Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Shake Shack @ London Covent Garden

Moving on from saucy breakfast adverts we will now move onto burgers and fries. (・∀・)

After a long day of searching Shaun the Sheep statues I needed a massive long break. Wow, I can't believe my breakfast lasted that long. A full 6 hours.

I've been wanting to try out Shake Shack for a long while but wanted to wait for things to die down a little bit. I think I went at a great time because when I got there only a few people were waiting but the queue became longer afterwards.
Shack Stack at Covent Garden

I ordered my food and I asked where the seating areas... There's 3 seating areas: side part on the outside piazza, a part in the centre and one indoor bit (which is where I sat).

I had the Shack Stack burger with fries and a regular diet coke. 

The Shake Stack burger consists of a mushroom fried in batter, a cheeseburger topped with slice of tomato and lettuce. Looks massive but it isn't really. Small for a burger that cost £8.50! Expensive. I think the burger itself was quite boring compared to the Five Guys burger I had the other day. I had to separate the mushroom from the burger because it was hard to bite from top to bottom. (Does that make any sense to you?).
Shack Stack burger
The fries were great and I love the way it's shaped but there just wasn't enough of them! 

Total cost came to £14.20. I was quite disappointed with the food really - size and all. I actually went back to Five Guys the next day just to make sure I was making the right decision in that I like Fives Guys more than Shake Shack.

My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Good points:
- Love the fries (but not enough for what I paid for!)
- Number of seating areas around the Piazza
- Polite staff

Bad points:
- Expensive
- Portion size compared to other burger joints isn't fantastic
- Toppings are quite boring

Address: Covent Garden, 24 Market Building, The Piazza, London WC2E 8RD
Tel: 01923 555129


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Up and Go - Aussies Suck Poster Ad

I wonder what the people of Britain think of these recent poster ads from Up and Go with their slogan "Aussies Suck". (Edit: This is an Australian breakfast drink ad).

At first glance, it almost looked offensive to the Australians - as in they suck at their own game in cricket whilst sucking up a breakfast drink... and then you think isn't this inappropriate for children/teenagers? What would they be thinking?! 

Up&Go: Aussies Suck - female ad (edit: surprised she's not in a bikini)

Up&Go: Aussies Suck - male ad

Conservative Britain doesn't look conservative anymore! We're seeing more undie ads (but this one's for breakfast my dearies! Sorry... being cheesy here!).

Oh and here's the video ad... ¬,¬"" ... we're becoming very European with this ad! Don't think I'll be "sucking" any time soon. :p

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shaun in the City Hunt - Part 2

After finding the first few Shaun the Sheep in Central London, it was time to set my next route to find the rest!

I looked at the map and bought the app. Originally I was going to start off at the London Eye but ended up starting from London Bridge!

Met a nice security guard at The Shard's Level 0 (where you exit out of The Shard) and he explained to me that I had to look for some feet on the floor that would lead me to the way to the Shaun there. Lol. He made me giggle that morning... 

I next headed towards More London and Tower Bridge and found a few more... Over the bridge and went around Tower of London and then finally headed towards Fenchurch Street Station. Finding the way to the station was difficult! Then off to Leadenhall Market, Bank, Liverpool Street and then finally Finsbury Square Garden, which took me ages to find. I'm so grateful for Google Maps!! I spent two hours looking for the ones below, going round and round in circles... O_o ... 5 minute break...

Next it was off to The Barbican, I actually took a bus and didn't realise it was only 2 stops from Silk Road. ¬,¬" After that I waited for another bus because I couldn't be bothered to walk towards Guildhall. Started chatting to an old lady (the old ladies are always attracted to me to talk... SIGH - I get it all the time). Found the one in Guildhall, then headed into Cheapside via King's Street. Went into One New Change and found 2 more! Made my way to St Paul's Cathedral and found the rest hidden around the area...

At the point of finding the green Bristol Shaun I stumbled up a protest of people against Turkey... Every weekend seems to be filled with protests so far!!
Hello Bristol Shaun!!

In front of St Paul's Cathedral
Gosh... All tired out from this little trip... Next I headed into Southbank... bad idea!!!! Full of people. Found the one in front of The Globe and the one in front of Tate Modern (pics in the above grid picture) 

Next I found the one at BFI reception, which opens at 11am (that's why I started at London Bridge) and also the one at The London Eye (it's in the park area). Very hidden!

I couldn't stop... I took the bus and headed towards Piccadilly to re-seek the ones I already found to get the codes for the app, just to show I found them.

After getting the code for Nelson I found that I was pretty close to the one at The Mall... Hmmm... And also the one at St James's Park!! ¬,¬"" Too much walking... 10-15 minute break needed!! Then back into Covent Garden and found those remaining two...

That was it for Saturday! Found 42 including the ones I found before. I could not do any more walking. (ー.. 一 )  Had food at Shake Shack. :P

I somehow found the energy to find the remaining 7 Shaun's on Sunday. No idea where it all came from. 

Went to Paddington Station first via bus then walked towards Paddington Basin to find the Paddington Shaun. ^_^ Then I headed back into Regent Street and found the rest there. Make sure you head early for the Hamley's Store one - people just crowd around it and don't seem to want to give you the chance to take a picture... :P Selfish people!!!!!

Paddington Shaun looked very beautiful at Paddington Basin ^_^
Took a break and ate a burger at Five Guys before heading to Canary Wharf.

I found my last one in Jubilee Park!! Yipee!!

Was very exhausted after the long weekend of walking and I'm sure I've lost a few pounds in weight, heheh. Seeing this dog try to catch this duck made my weekend feel so good. ^___^

Can you find them all? Make sure you download the app. It's £1.49 on Android phones and it all goes to charity. The app is better than using the paper map!!

Am I going to the one in Bristol? Uh. Not sure yet. Let's see if someone can drive me there. ;)


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Super Three Chinese Restaurant 巴山蜀水 - London All Saints

After a super long afternoon with Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible (we just had hot and cold drinks in a hidden spot in Piccadilly and talked a lot about films, games and teasing each other. Heheh) it was time to head out for food as well as find that Hello Kitty Shaun the Sheep. =^.^=

Miss Money and I headed towards Canary Wharf and Mr Games and Mr Sensible decided to skip. Miss Money had been to a Chinese hot pot place in All Saints recently with another friend and I said I wanted to go and try it out. ^_^ I haven't had hot pot for years!

We arrived at All Saints via DLR, it's only a few stops away from Canary Wharf. Then you walk out and turn right, then you have to carefully cross the road. :P

There are a couple of Chinese hot pot restaurants in the area, but the one we went to is called Super Three 巴山蜀水 (Mando: Ba Shan Shu Shui). It's a buffet and it's £18 per person, so basically you can eat as much as you like and try and get your £18 worth. >o<"

Hot pot is about to start!
I chose a lot of meat, udon noodles, squid, tofu and aubergine. The frozen meat (beef and lamb) was ordered by Miss Money.

Miss Money didn't want a lot of meat so she selected other things.

We ate all of this and went for a second round with prawns, fishballs and lighter stuff... then we had vegetables and then finally had loads of orange slices and tinned pineapple. (I forgot to take pictures along the way... sorry).

Our final bill came to around £44 including a bottle of aloe vera. It's not a bad place and it does more than hot pot. There were a lot of people when we went in but it died down afterwards... I think Miss Money didn't realise a lot of Chinese people eat at the time we went! ^_^

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
- Eat as much as you like!
- Cheapish
- Ok service
- Has karaoke rooms

Bad points:
- Limited food selections
- Not much space underneath the table to stretch your legs... Be difficult for tall people
- Hot pot is limited to one side of the table as there's a grill on the other side!

Address: 207-209 East India Dock Road, London E14 0ED
Tel: 020 7515 8700

p.s. Here's my birthday gift from Miss Money! Thank you!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shaun in the City Hunt - Part 1

Aaaah!!! I'm getting old people and my friends think I'm going to run around looking for sheep this time. Baaaaaaa.

Well I spotted the one in China Town first... and from then on I didn't want to do the hunt.
But unfortunately that didn't work, so when I went to the National Gallery I took a picture of the one in front of Trafalgar Square... This lady was jumping behind it (lady in boots on the right - unfortunately I didn't get that picture of her photo bombing! Hah).
Then Mr Games had to go and say he thought I was going to do the hunt and compete with Miss Goldilocks (who I haven't seen since last year). ¬,¬" Great Mr Games... Thanks. So we spotted a couple in Leicester Square.
Woolly Jumbo

Mossy Bottom
One by Trocadero.
The Gruffalo Shaun

One in Ripleys and got a map in the meantime... I swear I wasn't going to do this hunt!!!
This robot figure looks like Optimus Prime!

Spotted some new street art in Leicester Square by Captain Kris, ALSO and 40HK (yes, I did some research). ^_^
Captain Kris, ALSO and 40HK
And I said to Miss Money we need to go to Canary Wharf to find the Hello Kitty one!! ^_^ Hahahah. 
Hello Kitty's #OneKindThing
Then after the weekend there were a few near where I'm studying Japanese (yes, I'm still studying Japanese... might as well since I've been want to learn it for such a long time!). 

This one is behind Somerset House
Pinky Plum
And two spotted after class in Covent Garden.
Candy Baa

Another One Rides the Bus

Uh... and now I'm off again, heading towards East London to find some more, :D

It ends on May 28th. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

National Gallery - London Trafalgar Square

You know what? This is the first time I've ever been in the National Gallery. Yeah the one located in Trafalgar Square. I have passed it so many times and never went inside. ¬,¬" I think I am now a true Londoner. ;)

Miss Money was scheduling a late birthday meetup with Mr Games and I, and Mr Sensible tagged along with us too...

It was decided we would meet at 12pm in Trafalgar Square, but no doubt there was a protest and some traffic diversion along the way. ¬,¬" Always a protest!! This one was about stopping child abuse!

Back to the National Gallery... Well it's been there since 1824 and has been a gallery for old paintings for less than 200 years (just another 9 years to go)!

We entered the gallery and made our way to each area... I took some pictures of paintings that I found interesting...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Albert Bridge - London Battersea / Chelsea

Easter Monday was a great day for a walk, so I went out with MummyGeek to get some fresh air after a weekend of doing absolutely nothing!

MummyGeek was thinking back to the 1970's (I wasn't born then) when there were lots of ships around the Battersea area and her friends were around visiting from Hong Kong... but all that had changed when we got there (obviously mother... ¬,¬"")...

Well we were walking up to Battersea Park, we were about to enter but MummyGeek saw Albert Bridge and said we should go and have a walk along it... Obviously we were thought to be tourists as I took out my big Nikon camera (but all the pics below are from my phone, heheh).
Add caption

Albert Bridge was built in the mid-1800's... it's a very old bridge connecting Battersea and Chelsea and hopefully it will have extra strength to last another 100 years or so. More info on Wiki!

Looking through the wheel

Taking pictures of spider webs ^_^

Albert Bridge
If you're out in the Battersea or Chelsea area have a walk up and down the bridge. It's really nice on a sunny day! ^_^

Here's Battersea Bridge... see how boring it is compared to Albert Bridge. Lol!
Battersea Bridge
And in the Walworth area here's some blossom tree viewing - unfortunately there was a bit of rain recently and the blossoms have all gone. :(


This was a very random picture... can you see the bee trying to hunt some nectar?

Bye bye Easter and the beautiful blossoms, but here's to a lot of sunshine later in the year!!