Friday, 7 February 2014

Amehama Sumiyaki Coffee Soft Candy 炭焼珈琲ソフトキャンディ

Aaaaaah... Coffee Lovers are going to love this candy...

The smell is just lovely!! I'm an absolute coffee lover, and so I really had to buy this. I was thinking would these coffee sweets interest the coffee world or those who like confectionery.
Amehama Sumiyaki Coffee Soft Candy 炭焼珈琲ソフトキャンディ

Back of the package

Individually wrapped sweets

When I opened it, I was met with this hard piece of soft chewy candy. It's not that soft, it's actually like eating a hard bonbon. It smells wonderfully of coffee. But as you bite into it you only taste a bit of the coffee and then you are hit with mega sweetness.
Hard piece of soft candy

If you like coffee but don't like sugary coffee then it's not for you. Sadly there's no milky taste to it. 

I wonder if I can buy this in China Town... Probably not...

Cost: HK$16.80 (~£1.40)

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