Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Mayor's Barclay's Bikes

I must admit, Boris Johnson's love of bikes has really become a hit in London! Those Barclay bikes are really popular and the idea is really great. But where are the safety helmets? For cyclists, London roads are unsafe and you will see more cases of cyclists being hit by cars!!! In February there was a video shown on the web where a bus purposely knocked a cyclist off the road! That was horrible to watch. The cyclist survived but had a few fractures. The driver I believe was sentenced in February... Read full article here

Anyway, if you are planning to rent one of these bikes, make sure you have a credit or debit card... From an article I previously read, these bikes are unstealable - probably because 
they have trackers on them!! (Well the company will have your card details anyway even they don't have a tracker). So don't forget to return them. :) And like a library book, if you don't return it, you will get fined... Read more here.  
The Barclay Bikes

You must have a card to hire a bike 
From looking at the website information - it looks fairly cheaper, even cheaper than getting on a bus!!
If you want more information here's the website:

By the way, the London Mayor elections are coming up. Will you remember what he promised London? - That's a big YES from me (even though I'm NOT a Conservative supporter), and he delivered! (He got rid of those awful bendy buses - and I was so delighted!!).


  1. Do they definitely not have trackers?

    1. As far as I know they don't, but the company will have your card details. Check out the features stated on Wiki

      According to this website there is an RFID tracker which is generally used to calculate the time you have used the bike for... So no GPS type of tracker...

      Here's a news article from The Telegraph for confirmation:

      Hope this helps! ^_^