Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bulmers Poster Advert no.2

Riiiight... I think I'm starting to understand the Bulmer Adverts now... This second poster was released about 2 to 3 weeks ago and I've been meaning to get a close up of it but I've had no time to find one to picture! There are loads of them posted at bus stops in Croydon :P
'In the beginning there was Percy and Fred Bulmer'
Anyway, this one makes sense to me!! 'In the beginning there was Percy & Fred Bulmer' who were the ones who produced and manufactured Bulmers Cider... And 125 years later it's still going on!

I think I will soon get the gist of it once it's Christmas, heheheh... Maybe I should drink more Bulmers. ^_^

Here's some background reading (which I should have read beforehand) :P 

See previous post of Bulmers first poster: 

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Generator Hostel Dublin

With all the hotels (and one hostel) I have stayed in, this one must have been the rowdiest... Ok, look, Miss Pinky and I were on a budget. So I had to pick the cheapest but also near to the City Centre... The Generator Hostel was in our price range and it wasn't too far from the City Centre (about a 15 minute walk). I can't remember the price per night as I booked it as a package deal with www.travelrepublic.co.uk (but they do mention how much the flight is when pre-booking).

From the airport you can either take a local bus 16 but you will need to change or walk along River Liffey to Smithfield Square. If you can't be bothered to walk or get another local bus then take the 747 airlink coach. It's the 11th stop you need to get off. Once you get off, cross the river (mind you the traffic is a little weird because the traffic lights and crossings are not at both ends (if that makes sense)... Anyway, you need to turn right (don't go straight) and it's the second alleyway / side street that you need to enter. You will see Smithfield Square right in front of you. It's a magnificent scene. And you can see that the hostel used to be a factory from it's massive chimney. :D
Re-using this picture - I cropped it this time ^^

Generator Dublin flag

The Generator Hostel at night

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dublin - Day 4 The Worse Journey Home

Monday 22nd October - Our final day in Dublin!!

Miss Pinky and I woke up on time and left the hostel before 10am... We saw the Norwegians who were drinking the night before, and they looked hangover! ^^ As we were early we walked all the way into the city centre, and at one point I spotted this lovely piece of streetart!

'Labelz are for jars not for people'. I like that phrase. It seems whoever designed this was labeled as something that he / she did not like. I don't blame them!
'Labelz are for jars not for people'

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dublin - Day 3

Nothing much happened on Day 3... :( I had the whole morning doing nothing because Miss Pinky decided to have a lie in (although she was awake). I tried everything in my powers to wake her up and go out... And she also needed to do her assignment too (she's studying Housing ¬_¬). I ate crisps, drank orangeade, did my Mandarin homework (Level 4 Mandarin) and started re-packing... Nothing worked... Ugh!

So when she did wake up we finally went out for a walk... A very short walk...
Ireland's version of the Barclay Bikes

Dublin is really big on streetart!! ^^

Friday, 26 October 2012

Dublin - Day 2 (Part 2) Quays Irish Restaurant/Bar and Temple Bar

Hmmm, a lot of choice on Temple Bar Street! Miss Pinky made me decide on what to eat this time. The only problem is, is that Miss Pinky is a very fussy eater and I wanted Irish stew. So on we walked, passed Temple Bar and then finally went into Quays Irish Restaurant (the bar is on the ground floor; the restaurant is on the first floor), which we saw earlier in the day and had live music in the bar next door.
Menu Cover

The top bar area

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dublin - Day 2 (Part 1)

After a long walk back to the hostel from the night before and a noisy sleepless night, Miss Pinky and I woke up but didn't leave the hostel until after 10.30 am... Well the first thing we did was eat breakfast at Christophes, which is next door to the James Distillery... A pretty expensive breakfast it was between €7 - €8 each which included our hot drinks...
Entrance of Cafe Christophes is actually around the corner
- as if you going towards James Distillery

Miss Pinky's brekkie

My sausage sandwich

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dublin - Day 1 (Part 2) - Pifko Pub and Musashi Japanese Restaurant

Day 1 seemed like a very long day... So after the Guinness Tour, we finally became very exhausted (Miss Pinky hadn't slept for more than 12 hours! I thankfully had 4 hours sleep) and we were both famished... So we went to a pub run by Czechs in the end, and ate like mad people! O_o 
Outside Pifko Pub

Inside Pifko Pub - it started getting busy

Inside Wall Graffiti

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dublin - Day 1 (Part 1)

I have never been to Ireland before and Miss Pinky wanted to either go to Cork or to Dublin. We couldn't decide with which city to go to so we flipped a coin back in May (whilst in Scotland)... and so we ended up booking a trip to Dublin. This time I used Travel Republic - cheap and cheerful and it was less than £140 per person... I needed this holiday after studying so much and Miss Pinky needed a getaway!!

It was an early start on the first day of our trip (and a pretty long day too). The flight was at 7.00 am on Friday. But the only problem was, was that the Tube didn't start until 5 o'clock-ish and the train didn't pass the Tube station we were at, until 5.30-ish... so we had to take a cab. We got a good cab price of £41 for 2 people and they picked us up at 3.30 am (it was early and we could have left later but at least we got there on time). And thankfully for the price of getting there early there was no queue at the check in! That was fantastic! So after check in we went to find breakfast and Miss Pinky decided to do some serious work on her company's laptop! What a bore :P (I know she'll be reading this article - so I'm only joking ^_^).
One of the very few restaurant-cafes that opened at 4 am-ish...

Continental breakfast for 2... The Greek Yogurt could have had some honey in it!! 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Okan おかん - London Brixton Village Market

I have never had okonomiyaki お好み焼き in my life before!! I have seen it mentioned so many times in manga and anime... And the one anime / manga that mentioned it the most was Ranma 1/2. That was one of my favourite mangas! Towards the end of the series it mentioned a lot about okonomiyaki, and it is one Japanese dish that I have wanted to try out for a very long, long time.

If you have never heard of okonomiyaki before, it's a savoury pancake made with white cabbage, pancake mixture and other ingredients like squid or tofu - and obviously it was originated in Japan!

Well, obviously I am a bit of a late blogger, and this place Okan おかん has been opened for quite a while. Plus, I think it's been blogged about so many times! But nonetheless I am going to blog about it! I don't think there are many places in London where you can find okonomiyaki, however I found this one whilst trying to look for Japanese / Sushi restaurants in South East London (further south of the Thames) which isn't part of a chain! There are not that many I would say, but there are quite a few in Brixton! Okan is slightly hard to find because there isn't a shop sign. The top sign was blank. Miss Pinky saw it first. And I thought, is it this place?? Yes it was... The lanterns has its name in Japanese!

Okan - Look closely at the door for the sign... 

Japanese ornaments / signs at the door


Chef hard at work... Look how many they are making at the same time! Amazing!! ^^

Okonomiyaki being prepared

Friday, 12 October 2012

'M' Powered Advert

Yay! I finished my OU exam this morning. I am so overjoyed...!! It's time for a very stiff drink. Bring on the whiskey and coke. ^^

And so after the exam what did I spot...?

'm' powered advert
This has to be one of the most awful advertising schemes I have seen... I know that the mustache milk adverts have been out for a long time, but for me it just doesn't work. I'm not even sure if kids really like this advert. Does it really inspire them to drink milk, or does it make them waste milk by just making a mustache?

To me a milk advert is pouring it into tea, coffee and cereal... or drinking it whilst eating cheese and onion crisps :D but I guess this is all old style. Milk is a source of calcium, vitamins, minerals etc., etc... and I assume that's what this advert is trying to get at... Drinking milk keeps you healthy. 

Unfortunately for me, the advert doesn't appeal to me... There's a possibility that it causes rheumatism and arthritis, so I think drinking too much of it is also not good. :(

Kids - drink milk, but please encourage adults like us to create better adverts for you in the future. :P

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Too Much Instagram

It's a month later since my last posting about Instagram and according to my phone I have been a user on Instagram for 13 weeks and I have put up 131 pictures so far. But there are some that I couldn't be bothered to add to Instagram (because I fear people will think I am an Instagram Addict, which I have become to be! - That's right, I am a self-confessed Instagram Addict!), so I will show it here instead... Again I have used PhotoScape to combine the pictures.

Pictures of London

Pictures of Food

Pictures of Burgess Park

Pictures of some of my neighbourhood flowers and crops

 Pictures of miscellaneous objects

I was searching on the Internet the other day to see if there are any other addicts out there, and I came across this link http://www.thedailymuse.com/tech/12-ways-to-spot-an-instagram-addict/

I think this defines me at the moment, except I don't take to the trouble of having to sit on the floor and have grass-stained bottoms. ^^

I also looked to see on the Internet if there was a word called "photoholic" - *GASP*. There is such a word!! Hah!

p.s. My thumbs and index fingers are aching from taking so many pictures!

PhotoScape Website: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php

p.p.s. I get more LIKES on Instagram than I do on any other social networking site~~~ That's why I love Instagram because there are other people out there who like / love photography just like me ^^

My other post: http://asimplegeekylife.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/addiction-to-instagram.html

Friday, 5 October 2012

The Cherry Tree - London East Dulwich

Today my friend and work colleague Mrs Hen invited me to her colleague's leaving do, (Mrs Hen and I used to work in the same department until I left... it is a very depressing department with a very high turnover, but the gossip was great!). And with all leaving do's they always end up in a pub. The pub we went to is called The Cherry Tree, it's a few bus stops away from the workplace. Apparently it used to be called The Vale; It just got refurnished during the summer (this is according to one of my friends, who is probably I believe a regular...) and is now owned by an Irish family.
The Cherry Tree Pub

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Whinge About Blogger

So I have been blogging for 8-9 months now and I have developed this into a comfortable blog... However, as I keep developing it and changing things (and now understanding a blogger's nightmare about developing more onto a blog), I wish there were some features that it could have that other blog sites seem to be able to offer. For some reason Blogger cannot seem to offer on-the-demand features unless you can find a widget or a piece of HTML...!

But then when you try that widget or add that piece of HTML into your Template blogpost, it seems that feature doesn't seem to work because it's either been disabled or it's just not what you wanted...! Why? I don't know...

Well, these are the features I hope the people of Blogger.com will expand on (most are the stats part):

1. Show the number of views per post - can't seem to find a widget or any HTML code that works for my blog :( - please, please, please develop a widget for this!!

2. Stats section to show ALL POSTS in the order of highest number of views (instead of 10 of your top most viewed)

3. Stats section to show ALL SEARCH KEYWORDS (some words seem to get cut off)

4. Stats section to show ALL COUNTRIES that have viewed your blog (had to use another widget here just to do that!)

5. Use better widgets for people who don't know how to blog... Come on Google, you have the money AND the power, I think you need to show some initiative and help bloggers to blog!

6. Improve the Android app! Show stats in it! - But if I had a Tab I wouldn't need my phone to blog :P - I would like to see my stats whilst on the go please...

Update 10/11/2012
I have started to use Google Analytics. But I what I find is that they don't seem to pick all the countries that visit that Blogger picks up. It also doesn't list all the popular posts in the way I want it to...