Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mentos Choco

Short post today! And yep, it's been a better week.

Hmmm, who doesn't like a fruity Mento... BUT when I saw these in the supermarket I thought I must try them! (Sorry for the blurry pics)...

Mentos Choco seemed very interesting. Chocolate, white chocolate to be exact, inside a caramel surrounding...

It is actually awfully sweet but addictive because of the white chocolate oozing out when you're chewing the caramel.

Haven't seen these in the UK methinks so you'll most likely need to pop over to France for these. ^_^


  1. Hi!! May I know which supermarket did you saw in France? Do you still remember the price?

    1. Hi, I think it was in Carrefour supermarket.

    2. Can't remember the price, probably between €2-3.



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