Friday, 30 May 2014

Street Art in Shoreditch (including a guided tour)

I love street art. For those who follow me on Instagram (and there's a few posts on this blog) have probably noticed a lot of posts are of street art. It's amazing what street artists can do once given a big piece of a blank building wall, a shop shutter or a fence with no purpose. I just love the freedom used in their art even though it is illegal, but anyhow it shows that the artists knows what's going on in the world, and if they don't like it they express it with their art, and not with politics and boring words. Or it might be just a personal thing and they just like to show off their lovely artistic skills.

I just love street art. Full stop. ^_^

On one Sunday afternoon MummyGeek wanted to explore areas of London that she's never been to so I took her towards Shoreditch and then into the Hackney area. As we returned back towards Shoreditch we couldn't find the bus stop we wanted so I took some pictures along the way towards the bus stop...

Just a sign

Made in the Shade

I love this version of Mona Lisa


Millo and other artists

I think Shoreditch is just the coolest area to find street art. I so love it so much that I decided to go on a guided tour with Shoreditch Street Art Tours. It was the only way to get a better understanding of the street artists in London and why they come to this specific area in London to show off.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pionir Cokoladne Bananice

Spotting different snacks can be a challenge sometimes. This one looked a bit weird so I thought why not try it since I like bananas anyway.

I think this is a Polish snack which I found in Oli's Foods (Walworth Road).

It looks like a piece of poop (sorry for making you throw up) but it's a banana shaped piece of chocolate. It smells of dark chocolate too.

It tastes rather sweet in texture, and also tastes like a jaffa cake. A banana jaffa cake in fact. Very tasty.

It's less than £2, and I recommend it if you like sweet chocolatey banana flavoured snacks. ^_^

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Japanese Kit Kat - More Flavours

m(¬0¬)m Oh dear. I've had these for quite a while. I bought these from Japan Centre online and only had these a few weeks ago. I beg for forgiveness for not showing these earlier. <(。_。)>

These "new" flavours are very intriguing so I had to buy them. They initially ran out but I asked to wait for them to be re-stocked before they were delivered. I got these in January... Yep, I know. Procastinating blogger on the run.

4 more different flavours
This flavour is azuki bean flavour. Azuki beans are like red beans that have been sweetened. It's similar to the red bean milk drink that you get in Chinese stores. This was very chocolatey too.
Azuki bean

This is the Hojicha Tea flavour. Not sure what type of tea leaves that are used (it's a Japanese green tea variety). There's a tea flavour, it has a rice taste to it and it is very, very sweet.
Hojicha Tea

The taro flavoured Kit Kat has a very satisfying taste to it. It definitely tastes like taro and it's quite sweet from the chocolate used in this one.

And last but not least is this Ichiro Chilli flavoured Kit Kat. If you like something peppery, the this is for you. It's dark chocolate with a spicy kick at the end. I like this one. But if you don't like spicy chocolate then don't try it.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chocolat de France

When I went to Paris (OMG, that was months ago... I know) I bought some chocolate from the supermarkets and a gas station. It's not everyday you go to Paris or France to get food... I mean business people could do it, but for people like me who doesn't have a traveling job have no opportunity! 

This first one is Milka's Cranchito Snax. Haven't seen these in England yet, but it looks like another version of Cadbury's Crunchems. I bet they are exactly the same really. They are chocolate covered crisps I think. They are have this salty taste to it which disappears with the chocolate. They are very nice to be honest, and should try out the Cadbury's version. Interesting.

This is another M&M's snack. It's dark chocolate covered peanuts. Yeah I know we have them in the UK, but these are different (otherwise I wouldn't be posting it here). These are massive versions of the little ones we have. The peanuts are just bigger. I like them. Haven't finished them yet... ^_^

Last chocolate (the supermarkets in Paris didn't have all the things I liked when I went to Marseille last year) is this Cote D'Or Citron Gingembre. Ginger and Lemon dark chocolate. Heheh. What a good combination. Lemon and ginger often go together especially as a remedy for colds. The chocolate itself was not bad. It had a tangy taste to it, I couldn't taste much of the ginger, but I seemed to have finished the chocolate bar in two settings. The dark chocolate complimented the flavours even though it was hard to pick out the ginger... Not bad. The layer of the chocolate is very thick. I think chocolate fans will enjoy this one.

Wish I bought a bit more from Paris. Maybe next time!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Confectionery from Sweets From Heaven

Uh, I know I bought these a long time ago. And now it's about time I blogged about them. XD Not a very good snack blogger am I?!! 彡(-_-;)彡 Gomenasai ごめなさい (I'm sorry in Japanese... still learning, more like re-learning).

Here's an all-in-one post as I think I would be too slow to write individual articles on each snack.

Nestlé TEX is like a less chocolatey version of the chunky Kit Kat. It's a double wafer snack bar with minimal chocolate. I actually like this but it cost £1.99!! Expensive.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Gallus Restaurants - London Charing Cross Road (NOW CLOSED)

Miss Pinky and I went out on a very rare Friday meetup. We usually meet on weekends and on some rare occasion on a weekday. This was a totally random night out!

Every time I passed it on Charing Cross Road it seemed like it was never opened. Was it that bad that it had to close down very quickly... No... I think they were still renovating... Not sure.

Not sure what to classify Gallus Restaurants. It's like a fusion restaurant of Asian meets Western type. Fusion chicken?
Gallus Restaurants
The restaurant is quite small and it already seemed popular amongst the people who work, study or live around Soho. Gallus Restaurant is almost like Nando's but from the "Roman era". The interior is designed to look like a Roman restaurant... I would call it a modern Rome style restaurant.

I had paid £20 for two vouchers worth £50 of food from Time Out London. Bargain! See it's worth getting emails from magazines or promotional sites. You can save quite a lot of money by getting bargains and vouchers online.

Now it was time to order the food. £25 worth of food for each person! Miss Pinky and I ordered two different platters with 4 sides each plus an extra burger and drink (we paid for the extra afterwards).