Thursday, 19 June 2014

Biwon Korean Restaurant 비원 - London Coptic Street, Holborn AND Centre Point Food Store

After another Japanese lesson (my bag has started to get heavier at this point). Too much learning. I haven't been so keen in learning a new language since my first year when learning Mandarin!

This time I wanted to eat Korean and I actually wanted something a bit different to what I would usually eat.

I stumbled across Bi Won a long time ago whilst walking from Holborn to Tottenham Court Road, just never tried this place. I think Bi Won 비원 means "The Secret Garden". Heheh, it looks very secretive from its location point!!
Bi Won Korean Restaurant
As I entered I was greeted by a busy looking woman who looked slightly annoyed as there were hardly any seats around for just one person although I think there was sitting upstairs (not sure about that). Well anyway, I got a table in the end and I had a flick through the menu. There was so much to choose from and I just didn't know what to choose!!

Didn't want anything spicy so I chose this beef stew set (I think this is galbitang). It's something different from what I would usually get...
Beef stew
The beef stew came with white rice in a silver bowl (as they usually do in a Korean restaurant).
Stew and rice
It was a proper beef bone soup but there was a lot of beef bits in the soup as well as some Asian parsnip.
Not a lot of meat on those bones, but there is a lot of loose meat in the soup
Side dishes came with the set... kimchee cabbage, burdock root and beansprouts.
Side dishes: kimchi cabbage, burdock and beansprouts
The soup came out very hot. So I had to blow on it quite a lot. It tasted ok, not too salty not too bland, just ok. I mainly put the rice into the soup to eat like you would with kimchi stew but I think I shouldn't have because it was hard to eat!
My meal
It was a good meal, I had all the side dishes to cool off the heat from the soup... Unfortunately I couldn't finish all of the soup because there was so many people just staring about and I felt conscious that people were looking at me... I would rather sit in a dark hole and not be stared at!!
Total cost came to £12.50 that included a £1.20 service charge (10%). Not sure if I should have ordered a drink otherwise I think the price would have been average for this meal.

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
- Nice small Korean restaurant
- So-so service
- Like the side dishes!

Bad points:
- Service charge
- May have to wait for a table

Address: 24 Coptic St, London WC1A 1NT
Telephone: 020 7580 2660


p.s. If you are looking for Centre Point Food Store (the Korean food store that used to be on St Giles High Street) it is now on New Oxford Street!!

Address: Centre Point, New Oxford St, London WC1A


  1. Good to know! I looked for it the other day but everything around Centre Point is now closed.

    1. ^_^ easy to find, just round the corner from its old place