Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sichuan 川妹子 Chinese Restaurant - North Greenwich

Heheh. Last night was a fun night! :D I haven't had this much fun for a long time!

Yesterday evening we were celebrating 3 people's birthdays (including mine, and it was also Mr Flirt's birthday this month). It was all organised by my friend Miss Money who I met up with in December. This meant I had to miss out on the new episode of Dr Who (which I caught up with this afternoon :D).

So, why did I we go to this place? Well, they have some karaoke rooms we could hire. I had told a few of my friends we were going there, and they said this is so typical of Chinese people going out to sing in a karaoke place... Is it? ¬_¬" I don't seem to go a lot, but my friends do, and it was my second time going to this restaurant Sichuan 川妹子 (Mando: chuan mei zi).
Outside the restaurant
I was the first one there! (I always seem to be the first one during these type of typical meet ups... Not complaining). The place wasn't full, but there were some people there already dining...
The room we were in
Miss Money's friends came next and they speak very fast Mandarin. I couldn't catch up with them. XD Then we ended up with a room that was half filled with Chinese and the other half was European!! A definite mixed group...

Friday, 29 March 2013

Marks and Spencer Easter Bunnies / Egg

Last Easter chocolate post for 2013! ^_^ But I'm sure there'll be more chocolate to review in the future!

So WOW. I think Marks and Spencer have joined in the Easter chocolate fun / war! Are these new? Probably not but I've never seen these before, or I may have overlooked them in the past... So I bought all three different flavours that were just sitting there and waiting for me to try them out. :D 

Bubbly Chocolate Bunny. There's a small review out there from 2010, so I believe this is not new, but the packaging is new. This tastes a bit like cheap chocolate put together. The bubbly inside tastes ok. But it is hard for your teeth. So if you have dentures (false teeth) be aware!! This doesn't melt easily in the mouth like Wispa or Aero do.

Mint chocolate makers could learn from this egg. This Bubbly Mint Truffle Egg is gorgeous. It has some real mintiness to it! There is definitely chocolate in there. But very hard on the outside (can you see my teeth marks?). However, this does not disappoint mint chocolate fans! I like it!

Honeycomb Truffle Crunch Bunny did not disappoint either. I couldn't taste the cheap chocolaty taste. I am really impressed by the honeycomb bits and soft truffle inside. Although not entirely filled with honeycomb, you can at least taste it. The truffle part was also very good! Chocolate on the outside was soft and tasty.

They all taste good, well except for the Bubbly Chocolate Bunny.

They were at a good reasonable price too! 55p!! Impressed with M&S!

Happy Easter!!! ^_^

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 - London Charing Cross Road

Having had a very filling lunch at Asadal on the weekend Miss Pinky and I weren't hungry at dinner time. She was feeling peckish. And I was not very hungry! So before we were due to watch Singing in the Rain The Musical we went to eat dessert at Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 which is just opposite China Town. You can't miss it! Well you could as it's situated in between shops, and they all seem to look alike to me! ¬_¬""

During busy times, cafés in London can get crowded, and most of the time there are no seats. It's too cold to sit outside (at the moment), or there's no seats or tables available. That's how I see it! Even the chained cafés like Starbucks and Costa become so busy it's ridiculous! So finding a non-chain store is as good as anything... And I'm serious!

Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 is a growing coffee company. It's Italian. And has survived for three generations apparently. I think you can read about this company on their website rather than me reciting everything they have said. 
Caffe Vergnano 1882 - sorry for the dark picture...
It was difficult to find a seat in this smallish café, but thankfully two people were leaving, so we sat around the corner. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Asadal Korean Restaurant 아사달 (阿斯達) - London Holborn

I got another email from the same person who asked me to write a review for Bibimbap Soho. And so I said yes, I can write another review for a different Korean restaurant. Not a problem. This time I invited Miss Pinky first. She said yes straight away... I was advised to go between Monday to Wednesday, but the only problem was that we were only available during the weekend, and Mr Bear and Mr Smiles weren't available to join us... :( Oh well, maybe next time! So there were no offers this time round... But that doesn't matter. I got to eat Korean food again!!! (^_^)v

Asadal is a Korean restaurant situated in one of the busiest areas in London. Holborn. The area of lawyers and the place where the Royal Courts of Justice is! (I know this as I went to find this place with my cousin who once was on a placement a long time ago... It's behind the station somewhere!). I think the restaurant's Korean name is 아시딜 a-sa-dal (correct me if I'm wrong! I'm trying my best to learn Korean... But there's no time or I'm just being a lazy Geek!!). According to Wiki it means "morning land" or "morning mountain" depending on what Chinese characters are used... Chinese characters for this restaurant are 阿斯達 (Canto: a si daaht; Mando: a1 si1 da2). This means to reach and achieve in Chinese.
Outside Asadal
Miss Pinky happened to be babysitting Master H for a few hours yesterday so he was very lucky and came with us!! (This boy gets so many treats... I'm hoping when he's older and finds a job he will be doing the same... treating Miss Pinky and I to loads of food!! ^_^). It was snowing yesterday, so it was a GREAT day to eat Korean food! 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Volvo V-40 R-Design Poster Ad

This is Moany Geek again. Which person created this poster? Come on 'fess up!
Spotted this ad at London Bridge Station
It's a lovely poster. Lovely car. Lovely background. But the message isn't powerful enough. "I want sometimes gets" does not tell the customer to buy this car. It tells me that if you're able enough you can 'sometimes' get the things in life... But ti should have said 'I want ALWAYS gets'. The things that you want in life, you will always get!

Ok, yes, for arguments sake, not all the things you want you can 'always' get, and you can only get it 'sometimes'... I get the point... But to be more convincing for a car ad, you have to be positive and convince your customer to buy this car...

Some people may like this ad but I think it's back to the drawing board peeps...!! 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Big Four World Tour Concert - London O2

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! I was so excited when OrienTouch announced they were going to bring more Chinese entertainment to London during the Jam Hsiao concert!! I couldn't believe it. FOUR big Hong Kong stars who have grouped together to become The Big Four 大四喜 (daai sei hei) would be coming to London. Awwww!! I bought my ticket for £96 (it's worth it) when they were selling tickets. I tried to reason myself by saying it's only £24 for each HK star and it's a week before my birthday. So yeah, it's worth all that money and a big birthday present to myself. Well, I probably won't see them for another decade or so...

The Big Four consists of the following Hong Kong stars (in my favourite order):
1. Dicky Cheung 張衛健 (cheung wai kin) - my favourite, favourite star out of the four!! I believe he is the popular out of the four too... (that's what I like to think anyway). BUT I think the audience loved him too!! He is a very funny character, and I would go and pay to see him again and again!
2. Edmond Leung 梁漢文 (leung hon man) - to me he was more popular when he was acting! But his singing is also good, and I love both his acting and singing! Probably the sweetest out of the four!
3. Andy Hui 許志安 (heui zi on) - Very, very popular in HK. He is currently dating / engaged to one of my favourite female singers Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 (zeng sau man). He is having an on / off relationship with her according to Dicky Cheung during the concert (and of course we knew what he was talking about when he was describing Andy's relationship problems!).
4. William So 蘇永康 (sou wing hong) - I only watched him on TV shows and haven't really listened to his songs, but his songs are very good too... Touching... He is the fashionable one of the group I believe. Sunglasses. Extravagant clothes. Extravagant costumes!

All four of them used to do a lot of acting for the famous HK Entertainment station TVB (that's how I followed these stars). I followed them since the early 1990's, I was still in primary school back then (around the age of 8 or 9 - and now you can work out my age if you're good at maths or guessing ^_^)! 

I purchased my ticket from Orientouch Entertainment who were randomising the best seats to us lucky people, so I didn't know where I was sitting. The concert unfortunately was scheduled for a Monday...Why Monday? It's probably one of the worse days of the week to have a concert and when one has loads to do for the rest of the week, like work meetings and replying to emails etc., etc... (hmmm, whatever, who cares about work! ¬_¬"" Future employers, I am a very hard working person!!). Wednesday's to Saturday's are the best days to have a concert! I hope OrienTouch Entertainment will consider about the dates during the next concert they throw. Did you not hear about the Justin Bieber situation...? Lots of school kids needed to go to school because his concert was on a Monday too...

Mr Bear tried to tone down my excitement last week by telling me they'll probably cancel the show. :( Noooo don't disappoint me.... 

I got there way before the concert started. After 6.30pm... When I got there, I didn't realise the O2 was right behind the station, and I was looking at buses on how to get there! D'oh!! :P
At the O2 - so extravagant!!

Nice lights

Security Check!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nissin Noodles - Black Oil Garlic Tonkotsu & Shoyu Tonkotsu Flavours

Ummm. Noodles. My first post purely on instant noodles. So what can I say about them? Well ever since I was young (about 4 or 5 years old) I ate noodles. It was the Hong Kong Doll brand. I didn't like them very much because my mother always overcooked them or under-cooked them. :( By the age of 10 when I was able to see the top of the pan on the gas stove, that's when I started cooking instant noodles (with the supervision of my mother of course!). When I was in my teens I used to eat the Nissin Seafood flavour a lot, and then I used to add white pepper just to spice it up! (I don't do that anymore! Hah!). It has taken me years to perfect it to the way I like to eat it, and nowadays, I like it al dente. 

Some people would probably say noodles is noodles. But there's so many varieties and variations of noodles, which I will definitely not go into. Too complex to talk about as I've seen a few shows (mainly from Hong Kong) and read a few blogposts explaining how these noodles are prepared etc., etc... From memory, instant noodles (like these ones I will be showing) are fried and dried before they are packaged. There are definite health risks if you eat them day in and day out, so I recommend to everyone to eat instant noodles once in a blue moon (like once a week / month). But if you get cravings or are a poor student or a struggling  lousy cook... then, well, I recommend twice a week or none at all - eat healthy foods! ¬_¬"" (And don't be like me eating two in one day for this blogpost!).

So here's what I bought yesterday from See Woo Supermarket 泗和行 (si wo hong), Shoyu Tonkotsu and Black Oil Garlic Flavoured instant soup noodles. Nissin is a popular brand for noodles and favourited by many Asians and non-Asians! (Morrisons even sell them!).
I bought two of each in case they taste good

Black Garlic Oil Tonkostsu Flavour 黑蒜油豬骨湯味 (hak syun yau zyu gwat tong mei)

Shoyu Tonkotsu Flavour 醬油豬骨湯味 (jeung yau zyu gwat tong mei)
A lot of people I know cook instant noodles in different ways:
Method 1: Boil water, add noodles, then add soup base and seasoning whilst the noodles are still cooking in the pot, serve in bowl.
Method 2: Boil water, add noodles, cook the noodles, place soup base / seasoning in a bowl and then add the cooked noodles into the bowl and mix.
Method 3: Boil water, add soup base and seasoning, then add noodles, cook for 3 minutes and then serve in a bowl.
Method 4: Cook in the microwave!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Rowntree's Random Squidgy Speak

My 200th post (going to be a short one)!! ^_^

At the same time I bought those Yorkie Bars I bought these sweets! They're quite unique aren't they?
Squidgy Speak Marshmallows
These are marshmallow sweets and they smell like mixed tropical fruit.
Combine those words now!
Tried to look for all the 'Squidgy Speak' words that were provided in the packet, and then I tried to combine all the words... ^_^ (Well, that's what a geek does...)... ¬_¬" Heheh.
Bad at remembering prices so I went to have a look in Tesco again. It's £1.35 at the moment.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two Different Yorkie Bars - The Womanly Type ¬,¬"

Well, what do you know... Nestle Yorkie have released two different flavoured chocolate bars (I think they're old)... But I have never seen them before, and have not eaten them before! So here's a post of what I think of them...

TV ads have always said a Yorkie bar is for a man. But I don't think so. If you crave for chocolate or are a chocoholic (I'm not a chocoholic, but do crave for it from time to time), then a Yorkie bar is definitely for a woman (as well as for men)! :P There. The Geek has spoken out!

Heheheh. Back to the chocolate. I bought these two weeks ago, and I have only tried it out now. :P
Yorkie bars - for a woman (not a man!)... ^_^
This is the Honeycomb Yorkie bar. The chocolate is sweet. But there's not enough honeycomb. I must say I do prefer Crunchie... ¬_¬
Honeycomb Yorkie bar
The other one I bought is the Raisins and Biscuit. I definitely can taste the raisin! The biscuit is ok but it needs more biscuit! I like biscuits. (Personally I think chocolate companies are holding out on the biscuits in their chocolate bars. Don't call it a chocolate biscuit if there's hardly any biscuit!!!!).
Raisins and Biscuit Yorkie bar
Out of the two I did prefer the Raisins and Biscuit one...! It wasn't too sweet but it needed more biscuit. ¬_¬""

It was a nice try Nestlé! ^_^ But I still love your plain Yorkie bar! o(^_^)O

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bad Poster Adverts

Bummer. There were so many bad poster adverts out in London a couple of months ago and I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them because I was either on the bus (bus was moving too fast) or I wasn't thinking straight.

I may not be the best advertising expert out there, but I know when I see a bad advert. I seem to bend my head in shame, scratch my forehead and roll my eyes all in one go... ¬_¬" Or I give the one eye curious look. Let's not go into that.

So WHAT the heck am I talking about?

I'm talking about this... hmmmm ASDA are really good with their TV ads, but come on we know you can do better than this! There are many ways of showing how competitive you are in prices!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kew Gardens - an offer I could not resist!

Oof. I must've been bored during last weekend. Nothing to do. Just studying languages and food shopping. But luckily on the Sunday I saw that Time Out London had an offer for Kew Gardens! 50% off tickets! Yay! :D This was an offer I could not resist! Tickets are usually £14.50, and children under 16 can go in for free. These tickets were £7.25 (obviously ¬_¬) and I haven't been to Kew Gardens for over 10 years! Wow. Long time!

So - firstly contact Miss Pinky first, check. Bring Master H if Miss Pinky is going, check! Purchase tickets, check. Print off tickets, check! 出發!(cheut fat - Off we go!).

We got there just after 12pm (it was a long journey, as part of the District line was suspended) and then we had a bit of lunch (well breakfast for Miss Pinky and I) before heading into Kew Gardens.
Map of Kew outside the station


Burger and the chips were to share!
I forgot that it's a MASSIVE place, and I don't remember going to all the greenhouses during my first trip (it was a University trip when I went there last!).

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Double Whammy of Mini Easter Chocolate Bunnies

It's just three weeks away until Easter and I've been VERY LAZY! (Well more like very busy outside of the blogging world... it's just work, work, work at the moment)... ¬_¬ Shush Geek shush - stop moaning! 

So here's a couple of chocolate bunnies I've seen and bought in the supermarkets. They've been in the shops for a very long time but I haven't bothered with them until now. ¬_¬""

First one is this very, very cute Nestle's Milkyway Bunny...
Awww cute!!
It's so cute, I didn't want to eat it...
Yummy white chocolate :D
But I did. I beheaded it. I'm not usually a white chocolate fan, but this Milkyway Bunny has brought me back to liking white chocolate! :D

Next up is this Cadbury's Caramel Bunnies... Two mini bunnies for the price of one.
Two for the price of 60p :P
Too sweet for me, but I love the caramel... I would say better than the amount of caramel that Rolo gives out in their chocolates! (Oi! Cheeky Geek!! :P)
Looks tasty - but very sweet!

Loads of caramel! :D
Both cost 60p each... so hurry, hurry for your chocolate Easter cravings!! :D

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fowey, Cornwall - Day 4: The trip ends!

Our last morning in Fowey :( ...

We both woke up early. Coffee. Some toast. And me making sandwiches for the journey. We just sat around before we got the local bus, and then we had to sit and wait for our coach to arrive... It was a cold morning, and people in their cars were staring at us as if were strangers in town... we were... we're just waiting for the coach... Heheheheh.

Here's my last picture of Fowey from the local bus stop... My brain was telling me take a picture, take that picture now!
Fowey Town Centre - The church
Finally our coach came. It was 5 minutes late. It was a weird journey back to London... The coach driver from the night before didn't empty the toilet ... hmmmm ... didn't want to know about that!! But we had to stop off at the coach stations to get that all sorted out... Hahahah...

Before we reached Plymouth, I took a picture of an oil rig. I wanted to take a picture of the boats, but I wasn't quick enough with my phone... :(
Somewhere in Devonshire
Then we had two very talkative people sitting behind us who came on from Plymouth... Thankfully we stopped off somewhere after Bristol... Needed the break :D 
So many trucks at our pit stop!
It was about 6pm when we arrived back in London Victoria. It was rush hour. My biggest nightmare after a long journey... I hate rush hour!! I wanted to go back to Cornwall. It was so nice and peaceful. No traffic. No people traffic. Nobody trying to run you over...

I think when I retire, I think I would want to go on a very long break in Cornwall, just sitting by the river or the sea... :D

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fowey, Cornwall - Day 3: a walk, a roast and a pasty

Day 3 - it looked like it was going to be a good day with this beautiful sunrise...
Good Morning Fowey!! ^_^
After a good nights sleep and a breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs and bacon... Plus a morning of doing nothing, Miss Pinky and I finally went out for an afternoon walk towards the castle. It was a long walk, and we were walking for about two hours long! 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Fowey, Cornwall - Day 2 (Part 3/3): Sam's Bistro

Day 2 ends with food!! ^_^

After tea, Miss Pinky and I found ourselves drinking at the Yacht Club... The prices are cheap in there... We weren't sure with the Cornwall Cyder Rattlers... 6% alcoholic levels! Wow. Don't see cider with that amount of alcohol in it in London...

Anyway, afterwards, we were very, very hungry! We were advised by my colleague who we saw at the Yacht Club that we should try out one of the bistros in the area. We first looked at Sam's Bistro and then had a look at the other Bistro next door. In the end we both decided to go for Sam's Bistro! Looked friendly, cheap and buzzing with people! :D
Sam's Bistro

Menu Cover

Sitting upstairs

Nice pictures!
We sat upstairs where there's a cocktail bar for people to wait for a table, but thankfully we were there before a rush of people came in!