Friday, 31 July 2015

Abeno Too あべの - London Great Newport Street

Hmmm, okonomiyaki... After cooking at Miss Money's place we all decided to try out Abeno Too. I've already tried out Abeno in Bloomsbury so now we're trying out the one near Leicester Square.

Miss Money, Mr Games, Mr Sensible and I met up last week to eat a proper version of okonomiyaki. It took a little while for us to get a table but we waited sensibly outside looking at the menu and chatting away like we haven't seen each other in a while. 

Finally we were seated. This place is a little smaller than the one in Bloomsbury, you also put your bags into the wooden seats, which I found fascinating as I've not seen a restaurant with that idea. We sat and waited for a while for a waiter to come and serve as as we already made our minds up on which okonomiyaki to try out. 

The waiter started making our okonomiyaki but dropped the first one he was making which was Mr Sensible's. XD LOL!! Oh dear.

After a long while of cooking our super deluxe okonomiyaki - same method as we had done at Miss Money's, it was time to eat. The waiter added the sauces and the dried bonita flakes on top, I remember in the Bloomsbury one the waitress had cut up my pancake, but in this place they don't... Not consistent...

I had the spicy naniwa which contains pork slices and kimchi. It came with a special sauce but it tasted good with the okonomiyaki brown sauce and mayo.
I had the spicy naniwa
 Not sure how the others liked theirs but they seemed to enjoy it!
I think Mr Sensible had the London Mix

Mr Games had the London Mix as well... I think...

Miss Money's Osaka Mix

We were all full. ^_^

Total cost came to around £80. Expensive for pancakes. Mr Games and I concluded that we liked the ones Miss Money and I made because we could taste the cabbage.

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
- Love the seats
- Sauces are left for you to keep spreading over the top of your pancake

Bad points:
- Long wait for service 
- A little expensive for savoury pancakes!

Address: 17-18 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JE
Tel: 020-7379-1160

After eating here, we headed to Paul Bakery in Covent Garden and had dessert. ^_^

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Amigurumi Monsters

Thought I would write a separate post on this.

After making Miss Pinky's baby an amigurumi monster I made a few more, as soon it's Mrs Travel's youngest daughter's first birthday! ^_^ Plus it's my holiday this week...

Made this pink one first. I wanted to use up chunky knit yarn which I've had for years and I finally got the chance to use it up! Gave this one a big one eye with odd length limbs.

I also had some black yarn. I was going to make a hat out of it but decided to pull it apart and use the yarn for something else. I think I used the wrong size needle as you can see the stuffing. Gave it some bunny ears, long arms and short legs.

Finally I made this one. Mrs Travels said Missy A (the youngest daughter) loves minions and I had this yellow yarn (the yarn is MummyGeeks which she bought it a very long, long time ago)... so I made something that resembles a minion. 

Might make a few more Christmas... this should save me a few pennies. ;)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Baby Knitting c(・o・)ɔ Waaaah~~~~~!

Uh. I knit. Yes. I knit (a not-so hidden skill of mine). I started from a young age and my primary school friends at the time thought I was an old granny knitting stuff... stereotypical moment. ¬,¬" I only started learning because MummyGeek was teaching Mr Stingy at the time and being a want to know it all at the time I wanted to do what Mr Stingy was doing. Sibling rivalry!!

I started knitting a bright yellow scarf. It was horrible as I increased the stitches instead of making a neat grid. :( But as time passed I became better at it although I did become frustrated at times because all I could do was make scarves and I even threw away my first ever knitting book - I regret that. So I bought another book called Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel many years ago - it was colourful compared to all the knitting books I went through. Need to get her next book!!
Baby knitting 
So as Miss Pinky is expecting soon - we're all counting down to the final weeks, which feels like forever at the moment, it is time to do some baby stuff - this I never expected to write on my blog about! Miss Pinky was expecting me to knit her some stuff in which I said no at first... but after talking to people about knitting in general conversation and seeing knitting wool in the shop I developed an itch to do something, plus I was getting bored because I'm not getting anywhere with the 3D origami.

First thing I made were these baby mittens. It had taken me five attempts to remember how to knit one purl one. How hard is that? Not hard, I just needed to remember to put the string at the front/back. ¬,¬ sigh. Geeks get things wrong too.
Baby mittens
Next I made this baby hat - think it might be a bit too big for a new born, so hopefully when Miss Pinky's baby is a little grown up, her head will fit into it.
Baby hat
Made this headband with some of the remaining wool using this website.
Baby Headband
Whilst writing this post, I bought the second book Knitty Gritty - The Next Steps. I had a bit more wool after making everything above but needed some more to finish this project...I made an amigurumi, a soft knitted toy which is a popular type of toy in Japan for decades before the Western world developed an interest. Wow.
My first amigurumi
Then I went back into knitting the baby boots from the first book.
Baby Boots
Hoping to make a little cardigan for Miss Pinky's baby to match with everything above soon!

This has gotten me back into my knitting unfortunately. So watch out in the near future for more baby knit stuff or amigurumi... then eventually children and eventually adult stuff (oh deary me). 

p.s. Miss Pinky knits too - I taught her ^_^

Monday, 27 July 2015

3D Origami - Batman Minion and Final Fantasy

Yay! I'm off for one week! That means sleep, sleep and more sleep! - That's if I can get away with it since I have so many things to do, like, clean up and throw away things. >_<""

Well, before I start doing that I'm going to blog. A few weeks ago I went to see Minions with Mr Games and Mr Sensible and others. Miss Sensible couldn't go but got me a discounted ticket and in return rather than paying her back I made her some 3D origami models (as repayment).
Batman Minion and normal minion
Batman Minion. He's so cool!

Miss Money wanted more hair at the front. So picky! Had to change his eyes too!

一刀兩斷 = breakup (with a sword)
Mr Games saw that I was going to make Cloud and so he wanted a model of Squall (I actually made this before Cloud). ¬,¬" 

Well. I never thought I would make Final Fantasy models...

Business has snowed under, but will still make more models just for the fun of it!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Simple Okonomiyaki (made with Miss Money)

Two weekends ago, Mr Games, Mr Sensible and I went to visit Miss Money's new room - basically a place with more space. We all decided (with a lot of explanation in between) on what to eat... and in the end it was one of my favourites: okonomiyaki! Savoury Japanese pancake. Did I have any in Tokyo? I don't think I did. :(

Well here's just a very simple way we made it without seafood so no bonita flakes in this.

Ingredients (Miss Money bought these):
- 1 white cabbage - you only a quarter chopped finely, the hard part you can discard
- Okonomiyaki flour (you can get these in most Asian stores
- Half a red onion chopped (or use spring onions if you don't like red onions)
- Bacon rashers or bacon strips
- 2 eggs
- 200 mls of water
- Vegetable oil

Optional ingredients:
- Cheese
- Kimchi
- Prawns

- Okonomiyaki sauce (the brown one)
- Japanese mayonnaise or normal mayonnaise 

White cabbage, okonomiyaki flour and okonomiyaki sauce

Miss Money made a mistake and bought mustard mayonnaise (because it was on sale)

Bacon rashers

I chopped up the cabbage... poor work :P
Firstly, add the flour into a bowl, add the 2 eggs and mix. Then add the water in gradually... and mix at the same time

Add the cabbage and mix

Add the chopped red onion and keep mixing...

Next heat a frying pan, add some vegetable oil wait until it's a bit hot... then spoon out the batter and make it into a round shape. Then add two pieces of bacon on top. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes or until golden brown.

Next flipover - you may have to do this in a swift move. ^_^ And cover with a lid. To make it cook faster on the inside, just add a little water.

And voila, remove from fying pan and place on a plate. Miss Money and I ate this one to try out. ^_^

Here's another one we made - the second one.

Add okonomiyaki sauce first, then mayonnaise. At this point you can add bonita flakes if you like seafood.

Miss Money left me to do the cooking on the last okonomiyaki XD...

There you go... you don't have to use the same ingredients as we did but the most important ingredient is the white cabbage! Try adding kimchi, cheese and prawns... 

Happy geeky cooking B-)