Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 - London Tobacco Dock

It's time for another Hyper Japan event!! The Christmas event!! Woohoo.

Never got to go last year because Miss Pinky and I landed on the weekend it was happening on. So we were already Japanned out from our flight. ^_^

This year I HAD to go! My fourth Hyper Japan. It's in a smaller arena called Tobacco Dock - a place I have never been to before. London has so many little corners I've never been to! Well, the queue was not bad that morning. Got a wrist band because I bought a dual ticket but because I wasn't priority I still had to queue in the normal queue to get in! ¬_¬" Well, we moved quite swiftly compared to the summer one. :)

So here it goes, lots and lots of pictures... Meet you peeps at the second half of the session, which is further down...

Thursday, 26 November 2015

La Luna Italian Restaurant - London Walworth Road

After spending a bit of time with Miss Pinky and co, I was dumped and sent home (Miss Pinky had planned a dinner date with Mr Picky - so I hope that went well)... but I was huuuungry (the white wine spritzer earlier didn't help). So I decided to go to La Luna on the Walworth Road, an Italian restaurant that's been around for years. And yes, this is the first time I've been in there... ¬_¬" Quite embarrassing to not go into the local Italian... Bad Geek! There are days when I pass by and it's not busy and some other days it's very busy.
La Luna 
So I sat by the window, it was a bit chilly that evening so I still had my scarf on... I went through the menu and was thinking to have either a pasta or a pizza. Choosing Italian food is always hard for me. I like both pasta and pizza, everything has cheese on it... fattening cheese! But the one thing I like the most is the Italian tomato sauce. Yummy!!

Bread sticks and olives are already set on the table for you...
bread sticks and olives
And this is what I had. From the hot starters I had the uova al forno which consists of eggs, ham, meat sauce and cheese... it came out nice and hot. Fresh from the oven. Be careful of the hot bowl!! I had to blow the food on every bite I took. It was very good, but not cheesy enough for me... I want more of that tomatoey meat sauce - just rich and sweet.
uova al forno

I also had the ortolana pizza. It wasn't what I expected. The pizza was very big but it wasn't cut into slices like I normally would get in other pizza places. Sometimes I wonder at how Italians eat pizza and apparently you cut it into quarters and eat it with knife and fork or you can pick up the quarters, fold it and eat it. But did I do that? Nope, I cut mine into 8ths and ate it slice by slice, plus folding like an Italian. I learnt the folding technique from watching an old American film with an Italian girl showing a person how to eat pizza slices... still remember that scene but forgot the film title!

I was a little disappointed with the veggie toppings... I wanted a little more on top. It was a good pizza though. 
ortolana pizza
By the way, I did have a large glass of red wine, which made me a little tipsy, heheh, but I managed to get home in the freezing cold, and also felt guilty eating a lot whilst there was a homeless guy begging outside (I gave him a quid)... :(
my empty glass of wine ^_^
Total cost came to £18.40. Not bad. Cheaper than most Italian places I believe. ^_^

I was told by a friend who goes to this restaurant all the time, but is out of the country at the moment, to try out the penne all'amatriciana.... I wonder why!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
- Very polite service
- Reasonable prices
- Food comes out hoooot! (unlike some places I've been to) ^_^
- A lot of the locals go here which means it's a good thing

Bad: points:
- Pizza toppings was not what I expected but everything else was ok!

Address: 380 Walworth Road, London SE17 2NG
Telephone: 020 7277 1991


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scandinavian Christmas Market 2015 - London Rotherhithe

Ok, so it's been a few years since Miss Pinky and I went to the Scandinavian Christmas Market in Rotherhithe (since 2012!) and so it was time to go again! 

It was a nightmare getting there, so much traffic and we had to stop a few times to make sure Baby B was wrapped up warm. A few years back it was cold and raining and not a lot of people went... This year was surprisingly different. A lot of people were there and there seemed to be a lot of tents up. What happened over the past few years? People boom? Good weather (although we had a bit of snow yesterday morning)? 

Miss Pinky and I decided to split for a bit, so I made my way to the church... I was disappointed with some of the people who thought Miss Pinky was pushing in the queue whilst going into the church... I queued and bought her ticket folks (ticket is £1 per person)! For goodness sake, be nice people. These days I'm really conscious of those who are not sympathetic to mothers in public... Miss Pinky pays her taxes, works her hardest for the society and what does she get? Nothing in return. :(

We were there for 10 minutes, and left without buying anything. A bit expensive to our liking.

I remembered a few years back there was a tiny hall with lots of stalls and tables... I didn't see that this year, maybe because we missed it...?

Anyway, if you do go today or anytime in the future, DO NOT bring a pram. It's not the best place for mothers with a young baby. Lots of items are expensive like the sweets and chocolates costing from £4 to £7 in the church, yep, that expensive. Clothes (the stalls and church) were understandably expensive - it was as if you were going into designer stores! Anyway, I think most people went for the food and drink... try out if you dare!! ^_^

A good half an hour spent in the market. Phew!

Then off to a photoshoot in a pub (??) which Mr Picky never got to and so Miss Pinky and Baby B did it themselves... I had a white wine spritzer in the meantime and made myself a little tipsy. Woohoo!

Miss Pinky and Baby B ^_^

Address: Albion Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16
Nearest Stations: Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe
Nearest Buses: 381

p.s. It's Miss Pinky's birthday today! Happy Birthday Miss Pinky!! ^_^

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert 2015 - Avoid #GiftFace

Hahahaha!! I think I've watched this advert too many times... 

Following on from the Currys adverts it seems that Harvey Nichols have caught onto a similar theme on how to avoid the disappointed "gift face" when you receive an unwanted gift for Christmas... Thankfully majority of the time my friends give me the gifts and I open them later at home so they don't see my disappointed face... No bath/shower things, no mugs (I have faaaar too many) and no boring stuff, thank you very much!! ¬_¬"" Sorry my beautiful friends...

This young lady Lucy pulls a brave face when she opens every present she gets... Not a word from her mouth comes out. Too stunned (or disappointed) to say anything. Hahahahah. 

Let's face it, we've all been there at least once in our lives. :p

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Currys Christmas Adverts - "Spare the Act"

Exhausted? Yes I am! After two days of non-stop working and trying to stop myself from making a bad scene in meetings I need a one month break... Not really, just joking.

What I need is a funny, cringing advert to learn how to accept gifts without looking disappointed and also getting top tips from Jeff Goldblum who takes on several situations...

The husband and wife situation where the wife is disappointed in getting a baked beans jigsaw puzzle... Lol! Keep watching.

Just suck up to the chef people... that's the only way you can show less of your disappointment to the person who cooked it. Heheheheh.

Don't you wish you had an old TV to watch black and white films? Naaah.

The husband who gets foot talc... >_<" (I would be disappointed at getting this sort of stuff).

The office boy and boss situation... Just don't embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues!!

I just love these adverts, so I even watched the outtakes. ^_^

Just don't forget to shop at Currys this Christmas!!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Body Shop Christmas Advert 2015 - "Jingle Bells"

What tragedies that has happened this weekend in Paris. We must remember to be confident for the world we live in. 

I know it's not a time for comedy but to really cheer people up, here is a Christmas advert from Body Shop. It's very funny as there's an international theme going on here where people have taken their underwear off at the start, open up The Body Shop products and start singing Jingle Bells in different languages and showering at the same time. The funny part is the man who showered outside with just a leaf covering his privates. Hilarious ad! They're all out of tune with each other though... well towards the end, heheh! ^_^

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...

Friday, 13 November 2015

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert 2015 - "Mog's Christmas Calamity"

We have an IMPROVEMENT from Sainsbury's this Christmas! Woohoo!!!

With a nation full of animal lovers especially cat lovers it's no surprise that at least one supermarket got it right this year! Most of the adverts have cut down to a 30 second or a 1 minute advert but Sainsbury's have gone for the full 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I guess they are not deterred by the long advertising time because it is a better advert... better than I had expected. ^_^

Here we have Mog the cat who saves the day by accidentally causing trouble in the kitchen by turning the oven on over night with her tail which was stuck between the fairy lights, then waking up and slipping and falling around the kitchen, calls 999 by accident and then causes more trouble with the electrics! Oh dear, the Christmas tree has gone!! 

But the fire brigade turn ups and rescues the burnt turkey... Unfortunately the Thomas family are left without a kitchen and a living room,,, The great thing about this is in the end is when their neighbours turned up at their front door and they all had one big Christmasy neighbourly gathering... awww sweet!! 

This ad is all about sharing... 

And I absolutely agree that this is better than the John Lewis ad, but how much did this cost? 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paypal Christmas Advert 2015 - "No Presents"

Lots of Christmas adverts are quite traditional, but Paypal makes it all different this year. This is actually the first time I've seen a Christmas advert from them!

It starts off with two young brothers who are worried about their parents not buying Christmas presents, no bags in the hands of their father and no grandparents coming to look after them. What was funny was when the older brother said to the younger brother was that he could have anything from his side of the room which was a wooden aeroplane. Then the older brother snatched it back after seeing that there are in fact presents under the Christmas tree!! Lol!! 

Paypal is the best and easiest way of paying for goods online...

I'm actually really, really surprised that there's actually been a whole fuss about this advert. I actually love it. Children will in the end discover that the real Santa Clause / Father Christmas existed back in the old days in the European countries and doesn't fly on a wooden sleigh with Rudolph the red nose reindeer. And don't forget Father Christmas never appeared in the Bible... it's a fantasy people! 

I'm a killjoy!! :p

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

BT Mobile Poster Advert

Short break from TV adverts.

Anyone young enough to know what this means? Probably not unless you were born a young hippie or have hippie parents.

It says "(^_^)V of mind with monthly spend caps from BT Mobile". V sign means "peace". Cute (kind of) and funny (kind of). 

Peace out!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

Oh John Lewis, you've done it all wrong again this year. :(

There's already a super analysis of how John Lewis's adverts were really good to how they've become ridiculously rubbish over the past few years. Yes ridiculous is what I think of them at the moment.

This is an advert for Age UK to raise awareness of the elderly who are alone during the Christmas period. 

But I wonder if the old man on the moon is an alien... Did you know that there is no oxygen as soon as you come out of Earth and into Space? I wonder what the old man thought when he sat on the moon thinking that no one loves him... alone in space... 

I just can't believe this cost £1million to make and a further £6million to advertise their own advert! <<BIG SIGH>> Why don't they give the money to Age UK and make a cheap ad and gain more profit via that way? Don't these advertisers watch The Apprentice? >_<""

Make sure to visit your elders or your elderly neighbours... they love you, really, they do! 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Waitrose Christmas Advert 2015

Aaaaand the Christmas adverts have started. Ugh. Christmas countdowns should be banned until December 1st!

Well, let's start off with a nice advert from Waitrose. The ad starts off with the narrator asking "What is it that makes Christmas, Christmas?" - My answer: humour, food and music, plus family and friends... and the fact that we're celebrating Jesus's birth and escape from The King of Nazareth... Too much info? 

Here they're using a Cab Calloway song called "Everybody Eats When They Come To My House", which is quite a classy tune. There's a lot of cooking in this advert and end products. It doesn't make my mouth water though... Lots of Christmasy foods. ^_^

This is a very classic Christmas advert from Waitrose. I liked last year's one, it was more emotional...

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Battersea Park Fireworks Display (Albert Bridge View)

I needed to see more fireworks. I'm addicted to them. Last year I didn't see any because I was enjoying myself in Tokyo, heheheh.

This year I was determined to see another fireworks display after seeing some poor neighbour displays, and I was definitely not willing to pay for anything. So I was in search for a nearby display. Most were happening on the weekend - the nearest ones were in Battersea Park or Blackheath. I messaged the usual people if they wanted to go to the Blackheath one as it was free... but nope, no one wanted to go. :( In the end I decided to take my chances and go to Battersea Park. I read online that if you didn't want to pay, the best view is the north side of Albert Bridge Road. I took that advice and made my way there. Thankfully it stopped raining, not too cold on the bridge - but that's likely because I wore a woolly jumper and thick socks.

Boy... the walk from the 344 bus stop Harris Academy (which I took from the Imperial War Museum) to the bridge is really, really long! OMG. If I knew it was that long I would have gone the other way via Victoria (I went home via Victoria - didn't have to do that long walk phew)!!! I was exhausted by the time I found a free spot on the bridge, which is a bit wobbly with so many people on it.
Testing the camera shots on Albert Bridge
Gosh the crowd waited and waited until around 8.10pm to 8.15pm the fireworks started (basically it was a late start). Yay!! A group of youngsters were talking around me... sometimes I feel like how did I become so smart at their age... You all know that light travels faster than sound and that's why you see the fireworks first before the exhilarating boom is heard, and not the other way around ¬_¬"". Learn more sciences youngsters, you'll need it for your future.

Well I took over 250 pictures using the burst motion on my camera. That was very fun to use as I knew I wouldn't be able to take great shots, you really have to get the timing right! Here's a few of the BEST shots from the display - this year's theme is to celebrate Britain's longest reigning monarch. ^_^

Blurred vision - not on purpose
 Sorry for the flag... I should have moved to a better spot!

Looks like a Pok√©mon Ball!! ^_^ 

The ending was the best part!!!

Albert Bridge at night...

Lots of people clapped after the show, heheh, free show for us cheapskates!! Hmmmm, think I might go again unless someone takes me to one that's also free and easy to get to. >_<"