Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cobra Beer Poster Ad - Live Smooth

I feel tired. I don't think I like boxing. Boxers have a tough workout!...

Ok, so onto this poster ad from Cobra Beer. I think this might have been out for a long time but I giggled when I saw it. The man is the boss day and night. It might be sexist in a funny way but does Cobra beer really make you the boss?

I'm more of a Heineken sort so what does that make me?

Cobra beer just makes you the boss! XD


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  2. Hi Baobao, I giggled with you! I don't understand why people think it's sexist though, I guess I'm missing something :) I personally hate heineken, I prefer san miguel. I've seen more ads about the boss ( ) and also found more commercials on Youtube, that I haven't seen on TV, wondering to what level they're going to take this, it's defo funny :D

    1. :D How can I explain it? It's sexist because they show the man as the boss and that "he" could get away with things. The bra dummy stand indicates that he's in control with women... all controlled by the Cobra beer. That's my theory though.
      I will have a look at the ads on YT and thanks for reading!! (^_^)b



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