Sunday, 14 September 2014

3D Origami Overkill - Part 2 (Nativity Scene)

It's too early for Christmas you say? Yeah it is! Better to do this early than late... Mr Picky asked me to make the Nativity Scene for his mother, so here's everything, almost everything. I missed out some of the animals but I can do that another time. ¬_¬""

Baby Jesus

Mary - Miss Pinky seems to like this one.


Sheep - looks like an alien!

Star of Nazareth


The 3 Wise Men... I did extensive research on these guys. It wasn't that easy to find! I used normal origami to make the crowns and boxes with some small adjustments.

Melchior - the one carrying the gold

Gaspar - he held frankincense

Balthazar (Balthasar) - he held the myrrh

Some scenes... Don't have a cot for baby Jesus, but I'm sure you can see what's going on here...

Nativity Scene in 3D Origami


  1. Oh wow this looks amazing!! Well done on getting it done so early - it's definitely not too early to start getting ready for Christmas if you have projects like this to do! How long did it take you altogether?

    1. ^_^ thanks!!
      Took me a month-ish to make all of this, but was being lazy in between the star and the shepherd.