Sunday, 26 January 2014

チロルきなこもちTirol Kinako Mochi Choco

Finally I have opened the packet of chocolate mochi which is featured in this video by Choc It Out. Check out his videos!

I bought this packet of chocolates in Snack Castle in Tai Po, Hong Kong (the ghostly character attracted me to it). My Japanese is very limited (so I had to look up the alphabet, which I'm re-learning) to look up what this is. But I already had a feeling it had something to do with mochi because of the picture on the front of the packet.
Kinako Mochi Choco

Back of the packet
This is called Kinako Mochi Choco from the company Tirol チロル. Kinako (きなこ) means roasted soy beans. And mochi (もち) is the jelly like dessert made out of pounded glutinous rice. Looking at some kinako mochi pictures, the mochi is usually dusted with kinako...

... In this case, these individually wrapped chocolates are meant to resemble the much loved dessert. The mochi is surrounded by caramel looking white chocolate, which is flavoured with kinako. I don't actually know what kinako tastes like, but there is a nutty taste to it that makes you go wow, nutty chocolate! It even smells of nuts (but they are really soy beans)... It's a bit like tasting a sweet peanut butter chocolate with jelly in the middle.
Individually wrapped chocolates

Looks like a block of caramel

There's the mochi!
I'm afraid these won't be shared out to friends or family... ¬,¬" They're all mine!

Now where I can buy more of these in the UK?!! Nowhere unfortunately, but you can find them on eBay if you are willing to pay the price although I got it cheaply in Hong Kong!

Cost: HK$11 (~£0.92)

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