Monday, 15 September 2014

3D Origami Overkill - Part 3 (Some Sports Players)

My colleague (calling him Mr Sporty) seems to be an addict to all of these pieces I'm making, so I made a few more for him and his family.

Lianne Sanderson - Women's England Football player. I never really paid much attention to the women's team. Not sure why... I made three of her and then I remembered that I forgot to add her beauty spot! It's hard making a ball out paper, so I bought some polystyrene balls and coloured them in. :D

Rafael Nadal - He asked me to make Nadal, and I thought really hard about this one as he would look like the Federer that I made earlier in the year... Well I changed the colours of the racquet, so that's one difference!

Cristiano Ronaldo - and another one for Mr Sporty... This one is similar to the Lianne Sanderson ones. I've had so much practice in making football players now! I have no idea what he is going to ask me to make next. Let's just hope it's something simple. 

This is a no-name basketball player in a Chicago Bull's outfit (a colleague's son) - I made this (including the basketball hoop) in 3 and a half hours! I watched 5 episodes of 24 in one sitting. Yes, I was dazed after making this but so proud of myself. My colleague needed this the next day as it was her son's birthday. Thankfully I had extra pieces made by MummyGeek. ^___^ The basketball is again a polystyrene ball coloured in orange with black lines. I used a print out of the Chicago Bull logo which I found online.

Very proud to be a 3D origamist although I think some people would think we shouldn't be using glue... Glue is just used so that it doesn't fall apart during transportation, I've had a few that were destroyed because I didn't glue it all together. ^_^


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  2. Can you please help me on how to make Christiano Ronaldo? I want to make one for my friend, thank you