Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cookies and Cream Kit Kat - Japanese (from Oyatsucafe.com) and UK version

Another Kit Kat. Another flavour. ^_^ @grocerygems had already blogged about the Passion Fruit flavour which you can see here. I tried to order it, but I have a feeling they were sold out. So instead I ordered a couple of limited edition Pocky and a 1000 Yen chocolate bar which I will blog about in another post. :D

This time I managed to, and successfully used the voucher code GROCERYGEMS on Oyastsucafe.com and got over $2 off the total price!! ^_^ Yay!! I love discounts!!

Here I am going to compare the Japanese and the UK version. Both are "Cookies and Cream Flavour"...
Top one is the UK version, Bottom one is from Japan

Top: UK version; Bottom: Japanese version
The Cookies and Cream Kit Kat from Japan is of course the mini version at 67 calories per bar. I wonder when we'll get to see the bigger versions on sale on the web... This one tasted more vanilla in taste than a creamy one. I couldn't taste much of the cookie flavour, but you can taste it after several bites. It tastes rather sweet too. It's kind of like has a Danish cookie taste to it. This isn't as good as the other Japanese Kit Kat's I have tasted so far... but nevertheless, it is worth trying it out.
Japanese Cookie and Cream Flavour Kit Kat

Close up of the Japanese version
After receiving my package, I ventured into Tesco one evening, and guess what I found?! The UK version of Cookies and Cream Kit Kat! WTH! It is a bigger version at 107 calories per bar, and the appearances are very different inside and outside. It doesn't have that cute Japanese packaging unfortunately. >.< The UK version is slightly bigger. There seems to be tiers on the outside, white chocolate or cream on top, and chocolate at the bottom. It tastes rather biscuity. I can't actually describe it... Just like a boring biscuit that has no texture and quite bland. It's as sweet as the Japanese version and the white chocolate / cream part is quite gooey, which I didn't particularly like from this Kit Kat...
The bigger UK version

Close up of the UK version
Out of the two (I had to try them both twice for this post and to make sure I knew which one I liked!), I like the Japanese version. There's no gooey texture, and quality wise I think it tastes better than the UK version.
Top: UK version; Bottom: Japanese version
So order from Oyatsucafe.com for the Japanese version... And don't forget to use the voucher code!! ^_^

And for the UK version, they are being sold in supermarkets right now.

Update 29/09/2013
p.s. My colleague just mentioned to me that the Japanese version tastes a bit like pina colada the drink... I must agree!! The wafer gives it that coconut kind of taste, and the white chocolate tastes of the cream... :D


  1. Thank you for the mentions! I'm so glad the code worked for you this time :)

    The Japanese Cookies & Cream Kit Kat's look so much nicer than the UK version - from the packaging to the chocolate itself!

    1. Heheh, ^_^

      It's always fun to compare. Definitely try the Japanese version!! ^_^

  2. Gosh the Japanese version look so much better than the UK version, I love the packaging! Great review :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah the Japanese version is definitely cuter!

  3. The Japanese one makes so much more sense than the UK one, although I do like eating the UK one. I did a review on it too, plus other Kit Kat flavours! http://london-glutton.blogspot.sg/2013/06/kit-kat-x4-chunky-coconut-chunky.html

    1. Heheh, I've reviewed quite a few Kit Kats! The Japanese ones are always the cutest and I like them more bacause of the flavours...
      The UK coconut flavour was the best wasn't it?! Unfortunately they decided to go for the mint :(