Friday, 30 November 2012

Burger and Lobster - London Dean Street

I know Burger and Lobster has been blogged about all the time but this is my very first time eating lobster in a restaurant. And it is a messy job I tell you. Messy. However, it was enjoyable doing this in public!

This time I went with an old uni friend who is now a colleague at the place I work. I'm calling her Miss Posh, because she really can be posh at times!

So we left work on time and took the bus, it took us an hour to get there, and luckily we BEAT the queues! Miss Posh told me that you can't really book tables unless you are in a big group. Plus queuing time can be up to an hour and half (or longer maybe). So as soon as we entered we got seated straight away. Happy Geek gives a thumbs up!! (^_^)b
Outside Burger and Lobster

Burger and Lobster Kitchen

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Yellow House - London Surrey Quays

A few hours later after the Scandinavian Christmas Fair, Miss Pinky, her friends, middle brother, Mr Fly (who I haven't seen for a long time) and I went out to celebrate Miss Pinky's birthday at The Yellow House in Surrey Quays. It's just opposite the Surrey Quays Overground station. However Miss Pinky didn't book a table at the restaurant part, so we had to wait... And I was starving... :( 
Outside The Yellow House
Finally after about an hour and a half when everyone arrived, I already had a bowl of handcut chips and we were all drinking we were told our table was ready. Yipee...

Monday, 26 November 2012

Scandinavian Christmas Fair in London Rotherhithe

I received a comment on my previous post about the Rotherhithe Festival that there was going to be a Christmas Fair around the Rotherhithe area between 23rd to 25th November, and it was Miss Pinky's birthday weekend, so we needed to have a meet up and have a look around.

Unfortunately it was raining on the Saturday. :( But we still had a look around... I didn't realise it was a Scandinavian Christmas Fair (Norwegians, Swedish and Finnish)! I didn't even realise Rotherhithe was an area of Scandinavian people... Interesting! 
Norwegian Christmas Fair in the church

Swedish stall


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jam Hsiao 簫敬騰 - World Tour Concert London 2012

I found about this concert a long time ago, but I didn't book my ticket until the last minute because I didn't know if Miss Pinky would have anything planned as it was her birthday on November 22nd... I waited, and waited, and waited for her to plan something. But I gave up as I knew she wanted a quiet birthday, so eventually on one Friday evening (3 weeks ago to be exact) I lost my will and bought a ticket (^_^)v and with all hope it was going to be a great concert.

I hadn't heard of Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 (Xiao Jing Teng) until some time last year really. I think a relative of mine in HK is a fan of his and so I had a listen to see what he sounded like many months later.... Once I heard one of his songs I was soon addicted to his voice. My favourite song is Wild Dreams 狂想曲 from the Jam Wild Dreams album - can't stop listening to it!

Now on with the concert!

I learnt my lesson from the Mayday concert earlier this year in March. This time, straight after work I did some food shopping, went home and ate something before heading out to the tube station... I knew where I was going this time round so I wasn't too early or too late either!

When I arrived to the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people there already, plus there was a long queue of people trying to get last minute tickets at the Box Office...
Outside Wembley Arena
Anyway, once I entered the Arena, there weren't a lot of fans in their seats. And the back part of the Arena was closed off. I guess they wanted people to fill in the other seats before deciding whether to release tickets for the back part... (that's called marketing strategy by the way...!!).
Inside Wembley Arena ... Where's the fans? It's 7.10pm!

Ah!! Here's all the fans! ^^

Friday, 23 November 2012

Honda Poster Advert

This is going to be a very, very short post... I really liked this Honda poster ad! It really caught my eye when I first saw it, so it was obvious that I would take a picture during one evening. (^_^)v
Has that futuristic effect ^^

I just can't describe it. I think I have strange tastes in adverts... 

Brilliant stuff!

Update 26/11/2012

Saw this one on the weekend :D

Thursday, 22 November 2012

iPod Bus Advert

My poor red bus has been covered with a horrible iPod advert. As you can probably tell I don't like i-anything! I am not an Apple fan as I keep telling all my friends and family. Expensive. Show offs. And not needed. (Sorry to my friends who use iPhones and to iPhone/iPad/iPod users who are reading this blogpost. Not ¬_¬). 

Typical anti-Apple talk! Hahahahah...

Apple. We don't need to see a whole bus covered with an iPod advert. We already know it's popular and I'm sure kids will be asking their parents for this at Christmas etc, etc.

Keep it simple Apple!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Carling Zest Poster Advert

As if London needs more binge drinkers!  I saw this advert on Monday and thought well, I am going to try this drink out at some point in the near future (probably this weekend)... 

But this advert for Carling Zest is just telling me to drink all night, like from 4pm, when the sun goes down. And well, it is a limited edition drink! ...
Carling Zest Advert
I may do so (as in drink this after 4pm), but I don't think I would want to drink this all night long either! (By the way, I do like the last line "Get a zest for Winter" (meaning 'get a REST for Winter' - well I hope it means that!). 

I've just realised that there's so many alcoholic adverts out lately... It is just typical at this time of the year. :P 

Are we becoming a nation of alcoholics?

Monday, 19 November 2012

International Christmas Ads 2012 (Part 1)

It's almost Christmas!! And a lot of adverts are coming out now on TV and I also wanted to compare some international Christmas adverts with our own British ones. So first I used Google Translator to translate "Christmas advert" or "Christmas" in every possible language that it could translate... This is my first round and I will search for more soon. Here's the first six ads I found...

Finland - The True Spirit of Christmas. Well, is this an ad to make any comments on? Not really. It shows the true Christmas spirit of the Finnish. So do you want to go to Finland for Christmas? I probably would.

Japan - Seven and I セブン&アイ X, (AKB48 in 7-Eleven). Heheh, my brother explained to me who this Japanese girl band are. AKB48 is a group of 48 Japanese girls who have been split up into 3 groups, A, K and B. This sounds so complicated to me! Well, back to the ad, and well, it's 7-Eleven. They are still BIG in Asia. It's such a shame they didn't do so well in the UK. (I miss 7-Eleven). This is a pretty ad of 7-Eleven's food and it shows that the Japanese can celebrate in style as well!! Better than M&S's ad any day... :P

Sunday, 18 November 2012

An African Style "Surprise" Birthday Party

It was Miss Pinky's Aunt's 50th Birthday party yesterday. The party was supposed to be a surprise, but ended up not being a surprise... The aunt knows everything!! ¬_¬"" But before we went to the party, we prepared a lot of food... Well Miss Pinky and her mum prepared it all with jerk in the oven too, and then I was in charge of frying the plantain. (Note to Miss Pinky - I know how to fry things. Chinese people fry food all the time! Stop being so bossy!). Mrs Hen, my colleague and friend, fries plantain for me all the time, and so I know how it all goes. Mrs Hen always serves it with a spicy red peppery sauce for me. :D
Fry, fry, fry that plantain!
The party started off really slowly (I was the only non-African person there!), and thankfully I have been to a few African style parties before (by the way, Miss Pinky is Black African and she doesn't like really spicy food!). 
50th Party balloons

It's a 50th birthday party!
And so I ate two plates of food... This is my first plate...
Fried chicken, jerk chicken, plantain and jollof fried rice
PLUS macaroni cheese at the bottom ~~~

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Argos Christmas TV Advert 2012

Carrying on with the Christmas TV adverts of 2012, here's something from Argos - 'I Can Shop From Here'. This ad has their favourite alien family showing off their new way of shopping online using the new Argos app which you can find here for Android phones, and here for iPhone users, and here for iPad users...
I must be a real geek to like this ad... ¬_¬"

It may be a yay or nay for some people, but I thought it was quite funny! Especially at the end when Alien Mother said "Where on Planet Earth are you?". And then Alien Son (I assume that's the son) replies that he bought some great nose clippers for Alien Mother's aunt!! Hahahahahah. Totally geeked me out! (Meaning: 'That totally excited me!').

I wonder what international Christmas ads are like? Are they boring or funny? I will report back once I've found a few and have watched them. :D

More information:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Marks and Spencer Christmas Ads 2012

Oh mon dieu. Non, non, non. Marks and Spencer, what are you doing?

In my previous post I said I really wanted to see those food salivating Marks and Spencer TV Christmas ads. But. What did I come across? 'The Greatest Hits This Christmas' - A Boring. TV. Ad. I have read a couple of reviews and I totally agree with those reviewers. The music mash did not go well together. They went from a Christmasy song to some very modern songs, which in my opinion didn't really go well together. Hmmmm, I think the person arranging the music didn't have any insight. They should've asked a professional DJ to have a listen .. Or at least ask a famous conductor / composer who has a good ear to popular music... But by far, the only good thing about this ad are the adult and children models, and the beautiful clothes AND the dancing... 

If you haven't seen it in my previous post, here it is again:

M&S you have disappointed me this Christmas. I stamp my feet like a two year old and stick my tongue out like a grown up. :P I really wanted to see a big food ad like the ones you had produced many years ago. Sometimes change is not always good...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

John Lewis vs Debenhams Christmas TV Ads 2012

It's that time of the year when the big retail giants start broadcasting their Christmas ads on TV. 

This year John Lewis have gone for a cute loving theme called 'The Journey' The story is about a snowman and a snowwoman that two girls had built on a very snowy day (I wonder where they filmed this). The advert visually says to me 'men, if you don't know what to buy for your girlfriend, wife or partner for Christmas, then start trekking all the way to John Lewis and you will find an absolutely perfect gift for her.' And that's what the snowman did. I LOVE IT! There is no mention of John Lewis until the very end of the ad, which makes you want to watch the story till the very end of the little film to find out who created this very cute, cute story-line. ^^

Now onto a different TV ad from Debenhams - 'Christmas Made Fabulous'. As soon as I started watching it, I started to think this is a bit like a Marks and Spencer ad with a bit of a Harry Potter / Hogwart's Train theme. I wouldn't say it's a totally original story-line because I have seen some ads like this before... This one is of a woman trying to get home to her family, so she starts running towards the train station. And as she runs she passes and stops by a few shops, watches a few people and passes by a couple of parties. At these points she sees Debenham's products either getting their final touches in the shops, being worn at parties or at the station or being wrapped on the train home. Again, there is no mention of Debenhams until the very end of the ad, which again makes you want to watch it till the very end.

So which one out of the two got the biggest thumbs up from me, The Geek? 


Saturday, 10 November 2012

A One Time Wine Tasting Event

Many months ago I was asked by an ex-colleague and friend to attend this event, a wine tasting event for a charity, which was a one-time event... To be honest I wasn't that keen at first. I'm not really a wine person (but can still drink it) as I really become disorientated and drunk... And if you had read my posts on Portugal, you'll probably remember the time I drank a whole bottle of port by myself and got a bit tipsy. ¬_¬ Now that wasn't a pretty sight. In the end I gave in and thankfully Miss Pinky said she'll come along with me (she had wanted to go to a wine tasting event for a long time!). ^^

So I didn't know what to expect. I didn't even know where the hotel was!! Luckily Miss Pinky and I met a couple of people on the streets of Blackheath who knew where the hotel was and we found it in the end!!
Sorry for the blurry picture... We were at the Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath
Once we got there not many people had arrived, so we had a drink beforehand, but the place filled up quite quickly!  ^^
My G&T and Miss Pinky's Budweiser

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nestle's Rolo Biscuit

Gosh, what's with all these chocolate products this year? Nestle (as well as Cadbury) are really showing a lot of initiative and they seem to be releasing different products every few weeks or months. 

This time Nestle have taken the initiative to releasing a Rolo Biscuit. The packaging is so long and I can't even remember the introductory price of this. 
Gosh, so long! I had to crop this picture!!
There are six individual packets, here's just 3 of them.
Here's just 3 of the little packets
And when I opened it, there was a big flat Rolo inside. So any Rolo fans out there I think you'll be happy with this!! They also claim that there's only 95 calories per biscuit. :)
Big fat Rolo Biscuit!
There's loads of caramel in this - this will not disappoint Rolo fans. And I think the chocolate is really, really sweet. But the only problem is I couldn't taste much of the biscuit! I could hear myself crunching at the biscuit, but the chocolate and the caramel covered the taste of the miniature biscuits.
Loads of caramel, but not enough biscuit!
I think this is a really good idea, but for a Rolo Biscuit it is hardly a biscuit at all! There's no biscuitiness in these chocolates. Nestle should've called it Rolo Crunch because there was only a crunch sound from the biscuit... ¬_¬""

Oh well, best of luck next time Nestle!

My geeky rating: 3/5

Good points: 
- Big and round Rolo
- Loads of caramel

Bad Points:
- Need to reconsider their packaging (2 rows instead of one long packet)
- Not enough biscuit
- Too sweet for my taste buds 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Japan Centre - London Regent Street

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you would know I LOVE Japanese food because it's so tasty (plus I get tired of eating Chinese food from time to time). So once in a blue moon I go to Japan Centre to buy authentic Japanese style food.
Outside Japan Centre (it's the shop in the middle)
I have been a long fan of Japan Centre. I remembered when it used to be on Piccadilly Road before it moved to various places in London. The supermarket used to be on the lower ground floor (used to be quite small). The restaurant on the ground floor. The bookshop was on the top floor and I can't remember if there was anything in between... I'm sure there was even a Japanese travel agents there too. Then it had expanded to using the building next door to the original! That was even bigger and better... How I have missed that one!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cadbury's Mint Bubbly Chocolate

Awwwwww... Looks like Cadbury's are trying to catch up and compete with Nestlé! Hahahah... Gosh I'm a stirrer but there's a lot of competition with chocolate this year!
Mint Bubbly!
Has this been out for long? More than a month? I didn't know about it until I saw a poster advert in Dublin and thought I must find it and eat it! Plus report back here on what it's like ^_^""...
OoOOooo Bubbly ^^
Well it's in the same form and shape as its predecessors, but I bet what you're thinking is what does it taste like...?
Light mintiness
First of all, I can only taste a very small hint of mint. The thickness of the chocolate smothers the taste of the mintiness, so all I can really taste is chocolate. Secondly, it doesn't taste too sweet like the Aero ones, but if you are looking for a really minty-chocolate bar, this is not the one for you. 

Aero Mint beats this competition fair and square!

It's a nice try Cadbury, but I think you need to work on the taste a bit more!

My geeky rating: 4/5 - requires a more minty taste!