Sunday, 30 August 2015

Miss Pinky's Baby Shower!!

Gone blank with the blogging lately - I'm hoping September will become lively.

But before September comes, it's baby shower time. For some reason none of my friends invite me to their baby showers (or I don't organise any)... I wonder why. ¬,¬" I have a lot of friends who have had babies... maybe they think I'm cheap (that's what Miss Pinky thinks :p).

Just before the baby shower, I managed to finish two cardigans using the Knitty Gritty book and learnt how to crochet a heart and star via YouTube videos. The power of video learning. Phew.  Hard work in about 6 weeks.
Baby cardigan for 3-6 months
 This one is to help Mr Picky cope with the fact that it's a girl coming out! ^_^
Same design as the one about but with pink fringles
 Learnt crochet within one week and managed to make these ^_^.

Here's a few pictures from the baby shower... didn't know you had to play games and eat baby food. Ugh baby food is actually very disgusting. bland, tasteless, I feel sorry for babies having to eat that stuff. >_<"

Don't like baby food!!
Well the wait for Missy Baby B begins!

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