Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two Different Yorkie Bars - The Womanly Type ¬,¬"

Well, what do you know... Nestle Yorkie have released two different flavoured chocolate bars (I think they're old)... But I have never seen them before, and have not eaten them before! So here's a post of what I think of them...

TV ads have always said a Yorkie bar is for a man. But I don't think so. If you crave for chocolate or are a chocoholic (I'm not a chocoholic, but do crave for it from time to time), then a Yorkie bar is definitely for a woman (as well as for men)! :P There. The Geek has spoken out!

Heheheh. Back to the chocolate. I bought these two weeks ago, and I have only tried it out now. :P
Yorkie bars - for a woman (not a man!)... ^_^
This is the Honeycomb Yorkie bar. The chocolate is sweet. But there's not enough honeycomb. I must say I do prefer Crunchie... ¬_¬
Honeycomb Yorkie bar
The other one I bought is the Raisins and Biscuit. I definitely can taste the raisin! The biscuit is ok but it needs more biscuit! I like biscuits. (Personally I think chocolate companies are holding out on the biscuits in their chocolate bars. Don't call it a chocolate biscuit if there's hardly any biscuit!!!!).
Raisins and Biscuit Yorkie bar
Out of the two I did prefer the Raisins and Biscuit one...! It wasn't too sweet but it needed more biscuit. ¬_¬""

It was a nice try Nestlé! ^_^ But I still love your plain Yorkie bar! o(^_^)O


  1. I don't think I have seen the Honeycomb one before, I'll be looking out for that one! I agree with you about the Raisin and Biscuit one - it definitely needs more biscuit :-)

    1. :) The Honeycomb was a bit disappointing, but definitely try it out!



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