Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Red Bean Milk Chewy 旺仔紅豆牛奶糖

Back to sweets!!!

I bought these Red Bean Milk chewies from See Woo Supermarket a couple of months ago. They come from Taiwan and it cost around £2. Not tasted this before, and I do like red bean stuff (like azuki beans).
Red Bean Milk Chewy

Back of the packet

Each sweet is individually wrapped in a pretty pink wrap.
Individual chewy
And inside the wrapper the sweet looks like a strawberry bonbon.

The sweet is actually very, very sweet. It has a very strong red bean taste it, and becomes creamy as you start chewing.
Looks like a bonbon!
I think only buy this sweet if you like very sweet sweets. My colleagues have tasted it and weren't interested afterwards. Hahahah!!

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