Thursday, 4 July 2013

Feng Sushi - London Southbank

Saturday was a nice warm day for London. It was also a nice day to meet up with my cousin who came all the way from Hong Kong on was on vacation for one week with her friends in London.

I met up with her in Waterloo Station, and she was late, so she said she'll treat me to Japanese food... She asked if there were any Japanese restaurants nearby. All I could think about was Feng Sushi because I have never been there before... And I did try to suggest Yo! Sushi at the station, but I forgot there was another one nearer to the river, and I also forgot about Wagamama's until my cousin pointed it out later... Whoops!! XD Sorry cousin!! I like any Japanese restaurant that serves good food!

I didn't want to choose, and my cousin said she wanted sushi, so she picked the 22 piece sushi which costs £18... You make think this is not a lot for two people, but it was! It's really filling after a few pieces.^_^
22 piece sushi set - £18
Quality wise, it was exceptional, or should I say outstanding. There was none of that stale rice, and the fish and seafood was good! No extra charges for the wasabi, but soy sauce could've been in a pot instead of those boring soy sauce packets that you have to rip open...
Dragon Flower tea - £3
Not sure what the total price was, but I'm guessing it was £25 which included two of those dragon flower drinks... I think I need to try this place again and try their hot foods and bento.

And here's a couple of pictures after eating. My cousin wanted to look at local life where tourists hardly go, so I took her to Peckham before she went to meet her friends... Was thinking about Brixton too...
Took this in Peckham Library - Children's section! ^_^
And this is at Trafalgar Square. It was London Pride weekend! 
London Pride Festival
My geeky rating: 4.9/5

Good points:
- Good quality sushi
- Nice tea too
- Ok service

Bad points:
- Soy sauce in a packet... maybe swap for a bottle in case people can't open the packet, but I can understand why they don't... spillages...
- A little expensive (I seem to be going to a few ££ restaurants when I don't mean to!)

Address: Royal Festival Hall, Unit 9, Festival Terrace, Southbank Centre Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX
Telephone: 020 7261 0001

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