Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Science Museum - London South Kensington

The Egg hunt was almost over :( so what to do over the bank holiday weekend?

Well the first obvious answer is to sleep all day long and the second answer is to go to museums! And that's what I did on Good Friday... (I feel like I am a tourist in my own town at the moment!).

My travelling companion Miss Pinky and her little brother Master H wanted to go to the Science Museum first in South Kensington (this is the second time I have been to this museum in less than 6 months!).

This time I used my Olympus EPL-1 camera to take these shots (and I had forgotten how to focus my viewfinder, so I used the screen to take most of the pictures ¬_¬).

On the Ground Floor - big steam engines, cars and some planes... plus Lego! 

Stephen Hawking display on the Ground Floor

The First floor - Who Am I?

Second Floor
There's a third floor with airplane parts, but we didn't go up there.

The Science Museum is interesting, but to me it isn't as interesting as the Natural History Museum, which is located next door. (More in the next post).

BUT If you like science, physics and mechanics - this museum is ideal for you!

Geeky information:

Admission: Free
Location: Exhibition Road, South Kensington


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