Saturday, 29 March 2014

陳奕迅 Eason's Life Concert - London O2 2014

Yeah! Another concert! And my birthday celebrations doesn't seem to have stopped yet!!

Last night was Eason Chan's 3rd official concert in London. First one was at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010 and the second one was also at the O2 in 2012. I have only attended his first one as the second was on a Monday or Tuesday some ridiculous day that I couldn't make. But finally it seems Orientouch have got the concert days right! This was on a Friday! Woohoo.

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 (Canto: chan yik shun) is one of my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE Hong Kong singers. His voice is just so appealing and he is one of those singers that is really down to Earth. Snobby? I'm not so sure. Funny? Yes he is! Have been a fan of his since teenage-hood, but I can't remember when exactly!

I think he forgot that majority of his fans around the UK are Cantonese speakers and spoke in English and Mandarin last night... and then resumed back into Cantonese! I may understand all three languages, but some don't!

Ok, so here's loads of pictures I chose to add onto here... Videos will be at the end as usual!! ^_^

May I just point out these boys are Eason fanatics!!! I laughed at them throughout the concert!!!

Oh no!! The concert ended!!

But never fret, we got an encore!! Woohoo!!

He sang a few old songs during the concert like Triumph in the Skies (which is one of my favourite songs!!!) and quite a few new songs - some in Mandarin some in Cantonese and a couple in English. All of them were, and still are enjoyable!

I was surprised he had no supporting band like he did in his first concert. I really liked Mr. (Mister)! This was a pure Eason Chan concert with tiny breaks in between for costume changes...

p.s. Thank you Orientouch for giving me one of the BEST SEATS in the house!! Even if it was a fair distance from the stage.

p.p.s. Come again Eason Chan!! You're the best singer, and have the best mixture of songs for a fantastic concert... I really enjoyed it... PLEASE don't go back to the Royal Albert Hall! It's too far!!

Update 30/03/14 Videos are finally up after two upload attempts!! Enjoy!!

Video 1 - 今天只做一件事

Video 2 - 路...一直都在

Video 3 - 歲月如歌

Video 4 - 謝謝儂

Video 5 - 不要說話

Video 6 - 今日

Video 7 - 時代曲

Video 8 - 任我行


  1. Did you see when he had his old school friends in the crowd stand up? - amazing!

    1. ^_^ Yes I did! Eason said he felt like he was singing to his friends too.
      Head boy was there as well. XD



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