Monday, 1 July 2013

Karuna Dark Chocolate

For some reason I thought this chocolate bar is from Latvia, (on the packaging it looks like it says Latvia) but actually this Karuna Dark Chocolate bar is from Lithuania. My mistake!

So where did I get this from? A colleague, who had received many chocolates from a person who I think is Lithuanian. And I got this one for doing loads and loads of work! I love my colleagues who give me anything for free, and especially if it's food. Hint hint for future colleagues and friends. ^_^ (Only joking, but I do love free things!).

I've been quite patient and I have waited for a few weeks before eating this. I'm not that much of a chocoholic I'm afraid, I will leave it to the experts who can eat chocolate everyday! XD

Packaging is quite pretty. A nice red colour.
Karuna Dark Chocolate
I think taste wise you would be AMAZED with it. It is not like the dark chocolate you will find in the UK. It doesn't have a very overpowering bitter taste, and it has an almost smooth nutty texture that lingers in your mouth. And it isn't overbearingly sweet either.
Very yummy indeed!
Also there's no bad aftertaste! This type of chocolate appeals to me, and trust me, not many dark chocolates do...
There's a crown imprinted onto each piece
Not sure where I would find this in the UK. But if you're popping around Eastern Europe, find it and give it a try! I think I should pop over to Lithuania and treat myself to their chocolates!


  1. This looks good, I'll look out for it!

    I don't know if you ever go to Stratford but they have a newish Lithuanian grocery store there.

    1. Thanks! Must have a good look around Stratford one day!!