Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dublin - Day 3

Nothing much happened on Day 3... :( I had the whole morning doing nothing because Miss Pinky decided to have a lie in (although she was awake). I tried everything in my powers to wake her up and go out... And she also needed to do her assignment too (she's studying Housing ¬_¬). I ate crisps, drank orangeade, did my Mandarin homework (Level 4 Mandarin) and started re-packing... Nothing worked... Ugh!

So when she did wake up we finally went out for a walk... A very short walk...
Ireland's version of the Barclay Bikes

Dublin is really big on streetart!! ^^

As we were on budget, we both wanted a cheap breakfast / lunch... Guess what that was...?
My Texas Beef Roll Meal
Yep Burger King!! ¬_¬"

We did a bit more walking around afterwards looking for a place i.e. cafe or pub where Miss Pinky could do her assignment on her laptop... But that didn't happen, so we walked back to the hostel and I took a few more pictures...
Post Office of Ireland - Gosh it's big!

More streetart!

Went back into the Quays Bar for more live music!

High Court of Dublin - there are a lot of solicitors around the area!
Once back at the hostel, we settled ourselves in the lounge area, where the wi-fi signal is the best! And then I sat there bored to death... I Instagrammed, I checked out my block and helped Miss Pinky a little bit... I even redid my Mandarin homework... Bored, bored, bored...

My half pint Guinness

Even had a coffee :P
Finally Miss Pinky finished! We went out for some fresh air... 
This is for memory's sake... Never went into the
Jameson Distillery and I really want to try this drink out!
But that lasted 10 minutes and we ended up in the hostel's bar. We met a bunch of Norwegian boys who were sitting at the bar for a while and the barmaid was babysitting them. One of the Norwegians was a ladies man... He started chatting to us (and then some other women later)... Apparently he's a Chemical Process Engineer... ¬_¬ what the heck is that??!! Miss Pinky and I were amused by his efforts of chatting to all the women at the bar... Hahahahahaha...! He made my evening whilst watching the X-Factor results show!

We were late to order any food from the Reception area (and again on a budget), so I got two dry chicken sandwiches and ate one with my Guinness n' Blackcurrant... 
Dry sandwich and a pint of Guinness... ¬_¬
That was it for Day 3... I wish we could have done more!! :( Next day is the last day.

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