Monday, 25 June 2012

Origami Overload

Right. Time to stop posting about food for a tiny bit and onto something else!

I am a very bad person because I didn't do any origami for a month with my 2008 calendar... However I did manage to catch up (for a short while ¬_¬" - I'm a week behind now)!!

Here's just some of the latest pieces I have managed to fold... I'm afraid I did skip a few because some of the diagrams weren't helpful! I tried to look for videos, but they weren't that helpful too!!

Origami Butterfly
Origami Tote Bag ^_^

This one is in three parts... The divider was the hardest to make!
Origami Matsu box, divider and lid
Origami Picture Frame
Origami Owl
Origami Horse, I couldn't fold the rider  - it was too hard! :( 
Origami Russian Cicada
Origami Boomerang Airplane - I thought this didn't work at
the beginning, but it actually worked in the end!
Origami Vase
If you want to try out, and you don't mind being 6 months behind for 2012, you can still buy the calendar from Amazon:

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