Tuesday, 10 November 2015

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

Oh John Lewis, you've done it all wrong again this year. :(

There's already a super analysis of how John Lewis's adverts were really good to how they've become ridiculously rubbish over the past few years. Yes ridiculous is what I think of them at the moment.

This is an advert for Age UK to raise awareness of the elderly who are alone during the Christmas period. 

But I wonder if the old man on the moon is an alien... Did you know that there is no oxygen as soon as you come out of Earth and into Space? I wonder what the old man thought when he sat on the moon thinking that no one loves him... alone in space... 

I just can't believe this cost £1million to make and a further £6million to advertise their own advert! <<BIG SIGH>> Why don't they give the money to Age UK and make a cheap ad and gain more profit via that way? Don't these advertisers watch The Apprentice? >_<""

Make sure to visit your elders or your elderly neighbours... they love you, really, they do! 

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