Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fujiya Milky Peko Chan Chocolate

Another Fujiya chocolate!

Here's a box of small individual chocolates which I have found to be the cutest ever! And I really wanted to try it out. It has a very cute girl at the front and of course one of the cheapest I found in Hong Kong!

This is one of the most famous chocolates in Japan probably because of the cute cartoon.
Milky Peko Chan Chocolate

Back of the box

It's all sealed in a foil wrap
Once I opened it, I could a coffee like smell. I wonder if they add coffee into it... Can't read Japanese. So don't know.

In the box you are greeted with 12 pieces of chocolate with cute imprints on the top.
Cute imprints!
 The chocolate itself is not the greatest I have ever tasted. There is a milky white centre surrounded with milk chocolate. The aftertaste is a little on the bad side just like the LOOK chocolat.
Milky centre
It's not a bad chocolate, and I suggest people should give it a try just because there are cute pictures on there!!

Cost: HK$10 (~£0.83)


  1. So cute! looks like you brought back loads of awesome snacks from Hong Kong :)

    1. They were all so cheap, and I couldn't resist XD
      My friends were disappointed that I didn't buy them lots of goodies... All of it was for me (and the blog) :D



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