Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Laksa Curry Fishballs (Really Really Spicy!) 咖哩叻沙辣魚蛋 (真係好辣!)

The year of 2013 ends with this post... Another post on cooking spicy fishballs, which you can make for under £5!

A lot of people (like me) still like spicy fishballs, so coming back from Hong Kong, I wanted to make some spicy, very spicy, EXTRA SPICY fishballs like the ones in Cheung Chau. So I went to one of my local Asian supermarkets, bought some Malaysian laksa curry paste (which you can find in most Asian stores), fried fishballs (all Asian stores sell this) and I also some coconut water from a local convenience store... Just 3 ingredients!
Malaysian Curry Laksa Paste

Coconut Water

Fried Fishballs
Fish Stick... I had some left

Prepared the fishballs
In goes the curry paste into a pan of boiling water... I used the whole packet to get the really spiciness of it all.
Laksa paste in the pan
Next I added the coconut water (about half the can) and also the fishballs. The coconut milk is to make the laksa less spicy.
Fishballs and coconut water is in the pan
Boiled for 10 minutes or so... Lower the temperature if you've made too much
Boil, boil, boil

They should float to the top.
Fish balls and fish stick will float to the top
Then scoop them out.
And serve... VERY SPICY!!
Phwoooor... Extra spicy it is!! Drink the rest of the coconut water whilst eating this, it will cool you down. ^_^

Use the remaining laksa soup base for noodles or cool down and refrigerate and re-use again!!

Hope you all have a spicy New Year's Celebration with this (if there's still time to make this and if you have the ingredients, heheh!!)

Have a Happy New Year!! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ. 2013 has been a mixed year of ups and downs, so I hope 2014 will be better!! ^_^ Fingers (doubly) crossed...

Thursday, 26 December 2013

IKEA Christmas Adverts 2013

Happy Boxing Day!! Didn't go to the Sales today as I had a Boxing Day lunch party with Mr Games.

And Yay! Another post of IKEA adverts. I think I'm addicted to them... 
I only found a few that looked really Christmasy, and here they are...

Sweden - Julen börjar på IKEA (Christmas starts at IKEA)
Starting off with the people who created IKEA!! Sweden have gone for something simple this year (I didn't see last year's one actually)... Here Santa dresses in normal clothes and then goes to IKEA to shop before Christmas. He walks around in sunglasses, tries out the food and also relaxes in an armchair. The children spot him and one of them asks her parents to check if this is really Santa. The dad shakes his head and says no... At the end the driver who is an elf asks Santa if he got everything and if anyone recognised him. Santa replies yes he has everything and he doesn't think anyone recognised him... If only the elf knew!!

Singapore - Unwrap Christmas "Auntie"
Hah! This one is funny from Singapore. This one is like saying be careful what you hold before opening the door!! ^_^ The young guy in the advert is holding some mistletoe when the doorbell rings, and an auntie appears wanting a kiss. Heheheh. I love this advert!! 
There are two more ads - "Waiting" and "Shake" which you can find on YouTube.

Thailand - Jingle Bell
This is a bit different to last years one. In this one, there's a lot of children in different scenes and each one sings their own version of Jingle Bells. A sweet ad. I found it very cutesy! 

Malaysia - Unwrap Christmas with IKEA Malaysia - "Shake"
I forgot Malaysia and Singapore use the same IKEA ads, so you actually can see the "Shake" one here. A kid is still awake, he starts shaking at presents to see what could be inside, and then throws them away if he thinks it's not for him... He gets caught in the end by his parents I believe!! Heheheh.

Austria - IKEA UNICEF Soft Toys XMAS Campaign Episode 1
IKEA Austria have a released a series of ads to support their soft toys for UNICEF. Here's the first one. The soft toys in this one are: The Big Bad Wolf and an old grannie. I think they start arguing or are a having a conversation of some sort... Not sure... 

Portugal - Campanha de Peluches IKEA Natal 2013
Portugal and some other European countries are using this same advert to support their soft toys campaign... Nothing much to say about this really...

Poland - 100 zł for every 1,000 zł released kitchens
This is a very clever IKEA ad from Poland. The mother is peeling some carrots. The two young girls run in whilst the oven turns off its alarm. The mother switches off the alarm, and the girls are throwing flour into a bowl. The mother screams, throws her knife, closes one of the draws, the carrot peel drops into the bin, and the peeling tool drops onto the table. What great timing for each event! And all the girls wanted to do was help out which they did in the end!! Phew!

Japan - IKEA CM Kids Room篇 15秒
I think this is the Christmas advert for IKEA Japan, but probably it isn't... Anyway, it's a kid who decorates his room to be a space rocket... 

Turkey - IKEA'da çocuklar nasıl bir sürprizle karşılaştı? (How did IKEA encounter a surprise for the children?) - I think that's the translation...
Well this is another soft toy campaign from Turkey. It's a fun one where two boys encounter a badger toy and takes the badger around IKEA to play with. Another cute advert!!

There's a lot of IKEA adverts campaigning about the soft toys, some are the same for some countries... Some countries haven't even done a Christmas advert... :(

Well I'm choosing Singapore and the Poland one as my favourites. Very funny indeed!!!

I want to see more funny ads from IKEA!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

International Christmas Adverts 2013

It's Christmas Day... Happy Christmas to my blogging friends, friends, readers and the rest of the world who stumble across my blog!!

I was going to start this early (research early) but I just never got the time, and so now is the time to do the research, and quickly write about each international advert I find on YouTube this year... ^_^

So as the same as last year I'm going to go through YouTube with the word "Christmas" in lots of different languages, and then hopefully be able to post it on here...

USA - Apple
Let's start off with the USA!! This is an Apple ad... I am beginning to warm up to Apple now (since I want an iPad Mini in the nearest future). I actually had a tear in my eye after watching this... A teenager who looks like he is acting rebellious, but actually taking videos of his family. He then joins all the videos on his iPhone and displays it on a big TV screen with the family gathered around...Oh my... Heartwarming video...!! Thumbs up for a lovely Christmas ad!!

USA - Kmart - Show Your Joe
This is a very naughty advert from Kmart. It's been very popular around the world. Lots of jingles there ¬,¬ which I think half the population of the world will like. 

Canada - Westjet Christmas Miracle: Real time giving
This one has been a very popular advert worldwide. Westjet, which is a low-cost airline in Canada. It's really quite touching, as each person who was on the exact same flight were asked what gift they wanted for Christmas. Then the Westjet crew were set to find the gifts whilst the passengers were on their flight... The gifts were wrapped and waiting at the other end of the passengers journey... Go Westjet!!

South Africa - Cape Union Mart
I believe this is the first time I've ever found a South African TV advert! It took me a couple of moments and re-watching to realise that the beginning of the video started in 1983. I was wondering why the mother was looking old-fashioned! Jump into 2013, and kid has grown up, has money and wants to shop in Cape Union Mart where you can get a lot of deals! It's an ok advert... not the best I have seen so far...

Spain - "Put your dreams to play"
Oh, the Spanish are fun!! It doesn't snow there but they still celebrate Christmas! This is a very nice advert, it makes you want to sing along (I'm listening to it again as I write this). There is a singer from everyone... ^_^ And then at the end one of the caged wired balls rolls and rolls, and I realise it's about the Spanish Lottery!! LOL!! I can't read Spanish, but now I know Lotrias means lottery. XD

Hong Kong - Ocean Park
There's quite a few Hong Kong ads on YouTube, but this one seems to be the most popular one, and the cutest of them all. I went to Ocean Park when I was 18 years old and have never been back, although I have wanted to... Didn't get a chance this year... Maybe next time... This one is about some special offer they're promoting... I just like the fish when they become grumpy at the end of the ad... Hahahah.

Denmark - Sorø Reklame
I still don't understand Danish humour. I think I'm too ignorant to understand it as Mr EvilMonkey would say to me. This one is an animated advert. Don't know what it's about. It just pops out with some signs at the end... ¬,¬"

Estonia - Jõuludeks uus pill nulliga! ("Christmas new pill to zero!")
LOL. The Estonians have a sense of humour that I do understand!! I had no idea what this advert was about at first... Just an old guy playing the tuba with a young Estonian band... And then the advert ends with offers on mobile phones!! OMG!! ^_^

Philippines - Jolibee
It's been a tragic year for the Philippines, so here's a nice Christmas advert. A young father travels home for Christmas, he rides in a taxi and the driver talks about his son who is in London (I assume from the photograph). The passenger feels he should do something for this driver and so invites him to eat with them at Jolibee, which is a fast food chain in the Philippines... Sweet.

France - Dior
Well, this year it seems to be hard to find a funny French Christmas advert, so here's one from Dior. A nice pretty one with animation and perfume of course... nothing much to say about this one...

Greece - COSMOTE 
I swear it doesn't snow in Greece. I'm sure my Greek friends would say the same. Cosmote are back with a new advert. This time a young Greek fellow is off to a Christmas party. He starts using his phone like a remote control to get couples together (or I think is messaging people to do things)... A little corny Greek mobile advert really. Heheheh.

Italy - Pupa Makeup - Princess Collection Trailer
Awwww. Isn't this one cute!! This fat cat is being all vein dressing up and looking at the makeup in the dressing room, but not sure if a cat should wear the make up... It's a cutesy advert. Wonder what the full ad looks like.

Japan - Google モバイル:さがそう。「食べる Xmas ツリー」(Google Mobile - Christmas Eating) & Google モバイル:さがそう。「雪」 (Google Mobile - Snow)
Another hard to find Christmas advert from the Japanese!! This one is where a couple of friends, one black guy (sorry don't know his name...) and one Japanese guy use a Google Mobile to order food or look for ideas for Christmas food for their Christmas party. Not a bad advert and I'm quite amazed that the Japanese would use a foreigner in their advert. It's like uniting the world with Google and the use of Google Voice!! :D

This second ad features the two same guys dressed up as Santa. The children want snow for Christmas! So the Santas use their Google Voice app to see if it will snow that day / week... Unfortunately it's going to be sunny... So next they order food instead, and the children love it!! Oishii!

Korea - Baskin Robbins "맛있게! 사이좋게! 귀엽게!" (Enjoy! Peacefully! Cute!)
Ah, Baskin Robbins are back with another advert!! Yay!! This time it's with three big guys, 2 Koreans (Kim Junhyeon & Ko Changseok) and 1 New Zealander (Sam Hammington)... All three of them are comedians. They perform a short dance and a short comical clip... and I also have to mention the delicious ice cream cake they display during the advert!! I want a bit of that too!!! ^_^

Korea -  파리바게뜨 크리스마스케이크 광고 내 마음에 날개를 달아  (Paris Baguette - Cake ad - Wings To My Heart)
It's all about food in the Asian world... Here's another advert from Korea featuring Paris Baguette which is a Korean bakery. The song is in French, and it features a lot of cake between a family... I want cake now...

Brazil - Natal Pão De Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Mountain)
A Brazilian advert!! This one is from Pão De Açúcar a Brazilian supermarket. It's a cutesy ad with lots of animation, food, family loving and sharing... Not bad. I like this ad!

Slovenia - Westgate Shopping
It's almost Christmas in Slovenia, and I have a feeling Santa doesn't want to wake up! Mrs Santa is trying to get Santa to wake up to buy the gifts, ready for delivery... so why not shop at Westgate where you can find everything... Another typical Santa ad...

Sweden - The Dinner Party - The Good Guys Christmas - Unicef Sweden
Here's an advert from Unicef Sweden. I think they have guts to pull this one off with Jesus (who sounds American), Mother Teresa and Ghandi, plus a nobody! Don't forget Unicef is a children's charity, but featuring these three doesn't mean they are going to help the children of the future... Or can they? It's a nice effort for Christmas...

Sweden / Other parts of Europe - Tele2 
But this advert either from Sweden or another part of Europe is worthwhile! It features a sheep singing during a Christmas Carol service... Tele2 is a Swedish telecoms company... What else can I say about it? It's funny in a way that makes you wonder what type of advert is this!!??!!

That's the end of the International Christmas Adverts of 2013. There are many ads on YouTube, I would have liked to have featured a lot, but those videos are set to not appear on other websites. I'm sure you can find a lot too... I just don't have the time to find more! BUT I'll be looking out for the International IKEA Christmas ads so watch out for the next post!! ^_^

Just to let you know my favourite advert is the Spanish Lottery one!! I love the singing!!

Hope all of you have a great Christmas... !!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Boyzone Concert BZ20 2013 - London O2

Oh my days (as one would say to me for doing something I would never have done). I can't believe I went to a Boyzone Concert (on Friday 20th December 2013). Just Oh. My. Days!! XD

Miss Money, who lives only a few miles away from The O2 Arena has been dying to go to a concert since there's been one nearly every night and sees crowds of people... So she wanted to go to the Boyzone Concert... I was once a fan of theirs in my teens but suddenly I turned away from them when they started doing their own things... (and that's when I switched to Backstreet Boys, and survived through uni with their music). I do like Boyzone and it's so sad Stephen Gately passed away so suddenly - I was in shock when I heard about that!! Boyzone have survived for 20 years hence the concert name BZ20.

Now it's onto the concert!! They started this in a different order...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Winter Wonderland 2013 - London Hyde Park

Mr Games invited a bunch of us to go to Winter Wonderland this year at London's Hyde Park. I have never been before and decided I definitely want to go this year! So many adventures and outings this December, I don't think I've had any time to rest and think...

Well, Mr Games chose one of the wettest days of December to go to Winter Wonderland. I hate getting soaked, my trousers were soaked, poor Geek... *SNIFF SNIFF*.

I got off at Hyde Park Corner, and I seemed completely lost at first because 1. it was dark and 2. I have never taken that route before... I finally got there, all wet of course, should've worn some Kickers or wear black trousers... Oh well, it's all part of the fun!
Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

The big sign
Mr Games was with Mr Sensible when I arrived... they were at the ferris wheel which I couldn't see, he said to keep going and I will see them...

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Work Christmas Party no. 2 @ Henry's Café & Bar - London Covent Garden

Next day. Next Christmas party. The Geek is on a roll, but tired as ever ¬,¬""!

This time I went north of the river, as people say when they are coming from the south of London. Hahaha. I decided to go a little early than the others as I wanted to stop off at Artbox and also Radley (yep I'm a Radley fan). I got a new lunch box (Hello Kitty of course) and a new red purse... my current one looks old. ¬,¬ I'm a shoppaholic, but a responsible one!

I was in Hong Kong when this was being arranged. Instead of going to a posh restaurant, we went to a posh bar Henry's in Covent Garden (pub more like)... whatever you might call it, it's in a fancy area.

A colleague of mine and I were there early so we had a drink, sat and waited for the party to begin!! ^_^
Outside the pub

Was the first ones to arrive!!
Mr Bear came along too. Yay!! I feel like I haven't seen him for ages... although I saw him before my holiday. We catched up on office stuff as we haven't had a proper chat for a long time. I already had a half pint of Heineken, and then he bought me this £9 gin and tonic! Woah. That's expensive!! But it was in a big glass. So I guess it was worth it...
The G&T is expensive in a big glass...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Work Christmas Party no. 1 @ the Baltic Restaurant - London Blackfriars

Refreshed from my holiday/family visit/rest for the family (not that much rest really) and now it was time to go back to work and off to the Work Christmas parties / dinners!! Yay!! Mr Stingy said to me before this all started that my social life will kill me one day... More like it will kill my bank account if I keep going out and spending. Luckily I didn't spend much in Hong Kong otherwise I don't think I would have been able to buy much when I came back!

I had three dinner parties one after the other when I came back to work. This is the first one (dinner party 3 was at work so I won't be blogging about that)! When I explained to Miss Pinky I would be too busy to see her that week she was actually green-eyed and envious of all these places I was going to without her!! Hahahaha!! I also said to her she needs to find more friends to socialise with... She can find friends, she's just being lazy with the socialising bit...

I was invited to this party before I went on holiday. It's actually the first party I've been to with this team. A lot of people were invited, but only 19 of us turned up! That was ok... small dinner party is what I needed... My colleague who organised this is Polish, and she chose a poshy type of Polish restaurant - Baltic Restaurant. Well the interior was posh, but I'm not quite sure about the food...
Baltic Bar / Restaurant

I was the first to be at the table!

Nice ceiling decor

Unique roofing

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Regal Oriental Hotel 富豪東方酒店 - Kowloon City, Hong Kong

So holiday over, and now it's time to talk about the hotel I stayed at...

I'm a Regal regular. My family always chooses the Regal Riverside Hotel as it's big, nearer to the trains, buses and a big massive shopping centre, but this time I wanted a hotel with free WiFi as Regal Riverside does not offer this in their hotel rooms... Boooo!!!! Such a big hotel but no free WiFi? So on this occasion we stayed in Regal Oriental Hotel 富豪東方酒店 which is located opposite to where the old Hong Kong airport was (which is now a piece of land and hasn't built into anything yet).
The entrance to Regal Oriental Hotel

Took this whilst on a bus ^_^ ... the street view
The hotel is located near several streets with old style buildings and shops below. It's a good place to be in if you like Thai food and various types of food plus a bit of shopping in the KCP shopping centre.
One of the nearby streets... 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 11 - The Journey Home and Lost Luggage

Thursday 5th December

My last day in Hong Kong :( ... I had a short 6 hours sleep because I couldn't sleep too. :(

We checked out early, there was nothing to pay for (because we bought our own food) and took the Airbus A22. The journey time took about 45 minutes and I was taking advantage of the free WiFi! I love the airbuses. It's really convenient... I think the UK should consider these type of things.. uh hm, we want free WiFi access in public areas!! Not just the airport!!
Taking pictures on the bus
Got to the airport too early and again we took advantage of the free WiFi!! Got to love free WiFi!
It looks empty, but the airport is actually really big!

Christmas display in departures

Still lounging around before check in

Below is the arrivals section and where people eat
Finally it was time to check in, we passed security (this time it was me who got checked... I forgot to take off my belt!!) and then it was time to eat food!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 10 - Return to Tai Po 又去大埔 and eating a lot 食食食!

Wednesday 4th December

It was our last full day in Hong Kong!! So sad :( We had so many places we hadn't revisited and I hadn't bought enough stationary as I usually do when I go to Hong Kong... I guess that would have to be another time when we have more money to return back to visit. (I must carry on saving money...). Don't remember why we weren't staying for long, but I had to go to work the following week, and needed the time to get over the jet lag (everyone was on my case when I got back)...

Mr Stingy, MummyGeek and I decided that this day was going to be our free day. Mr Stingy said he wanted to go back to Ma On Shan and Shatin... so he went the opposite way to us. And MummyGeek and I went back to Tai Po (since she kept mentioning it and I already had been to all the places I wanted to go to during this visit. She was surprised that I agreed!) to look on the other side of the street.

We again took the Bus 75X (which does take a long time to get to the bus stop from the hotel!). But since it was day time, we could see which way we were going... It took us an hour to get there. So if you're sleepy definitely sneak in a nap, but don't miss the stop!!

MummyGeek and I were a bit hungry so we went into this place Sun Long Ching Tong Nam 生龍清湯腩... It's not far from the bus stop we got off.
Sun Long Ching Tong Nam 生龍清湯腩
The menu had English! Excellent! This place must get loads of tourists... So I had the Pig Intestines noodles soup. That's right pig intestines!! And I also had beef tripe with a little chilli oil on top. It was very spicy, so order a soft drink to simmer the heat...!!
Pig intestine noodle soup

Beef tripe with some really spicy chilli on top

Iced lemon tea to cool me down
MummyGeek had the Curry Beef Brisket and rice and asked for it to be a little spicy... When they say little, it actually means medium in English terms!
Massive bowl of (little) spicy beef brisket

Rice with a cherry tomato on top ^_^

Get this with a drink and it becomes cheaper
Total bill came to HK$117 (£9.75). Quite cheap! I paid too!!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (I didn't like the chilli oil on the tripe)

Address: G/F, Shop 4, Pui Kam House, Nos.106-112 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po, N.T.  大埔廣福道106-112號培錦樓地下4號鋪

Monday, 16 December 2013

Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 9 - Sai Kung again 又去西貢 and Sham Shui Po 深水埗

Tuesday 3rd December

It was time to get up early and go to Sai Kung... again... Had to take more pictures and do other things (like eat)...
"Paper" boats

Those ducks or geese are not real
My cousin who drove us back to the hotel took us to the "most expensive" restaurant in Sai Kung called Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant 全記海鮮酒家. My aunt who lives in Sai Kung likes going there, so I think all my cousins like going there... I have no preference as long as there's food and it's cheap for me!! (I like the cheap, cheap foods!!)...
Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant sign

Everyone likes eating outside
We had a few things... MummyGeek liked the crispy noodles and Mr Stingy liked the meat dumpling and I liked everything...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 8 - Tai Po 大埔

Monday 2nd December

It's Day 8 already. A week in Hong Kong already. Time flew by really quickly!

MummyGeek and I had a small breakfast at this place 順興茶餐廳 Shun Hing Restaurant which is near the hotel. Service is a little rude but I liked the food. Well, food wasn't too bad...
Shun Hing Restaurant

Ham Sandwich... nothing inside it...

Dai Pai Dong Coffee... I dare you to try it!!

The food

MummyGeek loves cream buns... Loves it to death!

Chinese egg tarts
My geeky rating: 4/5

Address: G/F, 56-58 Nga Tsin Wai Road Kowloon City 九龍城衙前圍道56-58號地下

And it was time to visit my 93 year old Grandmother and my aunt from my mother's end! That's right 93 years old!! I remember when she was in her 70's when I first had a proper visit in my teens... And it's been about 5 years since I last saw her! That's a very long time... MummyGeek is an exact spitting image of her in terms of being emotional and gossipy!! ^^ My Grandmother and aunt live in the New Territories as well... North of Hong Kong Island...
Palm tree in the area

In my Grandmother's garden area

Pretty pink flowers

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hong Kong Trip 2013: Day 7 - Sai Kung 西貢

Sunday 1st December

It's now December!!! And it's time to visit DaddyChef's family. But first MummyGeek and I went to eat out to eat, and stumbled across an old lady who started to talk to my mum, they were talking for quite a while and I was hungry... After their chitter chatter, we were in search for breakfast / brunch!
Eating snacks before breakfast / lunch

Beef balls and chicken balls with satay sauce... so tasty!!

Couple of people cooking sweet potatoes and frying chestnuts... the smell was so good!!