Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Anchor Butter Poster Ads

Ooo. I'm impressed by Anchor Butter's new poster ads! I have spotted two so far. They are quite simple cartoon-like ads. But maybe I'm a bit of old fashioned about advertising... 

This is the first one I spotted. At first I read it as Laura The Best Dad Ever... But I had a closer look, and it reads "Laura's Toast...Your'e the best dad ever... Can I have a lift?". Heheh. Cheeky ad! ^_^
Anchor Butter: Laura's Toast
And then later on in the day, I spotted this one. I couldn't get the full picture because of that silly lamppost which was in the way (I was on the bus, and Miss Pinky was curious of what I was taking a picture of!). This one says "Nan's Crumpets... Turn that frown upside down" meaning ... :( ---> :) 
Anchor Butter: Nan's Crumpets
Simple classic ads. ^_^ I like them! 

Has anyone spotted any different ones around London?


  1. Thanks for this post! I was trying to show my dad a picture of this Anchor advert! I spotted one in Islington and it made my day :D

    1. Ah, you're welcome! The one's around my area have gone :( ... I must turn my frown upside down now :)



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