidden secretly on the side street. You just wouldn't even notice it.

We had booked a table for 7pm, which was perfect... an after work dinner. I think Miss Pinky is currently glad to be back at work and earning money! LOL!

KPlace looks very spacious and the lighting is much better than their old place in Bermondsey, which was small and dark.

After getting our seats and Miss Pinky's short gossip on life so far, it was time to eat... I went to the loo at this point after the egg rolls came out. >_<"

Ta-da! Look what happened when I came back! ^_^ Basically this is the 10 course meal for two excluding the BBQ meat and rice, which comes with the package... You usually would pay over £40 for this meal set, but thank you for the discount with Groupon!!!!!

Here's all the kimchi and salady stuff.

Stewed potatoes and pork... reminds me if DaddyChef's Chinese version.

The grilled mackerel was yummy... Practically had to tell Miss Pinky to eat the last bite because she couldn't eat the seafood pancake. Hahahahah. We both loved it.

Mussels were cooked in a light broth. Yummy!

And here you go... Both of us had some beers which didn't come with the voucher. That's what we had to pay separately.

Some light Korean salad...

And some chicken broth soup. Miss Pinky had to shape it with Mickey Mouse ears. >_<""

Finally the meat came out!! Time to turn on that BBQ.

I think Miss Pinky and I have got better at cooking our meat on this grill. Oil and cook away. Remember to just keep oiling the plate...

The meat was kind of fatty... but a good fatty... If you want to eat more meat, it's £5 extra per person. But we thought this was enough for the two of us.

In the end we got some watermelon slices. Miss Pinky wanted to take them home for Baby B, coz at the moment she's become obsessed with fruits, unlike her parents who hardly eat the stuff. LOL!! She's becoming more like her grandparents and me, the geeky godmother. ^_^ Thankfully the waiter said he could give her some separate slices (I think they had some leftovers)... Miss Pinky loves this place now. Hahahahah!!!

On the way out I had to take a picture of this. ^_^ It looked like a street artist came in...

Total cost came to £49.80 which includes the Groupon voucher + the VAT on top and drinks. A little expensive for what we got, but I think the service paid for it. And in fact this new place is in East Central. Those high flyers out there can pay for this... Even the local Koreans or maybe they were Korean visitors came in to eat! ^_^

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
- Nice friendly service
- It's like a secret hideout for Korean food

Bad points:
- Expensive without the voucher

Address: 1 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8EE
Tel: 020 7621 0002


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Thai Square - London Trafalgar Square

It's been a long time since I've been able to go out with Miss Pinky... she was complaining that we don't spend enough time out together... it's not my fault my goddaughter Baby B is making you busy Miss Pinky! :p ... 

Miss Pinky hasn't been to see a musical for a verrrrry long time, and so I booked some cheap tickets to see Phantom of the Opera - that would basically be my third time watching this. Third time! And her first time seeing it. ^_^ It's one of my favourite musicals, so anyone who wants to watch it with me... be free to ask. :D

We looked around for food. Miss Pinky said she always wanted to go into Thai Square but always thought it might be expensive. It wasn't too expensive. Like normal restaurant prices. Before we decided to have this we stopped into the New Zealand bar for happy hour (she didn't like the food there, plus it reminded her of one of the dark bars in Dallas we had went to).

After making a short decision we placed our orders. I had this Aubergine and minced chicken dish. It had two chillies on the menu, so I knew it would be spicy... It was very spicy... I almost choked from the juices on my first bite of the aubergine. >_<" Hahahaha. Silly geek. I actually liked this dish, Miss Pinky thinks I can't handle spices... I can, but prefer to eat hot foods at home when no one sees me enjoying the spiciness of the food... LOL!

I also had this egg fried rice... egg fried sticky rice to be exact. It came in a bowl that had a slant to it... for some reason I found it difficult to serve myself, but all I had to do was pick up the bowl as Miss Pinky showed me... I know, sometimes I can really be the most stupidest geek ever. Hehehe.

Miss Pinky had the jungle curry... I dare not try. She said it was spicy... very spicy and I wouldn't be able to handle it. I believed her. Maybe next time when I'm not sitting to a bunch of business peeps and tourists. >_<"" 

Total cost came to £45 including drinks (Miss Pinky had a Thai beer and I had orange juice with vodka ¬_¬")... Not bad for the two of us in the city.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
- polite service - fairly speedy as Miss Pinky kept telling them we were going to the theatre
- Very spicy quality Thai style food
- Miss Pinky enjoyed looking at the waitresses traditional clothing... Hahahaha!
- Not too expensive comparing to all the Thai places I've been to

Bad points:
- The layout is just too posh for me... Not really! 

Address: Trafalgar Square, 21-24 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BN
Tel: 020 7839 4000


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Snowy Mini Four Mooncakes 美心冰皮 - Mango Series 芒果熱情 (Part 2)

T_T I failed my Japanese exam... boohoo... I knew I would fail, but didn't know it would be by just 1 point away from a possible pass! :( So sad... It makes me want to take the Chinese HSK exams... :p

Well, carrying on with the Snowy mooncakes.

This is the second box that I bought on the same day as the Angel and Devil flavours. This one is called the Mango Series 芒果熱情 (Canto: mong gwo yit ching; Mando: mang guo re qing). This literally means "mango passion".

I'm sure I've tried out the mango flavours before, but I guess this is a new version. Might as well. ^_^

Unlike the Angel and Devil Snowy Minis, this came in a box of four different flavours.

Mango Chestnut came first.

But unfortunately when I tried to break it apart with my hands the outer layer fell apart and became all crumbly. Note: cut it with a knife. >_<" 
It tasted of very sweet mango, and the outer layer seemed to have overpowered the inner chestnut paste. Didn't like this one.

This is the Mango Crunch.

Learnt my lesson from the previous mooncake. The outer layer was a chocolate base flavour. I couldn't taste what was actually inside. Probably some mango sort of paste. An ok flavour.

Mango with Pomelo Dessert... ^_^

From the smiley face above, this was my favourite out of the four. It had a mango outer layer and I could taste the paste which had a slight pomelo flavour... it even had pomelo bits inside! Yum yum!

And lastly this is the normal Mango flavour.

I thought this was going to be really sweet, but it turned out really nice, it had a subtle sweet mango flavour to it... and not as sweet as the other flavours,

Don't think I will get this box of flavours again... The Devil Chocolate ones were my favourite!

With Brexit around the corner, will we ever see these again?!! :(

Cost: £6.80 at Oriental Delight

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Holland Park - Kyoto Garden

If I weren't told about there being many Bulbasaurs in Holland Park (which is a few bus stops away from Hyde Park), I don't think I would have noticed that there are beautiful gardens there.

Mr B, who I have mentioned in this blog before (can't remember what about, but he's lurking in my blog), had informed me to go and hunt some Pokémon in Holland Park, in which I did during this summer Bank Holiday Monday. Guess I needed to burn more fat off from the BBQ earlier in the weekend. 

I walked around and around the place and noticed that there were so many people playing Pokémon Go. The game is not dead yet! Those who aren't playing are just lazy or too busy to go out to hunt... I've seen parents play with their children on bus rides and in parks. Hah!

Well, I got to Kyoto Garden. Didn't know this existed! Oh my! Such a terrible Londoner...

And I saw this... woah... where did this spring from? How long has it been here? Think I might pop into this garden once in a while. 

The koi fish are so big... it just reminded me of the time Miss Pinky and I went to the Palace in Tokyo...

Monday, 29 August 2016

Snowy Mini Four Mooncakes 美心冰皮 - Angel and Devil 天使魔鬼 (Part 1)

Poop. The summer bank holiday started off with a big stomach upset... I ate too much at Mr and Mrs Hen's BBQ on Saturday. My stomach can't handle too much food at one time anymore... :(

But to lighten my stomach the next day I went out to China Town to buy noodles and also a few snacks. ¬_¬"" I'm actually looking for the Doll brand cheese flavoured noodles, so if anyone sees them, bell me! I also went out Pokémon Go hunting from China Town to Covent Garden, all the way up to St Paul's Cathedral... and from there to Tower Bridge! What a walk it was lugging around a lot of noodles and these mini mooncakes. >.<" 

It's coming up to the Mid-Autumn Festival! 

I'm surprised these Snowy Mini Four mooncakes 美心冰皮 (Canto: mei sam bing pei; Mando: mei xin bing pi) lasted during my long walk, well I did stop off at Starbucks just to coll down. 美心 mei sam is the name of the company. 冰皮 bing pei literally means "ice skin". In general these mooncakes are called "snow skin mooncakes". I had introduced them in an earlier post many years ago.

This year I bought two different boxes, the latter I will blog in another post. First box is called Angel and Devil 天使魔鬼 (Canto: tin si mo gwai; Mando: tian shi mo gui).

I tried out the "Devil" first. In English it's called "Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch"

I understand why it's called that. It has an indulgence of dark chocolate moulded into a mochi like sweet. Once opened you can smell the dark chocolate.

The crunch part is a tiny biscuit... The chocolate "paste" part just lingers into the mouth, whereas the skin mochi part sticks to your teeth.

It all tastes like an Oreo melting into my mouth. Yummy!

The "Angel" is called Angel Chocolate Crunch. I assume it's to resemble white chocolate. The smell of it is not as intense as the Devil but has a soft almond like biscuit smell.

The paste and skin gives off a sweet vanilla sort of taste with a touch of almond. This makes you want to eat the mooncake a little more slowly so that you can try and indulge the flavours bit by bit.

The Devil tastes the best out of the two... if I have any money leftover in the next two weeks, I think I might by a couple more of the Devil ones.

Price: £6.80 at Oriental Delights (they sold in boxes of 2 as well as 4)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Go Ape & Lighthouse Pub - London Battersea Park

It was Mr Games's birthday last weekend and I was invited to his double birthday outing (there was another friend's birthday at the same time). The outing was at Go Ape in Battersea Park. Didn't even know this existed!

I ended being the photographer for the afternoon since I didn't want to climb and cry and think I was going to fall over and die (like that person in the USA - may she RIP). Just too scary!

Almost got lost after entering the gate. I turned right instead of left. Don't trust Google Maps! There was a big group of a us, a mixture of friends between both Mr Games and our birthday boy.

The equipment they used looked tight. Need protection at all times! I took a lot of pictures, but most were of the group having goes at all three courses... it was windy that day, and it took them around 3-4 hours to complete. ^_^

Mr Games and his cousin doing the wristband pic
It was tough being the photographer... Looking up into the sky doing all the rest of the hard work. LOL!!

Address: Park Offices, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ
Telephone: 0333 433 0983

After watching these peeps completing the courses, we headed to the Lighthouse Pub, which wasn't far from the park. I was with one of the friends who couldn't complete the course as she didn't want to do the zip line from the first course (where they fly across from one end to the other). Two of second birthday boy's friends was already there...! Already drinking!

The pub originally placed us in a corner with a table for 6 people, but there was like 15 of us!!!!!!! How did you book this table Mr Games...? So we asked to be moved before the rest came.

Finally got to try out the third flavour from Old Mout Cider... Passionfruit and Apple. Hm. Still like the strawberry one.

Everyone looked hungry and we all seemed to have ordered burgers... LOL!! 

Burgers needed seasoning... I also wished they offered me the sweet potato fries. :( BUT the their tomato sauce with herbs was amazing! Thumbs up for that!!

Desserts were too sweet... Didn't like my Eton Mess... Bleurgh.

My geeky rating (for the pub): 4/5

Too lazy to point out the good and bad points... but I think you can guess from the scoring that the food was average (apart from their tomato sauce). Presentation was ok. Service was ok but disappointed with the seating arrangements. 

Address: 441 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 4LR
Phone: 020 7223 7721


A good day out it was! I caught Mr Mime (Pokémon Go) that night. Still no signs of Pikachu... need to walk around some school campuses or industrial sites it seems. :p At least I'm keeping up the walking!


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