Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mayday 五月天 - Just Rock It Concert

The first time I heard about Mayday 五月天 was back in the year 2005. I was in Hong Kong looking for some  music CDs in HMV, I was looking for something different, a band... and I came across Mayday's 5th Album and I bought it! When I got back to London I listened to their album straight away, and I was surprised at the different sounds they produced... Very Indie style! I loved it and kept being their fan for a long time...

On Saturday 24th March I saw a post by London's Chinese Spectrum Radio - they were advertising Mayday's London Concert on March 27th in Wembley Arena. How comes I didn't know about this??!! So I immediately booked my ticket via ticketmaster. I completely forgot my password since I haven't used ticketmaster for a very long time. But eventually I booked my ticket! ^_^  

This was a birthday present to myself. Yay...!!

When I arrived at Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people about (mostly Chinese students - I must've been one of the older looking fans)... The following pictures was only the start of it.

At 6pm, the doors opened!! I thought the concert started at 7pm, but they didn't start until after 7.30pm, so I was there for a good couple of hours... I should've left work late!
Most of the fans there spoke Mandarin and Cantonese... And there were probably a few Taiwanese fans plus some British fans...  :)
I got a good seat but a bit far from the stage!

Finally the concert started...
It's started!! ^^

And here's the members of 五月天 Mayday...
Ashin - lead singer

Monster - guitarist

Masa - bass guitarist

Ming - the drummer (Ashin was being very cheeky to Ming ^^) 

Stone - guitarist

Concert ended quite quickly methinks! I want to hear more songs!
Noooo... don't end!!

The end of the concert :(
All of us were anticipating for an encore, we stamped our feet and started calling out "wu yue tian"! It took them a while to come back out, but they had to change into their t-shirts (and I guess take a sip of water)... I will allow that! ^^
Encore Time!!

The end :(
My Mandarin is only basic, so I understood 70-80% of what they were saying :) Stone spoke in English for a bit - I was very happy! I think Masa spoke in Cantonese like "大家好!".

Aaaaah! I love you 五月天 Mayday!! Come back again... (By the way, sorry for the bad quality pics - distance is always a problem)...

Update 18:51

Woops not the end of this post just yet... I forgot that I took a few pics on my phone!
Ashin ^^

A lot of confetti and lights towards the end of the concert 

Ashin wanted us to take out our phones - Quick pic!! ^^ 
Now it's the end! I hope Mayday does come back again with some new songs... Can't stop singing the I-N-G song in my head!! ^^ 

Update 26/11/2012

Sorry for taking sooooo long to upload my videos!! Sorry for the quality too... I used my small Panasonic camera :P

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


  1. Thanks for recording it, so glad I came across here and got to see some photos and videos of Mayday's concert!!

    1. Ah, thanks for reading!! Will be going to next years concert, so I hope it is as good as this one ^_^

    2. Oh cool, it's definitely going to be super awesome!!!!! Unfortunately I couldn't fly to London and watch it D:



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