Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow in Kennington Park ( ・_・)_ …-=≡O

Armed with my Kickers (worn by kids and teenagers - but I don't care), hat, scarf, massive coat and camera I went out today to capture the last bits of snow in Kennington Park.

Kennington Park is an old park based in South London, and it's over a hundred years old. It was actually there before it became a park... Wikipedia has a better history of it! It's about a 5 minute walk from Kennington Tube Station, and a minutes walk from the Oval Tube Station.

So before the sun went down and before the snow completely melted away today, I took a few snaps of the park... Well, it's a lot of snaps, but just scroll  through them!
War Memorial built in 1924 - Starting from Kennington Park Road end

Pretty flowers being drowned by the snow!

I like this pathway, it's like a never ending trip through a park

Can you see the two snowmen facing each other?

Family in the distance building a snowman!

Prince Consort Lodge

This raven was chased by...

This dog!! ^^

Tinworth Fountain

Cyclist in front ^^

Snow in the trees

Can you spot a jackdaw in the tree?

How many jackdaws can you spot? 

A blossom tree... Not shaken by the snow!!

Sports Ground... Nobody playing... Too much snow?

Part of the park

Shelter in the park... Great as a meeting point!

This is a cheeky jackdaw!!

The Flower Garden

Plants in the Flower Garden

More plants drenched in snow

Heheheh, I saw this mini snowman sitting on a bench!! So cool!! (I didn't make this by the way)

Another attempted mini snowman sitting on the same bench (I didn't make this too!!)

The Café which was re-opened in 2002

Seating area... but full of snow!!

Kennington Park noticeboard

Children's playground

Fitness Equipment for children

A birdhouse hangs in the tree ^^

Kennington Park from one end
Kennington Park may not be as big as Burgess Park, but it's a place full of history and to have a good walk around...


History from Wikipedia:

Update 20/01/13... p.s. There's more snow today.... Brrrrrrr

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