Saturday, 17 October 2015

An Autumn Walk in the Parks

Taking a break from granny square joining - 39 squares to put together and the border to go.

Last weekend I stepped out into the sunshine and wanted to enjoy a walk around Burgess Park and Kennington Park to check out the autumn leaves.

There might a lot of leaves on the ground already but it doesn't mean all the trees have turned a reddish orange colour yet. :( So here's my autumn walk... no doubt I'll go for another walk later. ^_^

Burgess Park is always beautiful...

Didn't feel too later I went to Kennington Park and stopped off by the quiet garden...

I saw this blue tit, so I decided to sit for a bit and noticed there was a bird feeder. I sat and waited to see if the blue tits would be able to get there chance to have a nibble.

Waited quite patiently and they finally got their chance!!

It might not feel too autumny in the parks right now but hopefully it will later. ^_^

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