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Jam Hsiao 簫敬騰 - World Tour Concert London 2012

I found about this concert a long time ago, but I didn't book my ticket until the last minute because I didn't know if Miss Pinky would have anything planned as it was her birthday on November 22nd... I waited, and waited, and waited for her to plan something. But I gave up as I knew she wanted a quiet birthday, so eventually on one Friday evening (3 weeks ago to be exact) I lost my will and bought a ticket (^_^)v and with all hope it was going to be a great concert.

I hadn't heard of Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 (Xiao Jing Teng) until some time last year really. I think a relative of mine in HK is a fan of his and so I had a listen to see what he sounded like many months later.... Once I heard one of his songs I was soon addicted to his voice. My favourite song is Wild Dreams 狂想曲 from the Jam Wild Dreams album - can't stop listening to it!

Now on with the concert!

I learnt my lesson from the Mayday concert earlier this year in March. This time, straight after work I did some food shopping, went home and ate something before heading out to the tube station... I knew where I was going this time round so I wasn't too early or too late either!

When I arrived to the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people there already, plus there was a long queue of people trying to get last minute tickets at the Box Office...
Outside Wembley Arena
Anyway, once I entered the Arena, there weren't a lot of fans in their seats. And the back part of the Arena was closed off. I guess they wanted people to fill in the other seats before deciding whether to release tickets for the back part... (that's called marketing strategy by the way...!!).
Inside Wembley Arena ... Where's the fans? It's 7.10pm!

Ah!! Here's all the fans! ^^
Well, just like the Mayday concert, it started late (by 20 minutes)... At least it wasn't a two hour wait like Madonna's concert. :P ... Another lesson I learnt from my previous concert trip was to use a better camera so I brought along my Olympus camera but I should've brought my other lens!! Here's loads of pictures... I tried to select the best ones for this blogpost because I took too many. ^_^
The concerts starting!! So where's Jam Hsiao?

Aaaah! There he is!! The one in the red!!! ^^

The camera crew, the production crew, the people managing everything!!! 

Ooooo he has changed into a white suit...

Jam Hsiao joking about ^_^

Woah... Pretty!

Jam Hsiao showing his hand

Jam Hsiao is a drama king!! For real!!

He is so handsome :)


Nice pose!

More singing! :)

Red confetti!!

Mayday as guest speakers!!

I love this picture!! I must be a brilliant amateur photographer.
Give me a proper camera and I will take beautiful shots!

The sizzlers are out!

Jam Hsiao playing with the crowd again

I like this picture tooooooo!!!!!

Wow... Everyone is just joining in the fun!

The End :( Where was the encore.....?????????????

Everyone on their way out and heading home....
Apart from the late start and no encore I did enjoy Jam Hsiao's piano playing, high kicks, cute giggles and fun jokes... plus his singing which gave me the goosebumps! Awwwww... I LOVE Jam Hsiao! 我愛你蕭敬騰! ^_^

Videos are being uploaded now (but it's going to take hours!), so I will post them here later!

Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 come back soon with an encore!!!!

Update 10:52am
Here's some videos... My shortclip ones were rubbish, so I have uploaded the longer better ones... The fourth one will be uploaded tomorrow! (By the way, I have slept... :D).

Video 1 - Jump

Video 2 - Mr Jazz: A Song For You and 好想對你說

Video 3 - 好想對你說 (the rest of the song)

Update 25/11/2012

Video 4 - Holmes (sorry for the bad quality... a couple of girls were waving their arms in front of me and someone walked right in front at the beginning :P !!).

多謝你哋睇我個blogpost!! ^^
謝謝你們看我的blogpost!! ^^

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