Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bulmers Poster Advert no.2

Riiiight... I think I'm starting to understand the Bulmer Adverts now... This second poster was released about 2 to 3 weeks ago and I've been meaning to get a close up of it but I've had no time to find one to picture! There are loads of them posted at bus stops in Croydon :P
'In the beginning there was Percy and Fred Bulmer'
Anyway, this one makes sense to me!! 'In the beginning there was Percy & Fred Bulmer' who were the ones who produced and manufactured Bulmers Cider... And 125 years later it's still going on!

I think I will soon get the gist of it once it's Christmas, heheheh... Maybe I should drink more Bulmers. ^_^

Here's some background reading (which I should have read beforehand) :P 

See previous post of Bulmers first poster: 


  1. Fred was my great grandfather. Percy died in the First WW, poor chap. I live in Paris and found it so weird when I came to London for work last year and found Fred staring down at me in the Underground at St Pancras

    1. Nice to meet you :)
      Poor Percy! Hope there will be more adverts like this in the future.