Thursday, 28 November 2013

Baileys Christmas Nutcracker 2013

It may be midnight in Hong Kong but it's sure early in the UK. Still having a great time but still have more places to visit and things to do!! Here's another pre-prepared post I wrote earlier...

I applaud Baileys with this advert! What a nutcracker this is!! ^_^"" LOL (I'm laughing at my own joke).

Well it definitely is a nutcracker. I really love it. Not only because I like ballet, but I really think it's cool for a Christmas advert. 

Clara who is the main female character enters the party room and is served with a glass of Baileys. She then sees the Nutcracker and both of them start dancing. The Mouse King sees them and is jealous of their passion, so he starts a fight. The Nutcracker and The Mouse King are battling it out, but it's Clara's kick that beats The Mouse King... Baileys is then re-featured at the end of the advert...

There are not many references to the Baileys drink in the main plot, but you do see people holding their drinks in the advert.

I'm a Baileys fan, so yipee for this advert!! ^_^

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Boots Christmas TV advert 2013

In Hong Kong... Can't sleep at the moment. Still jet lagged. So here's a post I prepared earlier...

Oh wow! An advert that really makes you sentimental. I actually got a tear in my eye from this advert.

A boy who's in Year 10 that's around age 14 to 15 runs out from home and goes door to door of his closest friends, boss and encounters. The boy looks like a thief just running and sneaking around as he leaves presents at the door. A trimmer for a neighbour who got him a B in maths, perfume for a girl he likes, a mug for his close friend, a box gift set for his newsagent boss and the last one which made me go awwwww is a present to a nurse who looked after his nan... And then the boy gets a gift from his parents.

Now this is a Christmas advert that makes sense!! And it only lasted 1 whole minute!!!

Woohoo! Well done Boots for making a better advert than John Lewis!! XD

Monday, 25 November 2013

Some More Poster Adverts

The Geek is going on one more holiday this year, so just before I step out the door, into a cab and get on a plane out of here for a week and a half I'm posting this... I will also post some whilst I'm on holiday (taking my netbook with me!)...

Here's a few ads I saw around Elephant and Castle...

This first one is from Honda. I like its light amusing way of trying tell us that Honda are trying to be economically friendly with their cars. Anybody driving this car? Is it true that the less fuel you add in the more driving comes out? How far can you travel to a normal car? And how long will that fuel last for? It's one of those questionable type adverts... It makes you want to research for more!

This one is from Wickes. This is quite unique. Did I take a picture of the one from last year? I can't remember! Anyway, this shows a rooftop with I think some thermal stuff that needs to be inserted into the roof for insulation... 3D advertising works for me! Good luck Wickes!

This last one from Ford made me giggle. I think I've seen this somewhere before. "The Ka Made Me Do It". Hehehe. Ka is probably a slang word for Car... I quite like it. The car made the girls jump into a fountain. What would it make you do next?

Anyway, seeya UK!! Back soon... it's going to be a short, quick holiday!

Don't forget I will still be blogging from abroad...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gusto Italian Restaurant - London Camberwell (NOW CLOSED)

Update 25/03/2015: Unfortunately this place has closed down and is replaced by a Lebanese restaurant...

I rarely go out to lunch during workdays but this was an opportunity I did not want to miss, and I actually turned this done the previous week because I thought I was going to out with Mrs Hen to eat Chinese food... Unfortunately that didn't happen, so thankfully I went out to lunch.

This place Gusto is a new Italian restaurant in London Camberwell SE5. I can't even remember what was there before it became a restaurant! It's been opened for a good few months but I never had the opportunity to eat there. Was going to go with Miss Posh, but I was too busy (and I still haven't met up with her yet!). So this time I went with two female colleagues (Mrs Jewelry who likes to make bracelets and necklaces and Ms Pâtissier who likes to bake cakes and cook all sorts) and Mr Bear.
Gusto Italian Restaurant in London Camberwell
I rarely eat Italian food outside because you can easily prepare food like this at home... So off we went... When we got there I realised I left my phone in the office, so all these pictures are taken with using Mr Bear's phone...
The seats are like lounge setting type... Comfortable...

Nice light bulb!!

The condiments

The chef at work
It actually took us a good 5 to 10 minutes to decide because the amount of choices was a lot than what I would have expected in an Italian restaurant. After we ordered there was a long wait for the food. I was getting a bit peckish. There was only one chef... And this is what we had...

My Cabanara came out first. I wanted to eat this with spaghetti as I kept seeing Korean dramas of people eating spaghetti, and I wanted cabanara!! Unfortunately it was warm when it came out, not piping hot like you would expect it to be. The sauce was nice (I could have licked my plate in the restaurant), the spaghetti was al dente and the ham was delicious... Not bad, but could have been hot.
Ms Pâtissier had the Lasagne Bolognese with spaghetti. This also reminded me of all the Korean dramas that featured Spaghetti Bolognese as they would mix the mince into the spaghetti rather than dump the sauce and mince on top like most people do. When I make mine, I mix it in then serve it. Never got a taste of this, but Ms Pâtissier finished it! Must've been good!
Lasagne Bolognese
Mr Bear had this Pratto Verde which consists of ham, spinach, garlic and cream... He said it was good, but not great... I thought he was going to lick the plate after he finished his pasta but he didn't. He really loves spinach!
Pratto Verde
Mrs Jewelry ordered the Gusto Italy pizza without the artichokes. She ate half of it and started picking on the toppings... She didn't finish it, but says it was lovely... I think all of us could've finished it for her but we didn't. XD The pizza does look good though! Must try one of them next time...
Gusto Italy Pizza without artichokes
All together it came to a cost of £31.20 but in fact we got a 15% discount! So the cost came to £27.14. I love discounts. Need to go there more often... ^_^

They are currently booking for private Christmas parties, so book now if you want to have an Italian party!!

My geeky rating: 4/5 Make that 4.5/5 from January 2014

Good points: 
- Polite service
- Quiet restaurant
- Nice and clean 
- Pasta sauce for my cabanara was excellent!
- I also recommend the garlic bread and lasagna bolognese - these were hot!!

Bad points:
- It was good food but mine was a bit too warm
- Food took a little while to get to our table as there was only one chef.

Address: 55 Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8RS
Telephone: 020 7701 8103

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Edit 15/01/2014:
Just want to point out that I went again to Gusto with Ms Pâtissier last week, and this time we got there they had one customer, got served a little quickly, and I realised they were doing a 15% discount throughout the whole of January. Must also point out that their Lasagna Bolognese is the bomb!! Sweet tomato sauce and lots of cheese. I really felt like Garfield enjoying lasagne. (^_^)b Garlic bread was also served like a pizza. OMG. That's a lot!! PLUS they have started serving breadsticks. Ms Pâtissier had a pasta (obviously) but I forgot the name of her dish. She couldn't finish hers as there was just too much garlic bread... So now I've upgraded my geeky rating to 4.5/5!
From top left: Breadsticks, pasta with ham and mushrooms, lasagna bolognese and garlic bread with mozzarella 
I want more lasagna!!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

China Town Summary 2013 (Chinese shops/restaurants)

A couple of months ago (that's a long time ago) I sent my brother Mr Stingy on a challenge, and he failed. I asked him to take pictures of all the Chinese restaurants, Chinese supermarkets and Chinese stores... Well he missed a few!! (We skipped the Japanese, Korean, Thai and Malaysian restaurants - not being biased or anything since China Town is supposed to be for the Chinese in ancient times... ¬,¬""). There are a few still missing I believe... (this doesn't include all the backstreet stores)...

I have sectioned the below into supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bubble tea places and snack stores. Some of the places I have blogged before but I have added here as a summary... Pictures are going to be small, because there's a lot to go through!... Also I haven't added the addresses and telephone numbers for each place, you will need to research that yourself!! :P

Bakeries / Cafes

Golden Cake Dessert House

Kowloon City Bakery

Sun Sai Ki Wah Chan Teng

Wonderful Patisserie

Chinatown Bakery

Sun Leun Snack Bar

The other entrance to Sun Leun Snack Bar

Golden Gate Cake Shop

Monday, 18 November 2013

WONKA chocolate bars

Taking a break from adverts for a bit... Onto chocolate!!

I had no idea Mr Sensible was reading my blog... he said he likes the chocolate posts where I've taken pictures of the chocolates close up. Heheh... so this post is for him...

Not sure how long these have been out for, but I thought I might as well try them out since they were sitting in the till section in Morrison's and they had to be bought to be tried out for this blog. XD
Wonka Chocolate Bars

Diagonal View
Wonka bars are named after Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl... I used to love the 80's film. When I first watched it, it was just awesome!

The first one is this Chocolate Nice Cream. There's an outer layer of milk chocolate, an inner layer of white chocolate and a soft gooey chocolate inside. I like this!!
Chocolate Nice Cream

A head and a hat

Layer of white choclate

Topped with chocolate cream
Millionaire's Shortbread has an outer of rich chocolate with an inner layer of shortbread. I don't like this as much as the Nice Cream. It's too rich for liking... It also gives this taste that makes me go yuuuuck.
Millionaire's Shortbread

Close up of Millionaire's Shortbread

Inner layer of shortbread
The Creme Brulee one is sweet, not rich, has a little crunch to it, and I like it. 
Creme Brulee

Close up of Creme Brulee

Inside the Creme Brulee
All of them cost me £1 each, I would probably buy the Chocolate Nice Cream again... but they are definitely not my favourite chocolates. Not sure why Nestlé likes to make their chocolates as sweet as possible. Some tester has their sweet-tooth set on ULTRA SWEET!!

Here's a special treat for fans of Aaron Kwok 郭富城... He is my childhood / teenage Hong Kong idol. Love his songs, his dance moves, his acting... I just love Aaron Kwok!! I have to thank @gwai_zhi Twitter follower too for mentioning this to me!! I stood in the cold London weather at Cineworld in Haymarket for a good 45 minutes waiting for him... He whizzed past me, so my two pictures here are not that great!
Aaron Kwok arriving at Cineworld in Haymarket for the Chinese Film Festival closing ceremony

Aaron Kwok whizzed passed us!!! No stopping!!!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sainbury's Christmas Advert 2013 - Christmas in a Day

¬_¬" I wonder why companies have advertising teams. Storming a Christmas idea for an advert may be difficult... But really Sainsbury's? One of the most renowned supermarkets in the UK. A supermarket that has the most expensive products. They must have money to come up with something better than this!!

It seems like this year for supermarkets, it's more of a family orientated affair. I don't disagree on the subject, but the content on the advert just totally bored me to death. It's worse than the Tesco one! (I bow my head in disgrace to a company that sells good quality food...)...

The whole advert is full of small clips of families gathering for Christmas, singing, gasps of getting a present, disliking presents... and nothing much else to do with Sainsbury's.

Is there a Christmas advert out there this year that's going to WOW me? Fingers crossed there is!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Supermarket Christmas Adverts 2013

And the other supermarkets have also released their Christmas adverts in the pursuit of attracting more customers!

I'm going to first start off with Aldi's Christmas TV advert - Like Christmas With Aldi. It's probably one of the best short adverts I have seen so far! It's rather basic and shows a few seconds of children and adults indicating what they food like for Christmas... At the very end, which makes me giggle, is when Santa makes a wish -"I'd like a holiday in Barbados"... Wouldn't we all!! Nice advert Aldi!!

This next one is from Tesco. ¬,¬ Whose bright idea was this to last for 1 minute and 30 seconds of boredom. The first time I went saw this I actually skipped towards the end to see if it was definitely from Tesco... Yep it is. This advert is an entire clip of small video clips of a family during their times during Christmas. So what could have been brought from Tesco in this clip? The food? The drinks? The happy times? I have no idea.

The Geek is going to be mean here and say it's not the best Christmas advert of 2013... 

I love this one from Morrison's. You can see they made the absolute Christmas effort to produce a very good advert! Showing off food... bring on the gingerbread man animation, bring on the singing and bring on Ant and Dec!! Morrison's gingerbread man sings an altered version of the song Be Our Guest. They have emphasised a lot of food in the song. I actually love it and brings out the festivity of Christmas! 

Well done Morrison's!!

This next one is from the Cooperative - Here For You For Life. I can say they made a better effort than some other supermarkets. Quite a simple advert of a lady who shops then goes home and has a party using food from the Co-op. Nice simple advert. Well done!

I'm unable to show ASDA's advert on here, but here's the link...
It is one of the most ridiculous adverts I have seen in my life... The scarves can easily indicate which stores it is trying to compare themselves with! Geez... if only I could tell off their advertising department... well I am on this blog... All ASDA care about is price comparison... where is there Christmas spirit?!!!!

The Sainsbury's one is not out yet, but I hope to see it soon!

Waitrose have made a couple... so I might wait for several more to come out before reviewing!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Argos Christmas Advert 2013 - Gift for Santa

Yep! The aliens are back for another Argos Christmas advert!

In this advert each member of the alien family decide on a "Gift for Santa". They suggest quite a few things like an ipad, a Teksta puppy which scares the elves and the alien dad says "poor little mixed up elves"... hahahah!! They also suggested a beard trimmer and then depicted Santa with an elongated chin once he shaved... hmmm... I don't think the real Santa would have appreciated that.The last gift suggested was a GPS gadget... Not a bad idea alien mum!!

I always like the Argos adverts, straight to the point, tells you what to look for and it's always fun to see the aliens! ^^

Good advert Argos!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어: Super Show 5 Concert 2013 - London Wembley Arena

After being disappointed with Mayday's concert being cancelled in September I got a chance to go and see a different concert. A totally different one. A Korean one. The one I have been waiting for, for a few years!! Super Junior 슈퍼주니어!!! I actually have to say thanks to my mum, MummyGeek. She followed me to China Town two weekends ago, and I saw a poster in a restaurant we were just about to enter in. Yay!! ^_^

If you have never heard of Super Junior, then you're missing out! I would say they are the most wanted boy band from South Korea to perform worldwide. They are not as "popular" as PSY worldwide (they ARE really popular worldwide), but they are very, very BIG in Asia! And I mean BIG!! The Asian, as well as the Korean community LOVE these guys, and I have to point out that their most popular song is Sorry Sorry (Mr Bear's favourite Super Junior song). We've been fans since 2008 by the way!!

Right, so who are they? Well, originally they were a boy band of 11 who were going to be doing various projects, one would be removed and another would be added in. But that all changed as their fans known as the E.L.F (ever lasting friends) made it clear that they did not want any changes... although their management SMTown decided to add one more band member who sings very, very well!!... Then there was 12 of them... As they were so big, they split into small groups to sing different genres and reach out to different parts of Asia. They even have a Mandarin group - Super Junior M where they've added two more Chinese members. One of the original members who is Chinese left the band and sued the company as he was being mistreated... You can find more on Wikipedia about their entire history.

Members are Leetuk (who is the leader and not in this tour... he's in military service at the moment), Donghae (my favourite member!!), Shindong (the chubby one), Kangin (the one who got into trouble), Ryeowook (Mr Bear's favourite member), Sungmin (he's a cutey), Heechul (the one who loves to dress up), Yesung (he has a very gothic look), Eyunhyuk (the rapper and has very good dance moves), Siwon (the tallest member), Kyuhyun (the last member to join the original group), Kibum (the one who turned into an actor but is still a member of the group), Hangeng (the Chinese one who sued SMTown and left the group)... and Henry (the Canadian-Chinese who is more in Super Junior M but appears in South Korea a lot) and finally Zhoumi (also from Super Junior M!).

Super Junior will probably be the only boy band (where all the members are younger than me) who will be my favourite Korean singers and entertainers forever!!

It took me a while to convince Mr Bear to come with me to this concert. He is an absolute fan. He would sing and show off some of his dance moves in the office, and I would just glare... Why did I get him into this boy band I tell ya?! But yes, he had to come. I didn't care if he was going to block someone else's view, he just had to come!!... Tickets booked, but on the day before the show I was told by an automated message to go to the Box Office to change my tickets. I was being upgraded... Not enough fans going and the back of the arena was sealed off... (I didn't like being upgraded by the way, some girls were blocking my view... Had to stand most of the time!!)...

Mr Bear and I had food at Tai Tip Mein before we went... and thankfully we made it in time!!
Before the start of the show

Lots of fans standing

The back of the arena... Cameras ready to go!

Audience started to fill up

The show is about to start!!! Arggggh!!!
Just wanted to point out, Super Junior performed in Mexico a few nights ago, and had arrived in London yesterday morning... They must be extremely tired... :(  SMTown, you're killing them by not giving them enough chill time!!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare

Oh dear... I have been saying that a lot recently, mostly because of work related issues, but oh deary me with this advert...

I was not expecting this type of advert from John Lewis!! At first I didn't get it, but I've had to watch it a few times to understand the plot plus read the description in the box...

At first I looked at it and thought - this has nothing to do with John Lewis, last years advert was so much better than this! But after listening to Lily Allen sing a beautiful version of Keane's "Somewhere Only We know" to this 2 minute cartoon clip of a bear who misses out on Christmas every year because he has to hibernate... That's quite sad... The hare decides to put a present outside the bear's hibernating cave which is actually an alarm clock to wake the bear up! That's really cute and shows a sign of true friendship...

A bit of an emotional clip, I do like it, but I find this isn't involving much of John Lewis's products. It doesn't tell me to go and shop there. It just tells me to celebrate with your close friends and family on those who miss out nearly every year...

Sorry John Lewis... nice advert, but it doesn't work for my shopping instincts...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Wagamama and PAUL Bakery - London Covent Garden

It's been a long time since I've been out and about eating out, the last time was at the Czech Club. Everybody seems busy, but I have this feeling it's going to be a busy Christmas affair this year! I've already had Miss Pinky, who I shall convert to calling Miss Picky if she doesn't stop being so picky, being demanding of my time... And also Miss Posh (who I went out with to Burger and Lobster last year) is being demanding of my time too!!! Arrrgh! Anyway...

Yesterday I went out with Mr Games and Mr Sensible. Both had operations last year and they were celebrating their survival. Lol!! It was very short notice so I was the only one who ended up going out with the two. ^_^

We first went to Wagamama in Covent Garden. I always pass it, and I never go in. I think this is the fifth Wagamama I have visited in my whole entire eating life. Since I've already written about Wagamama before, I'll go straight to the food.

Mr Games and Mr Sensible both had the chicken katsu curry. It seems nearly the whole restaurant was ordering the curry that night. But lots of kids were eating the noodles. Mr Games also had some extra pickle (I think it's called fukujinzuke) but I think I lost the picture on my phone...
Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry
Whilst the two boys dug at their food I had to wait for mine... It seemed like forever, and I was actually a little hungry that night! I had the NEW grilled duck ramen (I obviously checked out the menu before I came). I was quite happy that I ordered this dish although it arrived warm and not steaming hot as it was probably sitting by the kitchen for 5 minutes. :( You know what, they should get themselves a tiny bell like those big and some small restaurants have to indicate when food is ready!! Enough complaining!!
Wagamama's Grilled Duck Ramen

Small bowel of kimchi fo £1
The duck was well seasoned, it was succulent and easy to bite into. It had a little fat on the skin, but I didn't mind that. The noodles were ok... nothing much to say about that. The soup was so so. I thought it needed some extra kick in it, maybe a little more stock to coincide with the duck, but it was a little spicy as there were chillies in the soup. They added way too much coriander in the dish too... I don't think this dish is supposed to be Vietnamese, or is it? The dish cost £12.95...

Total price came to over £37 including our drinks.

On this visit, my geeky rating: 3/5

Address: 1 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PG
Telephone: 0207 836 3330


Thursday, 7 November 2013

The M&S Christmas TV advert 2013 - Believe in Magic and Sparkle

The Christmas adverts have started for 2013!!!

The first one to start off  this year is with Marks and Spencer. They've decided to not do a foodie one again. :( I long to watch an M&S advert featuring salivary-statisfying food for Christmas... but I guess they've stopped concentrating much on the food and more about the clothes (I think I wrote something similar last year)! I do love the clothes as well as the food, but the FOOD is more satisfying for a Christmas advert. ^_^

Well, what have M&S decided to do this year? It's a mixture of fairy tales. And I actually like it. With or without the food, this is a really good 2 minute advert. It's better than the one they did last year...

Here's a long summary of the advert: The leading actress/model runs for her little West Highland white terrier (who has no name yet in the advert... but I shall call it Toto - an appropriate name for this advert)... The actress somehow falls into the big drain hole (I seriously don't know how). The drain becomes a wardrobe with floating cosmetic objects, there also must be an invisible wardrobe assistant as the actresses clothes are taken off and she then appears as Alice in Wonderland in a blue dress... Alice is offered to take any gift from the table, and so she takes the bag (which definitely matches the dress!) but a jealous member of the table decides to throw her cards at Alice who then runs off swaps into a red coat and is now Little Red Riding Hood without the hood... She thenfinds The Gingerbread House! She immediately enters and then the carpet moves... and Gretel becomes Jasmine from Aladdin (I think) who shows off her new bra, accessories and robe. Jasmine hits her herself on a cloud, then falls back down to the ground changes into a white dress and becomes Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and walks down the yellow brick road with her companions to meet the wizard who happens to be Helen Bonham-Carter (who never changes style and the only person who has any dialogue in the advert)... Dorothy makes her wish by tapping the back of her red shoes, and then appears from a builders tent. Helen Bonham-Carter appears and is holding Toto and gives it back to the actress...

It's a fun advert, the clothes are spectacular and hopefully people will start thinking about buying new clothes for Christmas parties and as gifts (as well as the gorgeous food they have in store)... And thankfully they decided not to do a music mash this year...! I actually smiled and giggled after watching it the first time round. 

BUT I really wish there were more food adverts - pretty please!

Can't wait for more Christmas adverts to come out especially the international ones!! :D ... Who will be next in the Christmas advert wars? 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Guy Fawkes Night 2013 - London Southwark Park

I feel like I have been out of action for a couple of months (no one wants to go to places... everyone is saving up for Christmas and I was busy with a lot of other things!!). Oh my, two months is a long time. Well, I think it's about time I got off my butt and went out on a work night!

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes night where the UK  (mainly London) celebrate the arrest of Guy Fawkes who tried to bomb Parliament back in the 1600's.

I haven't been to a fireworks display for a very long time, and so I thought I need to go out to watch fireworks... Luckily in Miss Pinky's area Southwark Park was doing a display! ^_^ But it was a nightmare just getting in to see the fireworks as there was security inside the park checking bags for alcohol and other stuff.

So here's a few pictures of the fireworks from last night... Unfortunately it only lasted for about 15 minutes... :(