Tuesday, 10 September 2013

JWW Reviews on YouTube

Before I start blogging about my adventure to France here's a different type of blogpost / review from me... I've never blogged about a YouTube user before who blogs-vlogs (not sure what you call these type of reviewers) about drinks and food snacks, games and other things, he's just like me and the rest of the bloggers I know who like to review drinks, snacks, drinks and more snacks. ^__^ ... So instead of writing lengthy posts (like some of us do) JWW Reviews (username: jwwwrestling2008) talks through each drink or snack.

Here's a few that I randomly picked as I have never seen some of these drinks and snacks before...

This one is about Pepsi Wild Cherry flavour. I have not tried this before. Where can I buy this?! My brother asked me, isn't this the same as the Pepsi Max Cherry flavour we have in the UK? I don't know, ¬,¬" ...

This next one is on Fanta Limon Gas from Spain, if I heard correctly, I think I've seen this before but I can't remember seeing them being sold around my area.

This one is a very short review on Atomic Fireblast. Interesting. I would like to try these out...

Toxic Waste? Interesting name for a sweet! I think the only way you can fool someone from eating this is by unwrapping them and putting them into a clear jar then offering it to someone, wahahahaha!! Evil!!

Anyway check out JWW Reviews on YouTube! ^_^


  1. I think I've seen that cherry pepsi in Tesco, in the american snacks section.

    1. I think I need to spend a whole day in a big massive Tesco and shop around!