Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vico Monster Munch Salt Flavour

Monster Munch!! But it's not the Monster Munch we know in the UK. It's Monster Munch from France from a company called Vico.

A very short post as there's not much to say about these...

These crisps made out of potato are shaped into monsters and I think they are baked in 100% sunflower oil.

They don't look like monsters. They look like happy ghosts. Heheh.

They don't taste too much like potato, more like salty prawn crackers, but they have this hint of sweetness to it which makes it a little addictive to my liking.

Don't recommend eating too much of these! Too much salt.

Cost: €0.70 - that's very cheap for a big packet of crisps!!


  1. Oh wow, cool find! I love the smiley ghost shapes, dare I say they're even more fun than the UK Monster Munch?

    It's years since I had Monster Munch...the cheesy ones were my favourite.

    1. Heheh, these are definitely fun than the UK version!

      My favourite UK one is the Flamin' Hot one and also the pickle one. ^_^

    2. The Flamin hot one was too much for me haha! :D

    3. ^_^ Love chilli... I think I'm craving for UK Monster Munch now!



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