Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tiger UK - Lewisham Shopping Centre

OoooooOOOOooooOOoO... There's a new kawaii shop in town! Although I think it's been around in the UK for a while (7 years), I've just never noticed it... I recently went to Lewisham Shopping Centre which is situated in the South East of London. It is a very popular area to go shopping as they also have a market outside the shopping centre and other high street brands... like... Primark ¬_¬.

Now here's the shop I'm talking about. TIGER. 

Tiger - a Danish store that sells allsorts
Whoops - a fuzzy picture of one of the entrances at the shopping centre 

It's like a gift / department store all in one! They sell spices, kitchenware, office stationery, home appliances and loads of other stuff that you wouldn't even think would fit in the store! It's like a European version of the Japanese store MUJI! But very colourful and they do a lot of bargains like 3 for £1 with candlesticks ^_^ ! All prices are very reasonable and it's like a local homeware store.

TIGER is actually from Denmark. Wow, I have never seen a Danish company become popular in the UK before... I think the Swedish got there first with IKEA and H&M. I think we'll have to wait and see if this store will survive the UK market - I'm sure it will. It seems like a great place for Christmas shopping ^.^ !

Here's what Miss Pinky bought for her flat... (Sorry, it's all pink stuff ¬_¬" - It's not my favourite colour... And now you know the reason why I call her Miss Pinky!).

Pink ice cube tray for £1!!! - I think they are selling this for £2 in Matalan!! 
Thin pink candlesticks
Fat pink candles
Here's also my snack (a very light lunch) from Marks and Spencer...
So what do I really think - It's a really lovely cutesy store - I would go back again to do some Christmas shopping (and possibly do some stationery shopping!!!) :D


Update 21/07/2012

As I was in Stratford, I noticed that there's Tiger store in Stratford Centre!