Monday, 30 September 2013

British Airways Poster Ad 2013

Before I move onto the next French snack (don't actually know what to eat next!) here's a British Airways poster ad that seems very inspiring.
BA poster ad "To breeze through Heathrow Terminal 5. To Fly To Serve"
I'm not a real big fan of BA. But I love this poster because it looks so grand with an empty airport terminal. Is Terminal 5 really not that busy? I've never entered Terminal 5, it's the only terminal I have never been in at Heathrow.

The only thing is how can we be little kids on little wheels and whizz and "breeze" through Heathrow Terminal 5? I would find it impossible to fit myself in one of those little cars! Hahah. That's probably just one flaw in their poster... Or are they trying to point out the self check-ins? Not sure really!

Anyway. An encouraging ad from BA even if there is an empty terminal XD... "To fly, to serve" the world!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool and Haribo Mao Croqui

Have been slacking for a bit haven't I?!

It's back to snack blogging again! And here's some Haribo sweets that I've been looking at since I've bought them...

I bought this one last minute at the airport. I was intrigued by it. Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool are like massive jelly beans. There's two colours on the outside, and each sweet has a different flavour to it. Not sure if there's supposed to be two different flavours in each sweet, if there is, I can't taste it!
Haribo Dragibus Bi Cool

They're still in the packet!

I think I can eat this whole packet in one day!! They are so addictive are so colourful!
So colourful

Two colours for every sweet

Cost: Can't remember, I think it was over €2

Next one is Haribo Mao Croqui. Different to the Bi Cool one. There's five different flavours in this packet of sweets. Cola, orange, strawberry and apple
Haribo Mao Crocqui

Big pieces of sweets!
They taste quite chewy, a little on the sour side and they have a soft centre inside. These remind me of those strawberry bonbons sweets I used to get in the sweet shop before I went into school... Heheh.
So many cola flavoured sweets

Big sweets

Soft centered...
This packet has a lot of the cola flavoured sweets! Why not more of the other flavours?

Pop over to France to get these! Haven't seen any of these in the UK yet!!

Cost: I can't find it on the receipt! I think it's less then €2 though from the supermarket...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Suchard L'Original (le rocher lait) - Kraft foods

Before I munch away on my final packet of crisps and other stuff from France I wanted to try out this chocolate that Mr Travels introduced to me. He likes snacking like me!! Mrs Travels likes snacking too but more with crisps and Chinese snacks.
7 pieces of big chocolates

Suchard l'original
When I saw this I saw the word le rocher and was thinking is this going to be like Ferrero Rocher?

Once I opened it I could smell chocolatey nuts... Maybe it is like Ferrero Rocher...
Chocolate wrapped in red paper
Or maybe not. This is an entire chocolate piece, and it is actually quite heavy for a chocolate piece! There are little bits of nuts inside too.
Massive chocolate!

It's all chocolate inside... a bit like a truffle (my teeth marks are showing here!)

Some nutty bits
If you love melt in your mouth chocolate, and you like them sweet and a little nutty, this is the chocolate for you! It's a bit too much for me but will have another piece before I share it out. :D

Even Evil Monkey wanted to have a bite! (I will introduce Evil Monkey in another post once I've made more 3D origami!).
Evil Monkey wants chocolate!
Cost: €3.86 - expensive chocolate! But this is definitely a must find in France for the chocoholics. ^_^

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vico Monster Munch Salt Flavour

Monster Munch!! But it's not the Monster Munch we know in the UK. It's Monster Munch from France from a company called Vico.

A very short post as there's not much to say about these...

These crisps made out of potato are shaped into monsters and I think they are baked in 100% sunflower oil.

They don't look like monsters. They look like happy ghosts. Heheh.

They don't taste too much like potato, more like salty prawn crackers, but they have this hint of sweetness to it which makes it a little addictive to my liking.

Don't recommend eating too much of these! Too much salt.

Cost: €0.70 - that's very cheap for a big packet of crisps!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Pom'lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps

Wasabi crisps?! Wow!! I love the French and their amazing flavourings for crisps and other food products. Mr Travels spotted these first as I wanted crisps to take back to London for eating and testing. ^_^ I think they've been out for a few years, but how comes the English haven't imported these over, or am I just blind?!

When I opened up my luggage it was unfortunate (or it may have been destiny) that the wasabi flavoured crisps opened up (I had a feeling that would happen).
Pon'lisse Wasabi Flavoured Crisps

The back of the packet
So it's plain crisps coated with wasabi. And the crisps are definitely green... just can't see it here... but not as green as that on the picture...
Inside the packet

A hint of green... can you see it?
Definitely tastes of wasabi and has a salty taste to it. If you ever find these I dare you to eat several crisps at once... heheheh, you get that wasabi scent going up your nostrils sensation!

I defo recommend this if you like wasabi!! But I don't recommend you eat them all at once. Gave the rest to Mr Bear to try out (but that meant I had to trek to his office...!! He loved them!!).

Cost €1.05 (that's about £1, and I kept the receipt this time!!). Heheh. Where can I find a big bag of wasabi crisps (135g bag to be exact) in England for this price?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mooncake Festival 2013

Last year I blogged about mooncakes and very briefly about the Mid-Autumn Festival, so this year I'm going to show you what happens in China Town around this time of year.

The Chinese have so many festivals it's hard for me to keep up with all of them! Today, once again, is the Mid-autumn Festival / Mooncake Festival where Asian countries worship the moon by gathering together, eat mooncakes, pray and celebrate with lanterns.

In China Town there's always a smallish gathering, tents set up, singing and other things... I got to see the start of it (before and eating dim sum, heheh) on Sunday 15th... (I didn't even know this was going to happen!!)

So before I ate dim sum, a singer (don't know his name) was rehearsing... Sang a bit in Mandarin...
Singer rehearsing

The red lanterns are up

Then after dim sum, I got to see a dragon dance. My video is a little awful...

And then there were introductions from Spectrum Radio host Joseph Wu Pui Sing. My mother used to be a follower of Chinese Spectrum Radio (AM) before they turned digital, and now she can't be bothered to turn on her laptop (yeah she can browse the net) just to listen to the radio! My mum says every time she goes out to China Town during these special occasions she always see Joseph Wu Pui Sing. I always recognise his voice too!! Heheheh...
Chinese Spectrum Radio Hosts

Representatives of the London Chinese Community I think... (I forgot!!)

We left before the party got going, but there were mooncakes being sold and a girl was dressed like one of those ancient Chinese goddesses... ^_^
Mooncakes being sold on a stall at £4 each!! 

Girl dressed up
Not sure what happened afterwards, but I'm sure a lot of people stayed around to listen to the music and watch loads of other performances... 

中秋節快樂!!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / Happy Mooncake Festival 2013!! ^_^

Monday, 16 September 2013

ALL DAY DIM SUM @ Chuen Cheng Ku 泉章居 Dim Sum Palace- London China Town - NOW CLOSED

Update 26/10/2013
Afraid this place is closed... I have a feeling it's being renovated! I was very lucky to have gone before it closed... Fingers crossed it reopens!! ....

Update 15-02-14
Still closed!!! Permanently closed? Don't know. Might find out in a few months to see what happens to this place. :(

Aaaaaaah! I never realised with all the times I go to China Town that there's actually a restaurant that serves DIM SUM ALL DAY !! Both my brother and mother said to me I used to go there when I was a baby and as a child... Really?!! I don't recall such moments. It also used to be my dad's regular dim sum restaurant when he was out and about... Didn't even know that too!! Childhood stories start flooding in when you grow older... ¬,¬""

It was Mr Stingy's (my brother) birthday earlier in the week (last week), and I said we'll go and find a place to eat dim sum, so we chose this place as I also wanted to find a place that serves dim sum until late anyway (a mission I felt I needed to complete as a reader who left a comment asked about where to find a restaurant that served dim sum after normal serving time)!!
Outside Dim Sum Palace a.k.a Chuen Cheng Ku

Their menu outside

Dim sum is served until 11.30 pm

Dim sum all day!!!
Well this place has been around for so long that I walk pass it, and never think about going in there. Arrogance? No. Idiot? Yes. I think it's undergone some renovation on the outside, but it's very minor. And with its hard to read Chinese characters at the front, which looked like a few scribbles to me, Chuen Cheng Ku 泉章居 a.k.a Dim Sum Palace (Canto: chyun jeung gu; Mando: quan2 zhang1 ju1) doesn't have any real meaning to it. But when you split the characters up... 泉 = Spring (water spring); 章 = Chapter; 居 = Residence (home)... I actually don't know what it means. Could be the person's name who owned the restaurant back in 1970-something...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

F*** Fashion TV Poster Advert

On my way home from eating in China Town yesterday (will blog about the restaurant next time, as I lost all my pictures, including this one but  I had a backup of this picture, whilst reformatting my phone, and the actual back up of my pictures were erased by Kies software... not funny...)... I spotted this poster whilst I was on the bus!
Spotted under the bridge before Westminster Bridge... how long has it been there?!
Luckily I looked up otherwise I think I would have missed the opportunity... I actually had to get off the bus and walk back to take this picture.

Talk about defaming fashion and icons!! I am astonished really. David and Victoria Beckham, two fashion icons posed for this? They did, kind of, but those words aren't from them I believe. It took me a while to research and understand about this... As I researched I realised that f*** goes to this website

Reading their mission just made this all look bizarre but also interesting to see what they were trying to accomplish... The third point made me realise what I was feeling!! Outrage!! However they need to correct their grammar on their vision statement... ¬,¬" Mr Bear would be astonished at the bad grammar if he saw this.
From the webpage
So don't worry, David and Victoria Beckham are still fashion icons, although I wouldn't buy any of their brands.

Blimey, talk about making people shocked!! :P

Anybody spot any of these type of poster ads anywhere??? 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Marseille, France - Day 3: Au Revoir

Monday 9th September

It was again an early start to the day and it was my last day in Marseille. I was in so much pain from the sunburn anyway (started to brown now, yay, it was worth it). Packed my remaining clothes and stuff. My luggage was so light! I bought nothing during the entire weekend. But I did hint to both Mr and Mrs Travels that I needed to buy some snacks to take home (and blog about them... I think they forgot I blogged, so I didn't mention it to them... nevermind!).

Had a very light breakfast and then it was off to take the girls to school! French schools are obviously different to the English ones. Don't know how it works in England anymore, but some kids are at the schools really early as their parents go to work and so the gates are closed until the actual opening time in case a child decides to escape. So we waited until Missy I's (she's the eldest daughter by the way) school opened. She's in Year 1... and luckily she doesn't have to wear school uniform! She's a cheeky monkey, but a very intelligent cheeky monkey!! Then it was time to drop off Missy S, she's still in nursery / reception. She talks a lot more than she used to (and bullies me too :P) but she's not so good in the mornings as her sister is. Both girls take after their mother with fashion, and I have a feeling they are both going to be fashionistas in the future!

After dropping the girls off, Mrs Travels took me along the seafront near the school. The girls are really lucky, they have a place to go to after school and during their lunch break.
Near the sea

Stony beach

Small wave coming towards the shore

Friday, 13 September 2013

Marseille, France - Day 2: Sortie en Famille

Sunday 8th September

Day 2 started a little early. I think I woke up around 8. It was a little hard to sleep because of the wind and rain, but I was alive and kicking! Breakfast consisted of a few pieces of brioche and mini dried toast with butter and jam. ^_^
Bonjour Sausset-Les-Pins

A pear tree

Pomegranate Tree
Sunday was a family day out. More of a touristy day out for me although I've been to Marseille before with Mr and Mrs Travels and their two girls two years ago. It was a longer visit last time, and I got to see more of the city centre, the train station and other bits and pieces... I will post some pictures from back then at the end of this post...

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Marseille, France - Day 1: Bonjour

Saturday 7th September 

One main reason I started blogging was because of my friends and "second family" Mr and Mrs Travels and their two daughters Missy I and Missy S... They moved all the way to China and I wanted to show them what I was up to. But below and behold, China blocks blogging sites like mine, unless people can use another way of using the Internet like using VPN... But nevermind, I still kept blogging for the fun of it, and just in case when or if they came back to the UK or Europe they could finally read all my adventures! :D

After two-ish years, I finally met up with Mrs Travels who is my "sister" and my other best friend from my old university days...We've known each other for more than 10 years!! And I've known Mr Travels ever since they first started dating. ^_^ They returned to Europe!! But moved to Marseille and not London. Mr Travels is French and Mrs Travels is Chinese!

I booked a flight using (I seem to be going through various booking sites... has probably been the easiest to use so far!). But I hate the way Ryanair and other flying companies keep changing prices every few minutes... It's quite annoying. It's like saying if you don't book it now, we'll increase it the next time you visit in a few minutes time. ¬,¬" Ryanair have charged for nearly everything and I'm travelling alone this time to Stansted Airport... My first time!!

Travelling to Stansted Airport wasn't that hard. I had to get a bus to Liverpool Street Station, and then get a train to the airport. It takes less than an hour to get there (47 minutes and something seconds to be exact). Not Bad!! It was as easy as getting to Gatwick. I think I was blessed to get the 8.12 am train as it was empty, peaceful and quiet... ^_^
Platform 5 on a Saturday morning... so peaceful...
When I arrived I checked in, and I was crossing my fingers that I didn't go over my 15 kg allowance. Thankfully it was only over 12 kg! Phew! Had so many presents for Mr and Mrs Travels and the girls. I passed through security, and there were no problems there. I have travelled so many times within the pass few years, it feels like a drill to me. Take off belt. Take out netbook. Remove bag of liquids. Thankfully I didn't have to take off my shoes like I had to in Houston, Texas!
Heading into Stansted Departure Lounge

Ryanair Planes... yep, was flying with Ryanair
I had a long 2 hour wait, and I knew I would be hungry when I get onto the plane. Flying with low cost airlines means eat before you go aboard as you will need to pay for anything they serve you on the plane. So I ate at Yo! Sushi... Yeah, sushi again... The other places weren't interesting enough for me.
Had a few plates of sushi :)
One thing I must say, Stansted Airport provides free Wi-Fi! Awesome!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

JWW Reviews on YouTube

Before I start blogging about my adventure to France here's a different type of blogpost / review from me... I've never blogged about a YouTube user before who blogs-vlogs (not sure what you call these type of reviewers) about drinks and food snacks, games and other things, he's just like me and the rest of the bloggers I know who like to review drinks, snacks, drinks and more snacks. ^__^ ... So instead of writing lengthy posts (like some of us do) JWW Reviews (username: jwwwrestling2008) talks through each drink or snack.

Here's a few that I randomly picked as I have never seen some of these drinks and snacks before...

This one is about Pepsi Wild Cherry flavour. I have not tried this before. Where can I buy this?! My brother asked me, isn't this the same as the Pepsi Max Cherry flavour we have in the UK? I don't know, ¬,¬" ...

This next one is on Fanta Limon Gas from Spain, if I heard correctly, I think I've seen this before but I can't remember seeing them being sold around my area.

This one is a very short review on Atomic Fireblast. Interesting. I would like to try these out...

Toxic Waste? Interesting name for a sweet! I think the only way you can fool someone from eating this is by unwrapping them and putting them into a clear jar then offering it to someone, wahahahaha!! Evil!!

Anyway check out JWW Reviews on YouTube! ^_^

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Noodle Oodle - London Oxford Street

On the weekend I went out with Miss Pinky AND finally we got her a laptop. She hasn't had one for years, and I have no idea how she coped without one for this long. I would just breakdown and collapse... That's how much I love computing...

Anyway, back to this review. When we finally got the laptop we did a little food shopping, but we also needed to eat as both of us hardly ever eat breakfast as usual (plus Miss Pinky is usually a late riser)... She said to me she wants roast duck and noodle soup, the most greasiest one... Ewww... Really?! So as we were heading to China Town via Oxford Street, which I haven't been to for a few months I think... Then I saw the a big sign 麵 (noodles) on top of a shop, and said to Miss Pinky let's look at this place. I wanted to try somewhere different, and I'm sure Miss Pinky didn't want to carry her laptop all the way to China Town. I had a brief look at their menu book outside, and Miss Pinky already saw what she wanted. Heheheh. 
People walking pass Noodle Oodle... Couldn't get a clear shot... Fine, people, you can be in my blog!
Noodle Oodle has been around in Oxford Street since 2006. Really? I never even noticed it until that day... I must be a food snob! No not really. I just find eating around Oxford Street a bit stressful. So many people. So many shopping bags. So many tourists! I can't even recommend any good place to eat along there except for Wasabi. Is that still there? Nope... It's all the way near the centre of Oxford Street now!!
Roast duck hanging in the window, Noodle sign and the ceiling ¬,¬"

Menu Cover
Noodle Oodle is a Shanghainese-Halal restaurant, so there's no pork, na-da (none of that stuff)! It takes me forever to choose if I've never been to a restaurant before, so in the end Miss Pinky had her duck and noodle soup and I had the meal special. Miss Pinky was watching the chefs making our food, she was even watching the guy making her noodles. I think they are made as soon as you order them! Fresh noodles!