Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tiffany Bar (Korean Restaurant/Karaoke Bar) - London Vauxhall

I'm on a low-carb diet at the moment - it's really agonising! My body feels like I'm depriving it of carbohydrates (not entirely, but I am). :( But before this treachery to myself, I had to try out a newish Korean restaurant / karaoke bar based in Vauxhall.

Must thank the person who commented earlier in the year about this place. Thank you!

Tiffany Bar has been opened for 3 months. It's about a 30 minute walk from where I live and I thought I'll try finding it... it's actually not far from Kennington Station if you know the back passages, and it's very close to Vauxhall Staion. Miss Pinky was a bit upset I didn't invite her - BUT I'm sure she was in Scotland at the time.  >_<"

As you go in, you'll see some very fancy work... you wouldn't think this was a karaoke bar at all, or even a restaurant even though it's right in front of a set of traffic lights. The place is a little tiny but I think it can fit a few people in there. The karaoke rooms (as I was passing) looked big. I forgot to ask about the prices of the rooms - but you can hire them for 2 hours at a time... There's a lot of Korean music and there are a LOT of other world music, European, Japanese, Chinese.... lots!

The menu looks quite small but the owner John said he can make things (Korean food) that's not on the menu. I wonder if he'll make fried chicken?! Probably not... I think I'll have a kimchi chigae or black bean noodles of he's able to provide. Yay!

The Hite beer here is the imported version... not the canned ones!

I had a lot to drink that evening. I was given a complimentary Korean seaweed soup. It's a little salty, tastes a bit like miso soup but not entirely. Tastes quite good.

I ordered the bulgogi bibimbap, and I forgot to ask for a fried egg and spicy sauce!!! It was very filling. Lots of beef. Lots of veggie. I wanted more!! ^_^ John's mum made this. Heheh.

Since I was there I ordered the fried prawns. I don't usually see it served this way. It had a salty edge to it, and filled my stomach with joy.

What's the equivalent in Korean to itadakimasu? Jal meokkesseumnida ... such a mouthful to say!!

Well finally I finished. The owner served this tea beforehand, but left it to the end... Interesting tea. Tasted a bit like brown rice or a sort of barley tea, Hmm, very interesting. Wonder where I can buy this...

Total cost came to £18 (if I remember correctly... need to start writing down my spending spree!).

My geeky rating: 5/5 (just because the owner is such a nice person)

Good points:
- A place to sing karaoke!!
- Homemade style Korean food
- Not too pricey - but worth it if you live around the area... Vauxhall is an expensive place to live in. MI6 are around the corner don't forget >.<""
- Quietly hidden but not hard to miss
- Lovely talkative owner - I think he is open to suggestions and lots of customers!

Bad points:
- Need more selections on the menu (I'm sure it will be big in the future)

Address: 353 Kennington Lane, Lambeth , SE11 5QY

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