Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Like Coffee Mug(^▽^)/\(^▽^)

Another year. Another new mug. 

You are probably thinking why I'm blogging about a mug... Well, 1. It's a present from Mr Bear and, 2. He knows that I'm one of the biggest social networkers he knows in the office! (He's more social than me outside work).
My new coffee mug :D

Read the description!! ^^

I'm always networking between family and friends inside and outside of work. I'm always deprived of sleep. Only joking! I get loads of sleep (when I can), but I do socialise a lot (it's the only way I can get gossip ¬_¬"")!! 

Hah! This mug describes me a lot. I like coffee and I like networking. My real job involves a lot of networking between different organisations too...!! So many emails. So many phone calls. So much talking involved. And so many meetings. :P ... Heheheh... I need a quiet job...
Coffee M
The social networking mug for the ultimate social networking geek!! ^_^

p.s. I'm not on Facebook. I deleted that account a few months ago because I was getting no likeys :( ...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Curry Garden - London Surrey Quays

What? Another Surrey Quays restaurant? Yeah why not, I love, love, love curry!

I was at Miss Pinky's yesterday with Master H trying to relax but I also had to look at one of her assignments (I got a big headache in the end), she also got herself a goldfish (also called Pinky), which we almost killed because the bag it was in suddenly dropped onto the floor. I am now a godmother / auntie to a goldfish ¬_¬". Thanks Miss Pinky.

We actually all had a hearty meal at KFC earlier (I had no idea they changed the way they served - it's pretty cool!) and I wasn't hungry until quite late yesterday evening. Miss Pinky was craving for Indian food for a month! Hahahah, so we ended up in Curry Garden, which is also on Lower Road in Surrey Quays. She's been in there before, and it was the first time for me so I had to try it out!
Outside Curry Garden

Inside Curry Garden

Napkins were folded nicely
Now I'm going to stop talking and show you the pictures (sorry they're not good but my battery was very low, so the flash had to be switched off).

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Longdan Express Oriental Supermarket - London Elephant and Castle

Anybody living in South East London (along the lines of Elephant and Castle)? If you do, you may have noticed an Asian store that was being renovated for a few months, and you may have been thinking when will this place be opened. Well, the store opened two days ago (January 21st) underneath a block of student flats that has replaced a gas station which once had a drive-in Burger King. Ah, no more Burger King. (I only went in there once!).

Longdan is a Vietnamese run chain store. From their UK website it looks as if this is one out of four stores running in the South East area of the UK so far. I think this might also be smaller than the other stores, but it's bigger than some of the other Asian stores around the area.
Longdan Express Oriental Supermarket

Opened on 21st Jan 2013

The Entrance and there's a cafe called "aobaba" - not set up yet I think...

A look from the outside

The hot food section - doesn't look ready yet
Well on the outside it doesn't look big, but when you go inside, it feels big!! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow in Kennington Park ( ・_・)_ …-=≡O

Armed with my Kickers (worn by kids and teenagers - but I don't care), hat, scarf, massive coat and camera I went out today to capture the last bits of snow in Kennington Park.

Kennington Park is an old park based in South London, and it's over a hundred years old. It was actually there before it became a park... Wikipedia has a better history of it! It's about a 5 minute walk from Kennington Tube Station, and a minutes walk from the Oval Tube Station.

So before the sun went down and before the snow completely melted away today, I took a few snaps of the park... Well, it's a lot of snaps, but just scroll  through them!
War Memorial built in 1924 - Starting from Kennington Park Road end

Pretty flowers being drowned by the snow!

I like this pathway, it's like a never ending trip through a park

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Aero Chocolate Lamb

Can't help myself. I saw this cute little lamb on the front of the wrapper and I said to myself it's so kawaii (cute) that I cannot not blog about! Awww. Look at the lamb!!
Cute little lamb on the package!
Aero have somewhat surprised me with this chocolate!
It tastes bloody good (excuse my language). So much chunky chocolate - it was really hard to break into two, so I had to bite it! And there's not an ounce of sweetness (as in too much sugar) in which I have found in their other chocolate bars (those £1 chocolate bars).
Some really thick and bubbly chocolate - you can see my teeth marks
It's expensive for a little lamb, but I liked it :D
Where to buy: Tesco (or other supermarkets if you can find them!) ... And don't worry I doubt there's any horse meat in these (^_^)v ... sorry - lame joke about Tesco!!

Cost: 60p

Monday, 14 January 2013

Cafe Mama Pho - London Surrey Quays

After the Ice Sculpting Festival and having eaten some cold and lukewarm food at Wahaca, Miss Pinky and I, plus Master H who joined us later in the evening went to a local Vietnamese restaurant in Surrey Quays. An Instagram follower suggested this place, and I thought, why not!!
Outside Cafe Mama Pho

Some of the pictures displayed
I've tried looking for blogposts about this place, but there's not much. Short history - it's been opened since 2009. The previous cafe there was called Cafe East, which has moved near to the Odeon cinema and run by a family member of Cafe Mama Pho.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ice Sculpting Festival - London Canary Wharf

My colleagues know I love taking pictures, and they know I love anything that goes on in London (that's free of course!). So one of my friends / colleague, who I am going to call Mrs SweetTooth (because she loves chocolates and sweets) suggested I go to this Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf. Oooo. I've never been to one before, and I actually wanted to go to one as I saw a recent news footage of a place in China that has just opened an ice sculptured city for people to go to and play.
Ice Sculpting Festival 11th - 13th January 2013
I was going to go with Mrs SweetTooth, but I ended up yesterday going with Miss Pinky instead!! Miss Pinky lives really close to the area, so it made sense for us to go together in this freezing weather... The festival started on Friday 11th, and ends today (don't know what time, sorry). So if you have the chance to go, go quickly!! 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Japanese Kit Kat - Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour

I know I said I will write something different other than chocolate but OooOooo, Japan Centre are back with their Japanese Kit Kats! Yay! I didn't realise they were selling them again since November 2012, and I was going to update my previous post but thought I will write a new one ^_^.

They are currently selling a limited edition Kit Kat Blueberry Flavour in  replacement of the Almond flavour I think. Wow. So I got three and I'm saving one for Miss Pinky and one for Mr Bear. The price has gone up and the postage and packaging is still expensive!!

So here's my three mini, mini Kit Kats...
Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat - Limited edition!!

^_^ Yummy!!
Once I opened it, I could smell the blueberry flavouring straight away.
White chocolate with blueberry cheesecake flavour
Tasted of blueberry, and had a long lasting taste. It's also 68 calories! I don't count calories, so I don't know if that's good or bad.
They are so small!
Anyway, here's the updated information on where to buy and how much it is etc...

Where to order:
Individual prices: £1.30
Boxed prices: £14.95
Flavours available: Kyoto Matcha Green Tea, Shizuoka Wasabi Horseradish, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake, Jyo-Koushinetsu Blueberry Cheesecake

Check out my previous post:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon

Another chocolate post? Yessiree! (I promise to post something different in my next post). I'm really trying hard to get away from the chocolates, but I can't!!

This time it's something very new from Cadbury again!! They seem to be in the Easter mood too. Hah! ... And it looks like the 2013 Easter Chocolate Wars have started! (Heheh, just made myself giggle). Geek!!
Egg 'n' Spoon

This is how you eat it 
But what happened to Valentine's Day? Shouldn't chocolate companies be thinking about the other events (for couples, people who are dating or simply 'love' Valentine's Day). February comes before March and April... ¬_¬""

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kit Kat Chunky Champion

Incredible! Nestlé are surprisingly working hard! I read @grocerygems reviews and thought I must try them out too! Nestlé have released FOUR new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky and they want those who can find them (Costcutter and Local Newsagents) to vote on Facebook to say which one's the best.

Well, here's all four of them, plus I've added a limited Kit Kat at the end of this post, just to spark off some controversy from Kit Kat fans ^__^ (only joking).
Kit Kat Chunky Champions plus White Choc Chunky

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Golden Grill - London Camberwell

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but was too lazy... ¬_¬" so here it is!!

One lunch time I was suddenly asked by a couple of colleagues to go to lunch with them even though I had just heated my own lunch of frankfurters in egg fried rice, and already had two to three spoonfuls! In the end I had to give in as I hardly go out to lunch with my colleagues. I sit in my office nearly all day long, every weekday, staring at my computer... :(

So, we ended up in Golden Grill in Camberwell. It's a kebab shop, opened since 1975, older than me!! :D
Golden Grill in Camberwell Green

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Morrisons Chicken Dim Sum (迷你雞包仔)

Wooo. I have never seen frozen dim sum in an English supermarket before! I was quite surprised when I saw these, and was contemplating in whether to try them out or not.
Morrisons Chicken dim sum
Well, as you can see I bought them out of curiosity, and to see what Morrisons has to offer! They are called Chicken dim sum! There's no Chinese name for it, so I'm calling them 迷你雞包仔 mai nei gai baau jai (meaning: mini chicken buns, which is what they are). In Chinese supermarkets / restaurants they are called chicken buns 雞包仔 gai baau jai.  But those are  far bigger and take a little longer to steam! ...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

My first post for the new year (and I have been blogging for almost a year now ^_^ - so proud!). 

Well it's the start of the new year, and Christmas has only just gone. And now what chocolate companies are thinking about is Easter! OMG. Maltesers... It's only January. Easter isn't until April this year!!! 
MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny
Maltesers have already started their chocolate Easter bunnies with this very, very cute design.
Nice an cute bunny design

Loads of Malters biscuit
They taste like the mini round Maltesers, but there's more chocolate than the biscuit, especially around the ear area... Yummy, that's ok with me!! 

The one thing that got me giggling about this product was the message on the wrapper on the back..."No actual Maltesers® were hurt during the making of this bunny"... Hahahaha!! I love it!! ^_^ Maltesers made me laugh!! 
Love this message!!
Enjoy Easter early!!

Where to buy: Tesco (and I believe other supermarkets will have them soon!)
Cost: 60p