Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Meiji Horn ホルン

Not sure how to introduce this chocolate biscuit. My brain is stuck for an intro...

Well let's start with why I wanted to buy this. It looked unique. It was a chocolate biscuit that I have never tasted before and so I thought I had to buy it!

I bought this in Snack Castle. Not sure why this biscuit is called Horn. It's not shaped into a horn and there's no explanation given on the Internet. Edit: The Japanese characters ホルン translate to ho-ru-n.
Meiji Horn

Back of the box
 There's 8 biscuits in the box and they are all individually wrapped.
8 in the box

Closer look
 The biscuit is rectangular in shape and has a chocolate filled centre
Small biscuit stick
 Well look at that. There is chocolate in the middle of the biscuit!!
Chocolate centre!!
The biscuit is very light in texture, it has a vanilla smell. And the chocolate is quite sweet! It has a slight aftertaste but it tastes rather good. I want more after eating this!!

Cost: HK$16.80 (I think - can't tell from the receipt) (~£1.40)

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