Saturday, 27 February 2016

Nongshim Honey Twist Snack & Lotte Honey Potato Chips & Lotte Honey&Butter Corn Snack

My dear snackers... South Koreans are obsessed with honey snacks! So I bought a few of them just to see what they're like.^_^

First one I bought were these Honey flavored twist snack costing £0.89p from Nongshim at Centre Point Korean Store. At first I only saw the Honey and Apple sign, thinking it was honey and apple flavoured, then when I ate them....

They are actually the most sweetest crisps I have ever had! Each twist is coated with honey.

You can buy this in other Asian stores... but I'm not tempted to buy these again. :p

Next one I also bought at the Centre Point store costing at £3.99. Expensive!!! >_<"" These are purely honey flavoured crisps as well.

The crisps are very light and puffy. It took me a long time to eat these as they were quite sweet too but also had a slight buttery taste... or could that have been the potato taste?

Not sure if I will be buying these again either...

Last one I bought at H Mart Mini were these Lotte Honey and Butter Corn Snack. This cost £1.79!! The cheapest big bag I've seen so far. ^_^

They are incredibly tasty. Quite buttery in taste and has a very slight sweet honey taste. The best out the three (and I haven't finished them yet!). 

I will be buying these ones again in the future!! 

Are there anymore honey and butter snacks out there? (Not talking about fried chicken though)....

I am now off for one week to a hopeful sunny Marseilles!! See you all soon!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Taekyung Topoki and Noodle Cup (Rabboki)

Continuing with some more Korean snacks!! Just a few more days until the holiday...!! Yay!!

So. I bought these rather interesting pot noodle lookalikes in H Mart Mini. They looked funny and interesting with the characters on the labeling. 

I can't read Korean yet, so I looked at the pictures diagrams. These pots are actually a bit like rabokki (rice cakes and noodles mixed together with a sauce).

I tried the blacked bean sauce pot rabokki first...
So this was what was in the pot: rice cakes, noodles, sauce pack and a plastic fork.

You put the rice cakes in first.

Then the noodles and then the sauce... then

Add 80cc of hot water (or maybe it's cold... don't know)...

Then wait for 3 minutes and 30 seconds??? Uh... Nope... You're supposed to microwave it!!! Ugh. I don't have a microwave at home. >_<"" I ate this anyway. Bleugh.

So wanted to enjoy this with this Scarlet Soju... :P

So I tried this spicy rabokki at work, this time I used the microwave.

Ta-daaa... this is what it's supposed to look like... It doesn't look much, but does fill a tiny hole in your stomach. No doubt I had more food after this!! >_<""

It's worth a try if you're looking for the tiniest microwave Korean snack. But I don't think I'll but this again.

Rabokki cup cost £1.99 each... expensive.
Scarlet Soju cost £5.99.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Super Comic Con @ London Excel Centre 2016

Yatta!! Before I move back to some more Korean snacks, I'm going to sidetrack to this weekend's events.^_^

Miss Pinky suggested we go to Super Comic Con (I already knew about it, but didn't book it because I'm going on holiday next week... wahahahaha!!). So I said ok, we haven't been out for a long time together... Mr Picky and Baby B also joined us, so it was more like a family day out with the Godmother. Lol!!

There was almost a problem printing off the tickets before we went (because I entered the wrong email address for Miss Pinky) but that was quickly resolved... On the day itself, I woke up late ¬_¬" but managed to get to their home by 9.45am! However, Miss Pinky and Baby B weren't ready to go!!! Uh oh. So we spent about 45 minutes getting each other ready... The journey itself was a nightmare, Miss Pinky got off the wrong level when we got to Canning Town sparking a furious Mr Picky, uh oh... But when we finally got there we all seemed to have calmed down and sort of became normal again. Hmmm, I don't know how we're going to cope in the future with holidays, I think it might turn out to be like this trip, and this is only in London. :p

So before we went into the event itself, we had to get tagged. In a separate area we queued with our pre-paid tickets... it was going so fast! Faster than Hyper Japan! Baby B got in for free (she's almost 5 months old!) but also had to be tagged. Lol.

Everywhere we went we saw people in their costumes, us normal people weren't worthy... :p

How I wished to have sat on this throne from Game of Thrones but it cost £5 to have your picture taken.

From this point onwards are lots of pictures... Miss Pinky was saying who all the characters were.... whaaaat? She is such a Sci-Fi addict!!! I DID NOT know how much Sci-Fi she watched!! I'm not worthy of coming to this convention without a true fan. Even Mr Picky was naming a few.... woah, I am out of touch with the other world of science fiction.

Don't worry Baby B was not crying, and Mr Picky was not in grief, but Miss Pinky was definitely happy!
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Yegam Korean Baked Potato Crisps - Original Flavour

So I bought a load of Korean snacks and I thought I'll share them on this blog. :D It's been too long, haven't shared many snacks recently... haven't gone on holiday for a while, but will be in less than 2 weeks time! Yay!!

Haven't tried these Korean Baked Potato crisps before. Bought these in Centre Point Food Store in New Oxford Street... Hadn't been there for a long while!

They're sealed into a foil bag and so the crisps are stacked on top of each other. Just like Pringles and any tube crisps.

They're are crinkle cut. The taste is a bit funny, a bit like Pringles Original but they try to add a sweet baked potato kind of taste - does this make sense? I don't think it does... you will need to try it out. Very hard to describe!!

I didn't get the receipt from this place, so I really don't remember the price. I think it was less than £2. Worth a try if you're into strange crisps.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Aero Blueberry Flavour ブルーベリーアイス味

Happy Valentine's Day! Kiss, kiss, kiss.  ^_^ Sharing the love to everyone!!

Thought I'll do an Aero special. I found this flavour in H Mart Mini after my Japanese class one evening. Blueberry? Aero? Japanese chocolate? Not seen this before!

So if you're into Japanese chocolates you'll know they'll be individually wrapped into smaller packaging. There's no Aero bar here!

It's like one of those chocolate pieces you find in a box of Heroes or Roses.

Bit into one and it's all light purple inside. Sweet blueberry flavour mixed into white chocolate and surrounded by that sweet Aero milk chocolate. Mmmmmmm. They even smell of blueberries and chocolate mixed! There is a slight milky aftertaste and it gives the mouth a dry texture.,. but otherwise quite tasty.

Can't remember where I left the receipt so forgot the price! :p Edit: Found the receipt!! The packet cost £5.99!! 高いですね!!!Expensive isn't it!!!

Well if you want to surprise your loved ones or simply want to drown yourself as a singleton with chocolate (which I will not be doing), then I suggest you try these.

(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy CNY 2016!

Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^ Well we have gale force winds and rain at the moment... >_<""

As you may have guessed or known, it's the year of the Monkey.

3D origami Monkey King is being photo bombed by Puppet Chimpanzee. :p


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Magical Lantern Festival @ Chiswick House and Gardens 2016

Ta-daaaa! I seem to be saying that a lot recently.

Time Out London had an offer I couldn't resist! I paid for a cheaper ticket to go and see the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House and Gardens. Might as well since you don't get to see this too often in London.

So yesterday I went to get the train from London Waterloo and got off at Chiswick Station. Passed my old uni station and reminiscing about the past... It's been more than a decade since I graduated! Anyway, I asked a lady (who was being cheeky) the way to Chiswick House and Gardens. She said go over the bridge and there's a street called Park Street... keep walking for about 10 minutes and turn right. Note: there's no sign for Park Street, you'll just see a street of houses. Also note that there is a side entrance to the Gardens, don't go into that if you're there early, which is what I did >_<".

Because I got there early I managed to get a sneak peek before the lights went on. So if you can't see them at night, go in the morning to have a look!

Monkey King is looking for a battle in Chiswick. >_<

Had to walk out of the park and get to the car park for the start of the festival. Queues were already forming. 1 queue for already bought tickets and the other for those who wanted to purchase... Anyway we all waited patiently....

Finally got in, but still had to wait to scan tickets in... Unfortunately my ticket didn't have a scan thingy on it from my Time Out voucher... apparently I had to go to the Box Office on the side and get my hand stamped! Then go back! Luckily I didn't have to re-queue, otherwise I would have been annoyed... Time Out voucher holders, make sure you get stamped at the Box Office!!!