Tuesday, 16 September 2014

3D Origami Overkill - Part 4 (Cute Ones)

Here's the final post of all my 3D origami so far. It's been a very long year making all these wonderful pieces and I'm so happy I've made a lot friends happy.

A Lion - One colleague spotted the Winnie The Pooh in Mrs Jewelry's office and so she asked me to make her a lion. She didn't say lioness, so I made a male one. I looked online for some examples and came across one which I thought was good, but I couldn't do the hair so I designed a different way of doing it. I've been told this is the best work I have made so far!! Is it? 

Hello Kitty in Keroppi suit - I have wanted to make this for a very long time, and I finally got the chance in between all those sport players I made in the previous post. This one has to be my favourite at the moment!

Candy Crush Saga Tiffi - I am a definite Candy Crush Saga addict. So I made Tiffi, the strange looking candy girl who helps the troubled and smashes all those candies. ^_^ I think I made her look all scary.

Wedding Couple - here's a wedding couple I made for a friend. It's an anniversary gift for my friend's relatives. Have to keep this hush hush for now, as the anniversary is not until November!

Bride - I looked at a few designs online and decided to make a small version of what I had seen... Very pretty don't you think?!

Groom - this guy was easy to make. Must be the simplest design I have ever made!!

Large Me-To-You Bears - one of my colleagues had requested these bears for a very long time! I made her a small one when I first started, but it wasn't enough! She asked for two, one father and one mother... >_<"" They were pretty easy to make though.

Father Me-To-You Bear

Mother Me-To-You Bear

There will be more to come!

p.s. I have almost finished watching all 9 SEASONS of 24... a few more episodes to go!!


  1. The Hello Kitty is adorable! The bears are just stunning too, well done! :D



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