Sunday, 29 July 2012

Drinking Korean Alcohol

Sometimes I hate Korean dramas because they always make me cry! Argh! And when the actors and actresses get depressed they always start drinking! Hah! So of course, what they have I mus try ^_^ So first off I tried was soju.This is the most popular and cheapest alcohol served in Korea. In the UK, they only sell the original flavour it's around £6 a bottle (a bit expensive for a small bottle). It's very, very strong, just like taking a vodka shot... but it felt 10 times more lethal! 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bizarre Oddities from Jacob's

I think if you have been reading my blog you can tell I like to snack ¬_¬ which I know is bad... I'm a bad geek! Whenever I go food shopping, I am always in the snack aisle to look at the healthy and the bad sections. I've tried boring rice cakes and those low calorie stuff but nothing beats a real snack. ^_^ ... chocolate, crisps and biscuits... (I really don't snack that much, but I just like to see what's new and try it out!).

Here's something new I found in the snack aisle! 

JACOB's Oddities! - Smoky bacon and Cheese flavour only

Resealable sticker available on the back of the packet

7 odd shapes available

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Mascot Moment

1 day to go!!!

I know I have said in a previous post that the Olympic Mascots Mandeville and Wenlock are ugly (and they still are), but I just couldn't resist taking pictures (using my phone camera) of these ones along the River Thames. I walked along the river between Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge within an hour stopping several times to take pictures. I am a fast walker when I have the energy (but my friend can walk twice as fast than me!). 

One or two of them were cute in their different costumes... but they are still ugly with their one eye. Children surrounded these little monsters before I could take a shot. I guess they are used to seeing them by now since they are all over the place in London ^_^ ...


Monday, 23 July 2012

My Pre-Olympic Fever Moment

Argh! 4 days to go and I think I'm suffering from pre-Olympic fever. There's so much excitement going around (and some unexcited people as well). But because I got to see the Olympic torch on Saturday I think pre-Olympic fever has struck!

I went out on Sunday just to capture Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings as well as to capture that moment in time and also picture the mascots along the Thames, which you will see in a later post...

Tower Bridge - close up

Tower Bridge

Unfortunately my camera's battery decided to end its life on me after the Tower Bridge shots, and I forgot to take my spare battery, but luckily I had my phone on me to take this next picture - just for the fun of it!

Ducks sitting around near the London Eye ^_^ - they weren't afraid of us humans!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The New London Bus with 3 doors

Oh, I didn't realise the new London buses were in use! I saw two or three of them when walking along Shaftesbury Avenue towards China Town...

They have 3 doors! The front entry door, the middle exit/entry door and the back open entry/exit - this door being like the old bus routermasters ^_^ ... It's a cool design... And I think I spotted a bus conductor (who doesn't need to check fares or tickets!). It's almost like the old days!

I must get on one of them one day! ^_^

Here's some info from trusty old Wiki:

Update 14/09/2012

Blimey! These new routemasters are really expensive! £315,000 each. £180 million to buy 600! Hmmmmmmmmmmm..... Expensive London!

Update 24/07/2013

So as the new bus is getting popular I stepped onto one whilst going to Camden Town... heheh... Here's an update of what these buses are like...

The top part has air conditioning so you can't open the windows. The seats are very spacious unlike the old routemasters.

There's a new button. Pretty and round!

Obviously there's the back stairs. Unlike the old ones these are spacious, flat, and you won't fall flat on the floor...

The bottom looks spacious just like the other buses we see in London. There's even space for prams and trolleys! Can you see the front and middle door? There's air con in the bottom part too!! Yay!!

Here's the back entrance...

There's a bus conductor by the way (on some buses)!! And here's the bus from the back and front... :D

Update 16/10/2016
It seems like our complaints about the air circulation on these buses have been heard! This summer, they finally decided to add small windows at the top and bottom of the buses. There's only a few windows, but at least now there's some air!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Pre-Olympic Moment in Stratford

It's 6 days until the London Olympics start and so my mother and I decided to go and check out Stratford before it got busy next week. Thankfully it wasn't a stressful journey AND it didn't rain...! We got the Jubilee Line from London Bridge. Stopped off at Canary Wharf. Then took the Dockland's Light Rail (DLR) towards Stratford...
DLR from Canary Wharf - not our train

Window cleaners on top of Canary Wharf DLR Station

2 minutes to go! - Platform 3 is the one to go to the Olympic Park...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Simple Stir Fried Noodles With Veg

So. I was asked by some of my colleagues to make some noodles for a work colleague who is retiring next week  next month (but we're having a surprise party tomorrow - the first one of the two), and I ended up making two ice cream tubs worth of it, in which I slaved in the kitchen for an hour for! (I actually didn't know how many people would be making food or turning up to the party so I ended making extra...).

I'm sure many people know how to make this and it's really, really, REALLY simple!! ^_^ From a teenager to an elderly person can make this!

These are the noodles I used...

These egg noodles really taste nice!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rock of Ages - Film versus Theatre

Yay! So after "partying" in Rotherhithe, eating Japanese food and shopping around I went to see Rock of Ages the musical! ^_^ I had no idea what this was all about until I watched the film (which I was thought was great and had very good moments!). And then four weeks later I watched the theatre version with Miss Pinky and my brother (Mr Loud)! 
Outside the Shaftesbury Theatre

Close up of the poster

Monday, 16 July 2012

ASSA よりみち Japanese Restaurant - London St. Giles High Street (Closed)

This is no longer a Japanese restaurant... It's turned into an extension to its neighbour - Assa Korean restaurant!!

After the pit stop at the Rotherhithe Festival, Miss Pinky and I went towards Tottenham Court Road. I had eaten breakfast at 9am that day, and my friend only had fruit and beer from the festival... so we were both hungry! I indicated to Miss Pinky that there are a couple of Korean restaurants and a Japanese restaurant we could try out... And so we both decided on the Japanese restaurant ASSA よりみち (Yorimichi) as their pictures on the window were so convincing! Next door is the Korean restaurant also called ASSA! The Japanese one is newish (I think it used to be a cafe), and I guess this is owned by the Korean's next door. There is also a downstairs - but I also guess that opens at night time!
Outside ASSA よりみち
Inside ASSA よりみち
Although there wasn't a lot of choice on the menu it still took us a few minutes to decide on what to eat because all the dishes sounded so appetising.
The menu cover
In the end we chose the following dishes... 4 starters, and 2 mains... (we were hungry!). The karaage was hard to get through because it was still hot and I couldn't get the tenticles off!
Karaage - Deep fried octopus
This was the favourite starter, it was sweet and buttery...
Takoyaki - fried octopus balls
Inside a Takoyaki - fried octopus balls - Yummy ^_^ (it was our favourite starter!) 
The croquette was ok... just like a normal croquette...
Korokke - Vegetable Croquette
I think Gordon Ramsey would've been proud of these scallops. They were succulent and juicy, not burnt, overcooked or rubbery at all!
Hotate Gai - Scallops - cooked perfectly!
This is Miss Pinky's dish, the Buta Kimchi Don set which consists of kimchi and stir fried pork, rice, miso soup and pickles. She's a light eater and this was perfect for her...
Buta Kimchi Don - Kimchi and stir fried pork
This is my meal... Miso Soup followed by Oyako Don, which was absoultely hot and delicious...!
Miso soup
The Oyako Don consists of chicken, egg and rice and I think a soup base (miso)... The chicken was very fresh! Quite delicious! ^_^
Oyako Don - egg, chicken and rice
Since I didn't spend much at the festival, I was the one who ended up paying! It came up to a reasonable price of £47 (this included a beer and a green tea). Not bad!

My geeky rating: 5/5 - all food was piping hot and delicious - A BIG THUMBS UP!

Good points:
Food was very hot when they were served
Excellent quiet service
Quick service
Favourite starter - the takoyaki ^_^

Bad points:
Slightly cramped seating area on the ground floor (but I guess I'm a bit big - compared to a Japanese person), and the lower ground floor compensates for it.

Geeky information: 
Address: 52 St. Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LH
Telephone: 020 7240 3490

There's no website, but as mentioned there aren't pages and pages of dishes to choose from... Quite simple ^_^

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Pit Stop at Rotherhithe Festival

Miss Pinky who lives in the Surrey Quays area told me about a festival that was going on in King George's Field, which is a few metres away from Canada Water station, so we decided to have a look and see what it was about before we started our afternoon shopping and evening theatre show... As we got there, the rain had stopped, the sun was almost peeking out, music was blasting away and there were stalls out... Plus it was free entry! 
At the entrance

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bento with a Hong Kong style sandwich

Tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches for the past few days at lunchtime, I decided to make something a different sandwich for today's lunch. ^_^ 
As usual I tend to miss Hong Kong's food once in a blue moon because it is just so good compared to the Chinese restaurants in London. 

Voila, here's my scrambled egg and "spam" sandwich.

Bento with scrambled egg and ham sandwiches plus oranges on the side- HK style!
Because I didn't have any spam, I used thin slices of ham to replicate the image. (^_^)v I lightly toasted them on a pan after scrambling the eggs.
Close up of my sandwiches
The sandwiches took me 10 minutes to make which included the prep time plus the peeling of the orange. I didn't toast the bread since it will get soggy...

Here's another picture bonus from Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, which is again taken from two years back...

HK style sandwich - spam and fried egg!
Soooo hungry now. Going to eat my lunch right now!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The absolute geek who thought she was clever

Er, the title says it all!

I moved my my pictures around on Picasa Web last night, so if you cannot see any pictures on some of the posts they will be there tonight!

Please be bear with me :-s


Update 22.15

Aaaaaaaah.... Just finished putting all the pictures back on each blogpost... How tiring :(

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mascot Chocolate

I've just tweeted about this Mascot chocolate. It tastes quite yummy actually... Just like a Wispa bar.

If you do come to London and you like chocolate, go ahead and try this, it's only 40p (and even if you don't like the look of the mascots these do taste good... ^_^ heheheh).

So how many more days to go from today...?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tiger UK - Lewisham Shopping Centre

OoooooOOOOooooOOoO... There's a new kawaii shop in town! Although I think it's been around in the UK for a while (7 years), I've just never noticed it... I recently went to Lewisham Shopping Centre which is situated in the South East of London. It is a very popular area to go shopping as they also have a market outside the shopping centre and other high street brands... like... Primark ¬_¬.

Now here's the shop I'm talking about. TIGER. 

Tiger - a Danish store that sells allsorts
Whoops - a fuzzy picture of one of the entrances at the shopping centre