Friday, 21 September 2012

Triple Retirement Party

Yesterday was the first time I went to a TRIPLE retirement party! ^_^ And the best thing about it was the food, the speeches from staff, and the mini cakes!! It was a good smallish party! I think I can't wait to retire... Good friends and good food to look forward to ^^ ... And more holidays...

Food pictures are below. I have an obsession with cakes, so there are a lot of cake pictures here! Enjoy!

The starters and cakes

The cakes!

More cake!

And more cake!! This one is home made - not by me ^^

Yummy Samosas ^^

Annnnd more caaaaaakes!!! ^^

Main Food!! Yummy yummy!!

More food!! :D

My plate of food! I was really full after this! My stomach was so happy!

Half glass of wine anyone?

Finally dessert! *^^*
I need to retire now... ¬_¬"

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