Tuesday, 6 October 2015

McCain Chips Poster Ad - "The Chip of Chip Snobs"

20 more granny squares to go... all bummed out from drinking and a few hours sleep from yesterday. Terrible colleagues! ^_^

Well aside from all that here's a cheeky poster ad from McCain Chips. I couldn't see what type of chips are being advertised here - oven chips, crinkly chips...? You know what I mean. McCain Chips are claiming to be "The Chip of Chip Snobs". I suppose they are, and I think I'm a chip snob too! 
McCain - The Chip of Chip Snobs
I like the way the hand is positioned with the little finger stuck in the air - a very, very British thing to do - I only do that when I drink tea from an actual cup. But McCain is Canadian!!

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