Monday, 30 May 2016

Prunes and Peanut Butter

One day Miss Vegan told me to try out this easy dessert / snacky snack. Prunes and peanut butter which are enjoyed by her previous wealthy customers in one of her old jobs.

Apparently this is a Caribbean recipe. ¬_¬" I'm not sure. But correct me if I'm totally wrong.

So got the semi dry prunes, got some leftover peanut butter and a new jar in case I didn't have enough...

And voila. Not hard to make. The most simple snack to make!

Taste wise. Hmmm. I would say prunes taste better by itself. Peanut butter tastes better on bread. Not my kind of snack. Maybe I need to stuff it inside next time - but that's just extra hard work!

Well, at least it's good for those on a low carb diet I guess.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Nissin Spicy Beef Noodle Flavour

I passed my driving theory test today! And so now I have to learn how to drive and pass it within 2 years! I'm a geek. I spent only 2 weeks revising intensively!!! Miss Pinky has to retake hers, and I'm positive she'll pass next time. The questions are not that bad, some are really just common sense and some you really need to know the facts...

Well, that's over and done with, and now I have to revise intensely for the Japanese Level N5 exam in July. :( I can't stop learning! It's my hobby to learn and learn more!!

In the meantime here's something I bought a few weeks ago in East Street Market. Nissin's new noodle flavour that is now selling in some stores in London. Spicy Beef flavour. The packet is in such a bright blue colour and so it caught my eye.

So obviously I cooked it in hot boiling water for 3 minutes, placed it into my favourite bowl from Hyper Japan and then added the soup base and seasoning oil in.

It smells incredibly like there was a lot of coriander and spices (like Chinese 5 spices) added into this recipe. When you're eating the noodles you can't taste the spicy beef flavour until you start drinking the soup, then it hits you. Nissin have tried really hard to capture the flavours in the soup which I think they have done quite well. ^_^

I bought an extra packet in case I liked the flavour. I did. So I will be eating this again. ^_^

Forgot to take note of the price. Always do. It's 42p in the market's Chinese shop.

Wonder if Nissin could just export more flavours to us!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Guest Post: Food in the Bermuda (Pictures from Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak)

Finally I got someone to do a sort of guest post on my blog!! Yay!! But I'm doing all the typing (with a bit of copying and pasting). :p

Well, it's going to be a food post. Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak if you remember is my friend who I met through Mandarin classes a few years back, way before I started Japanese classes. Nowadays he works, sword fights and goes on many trips. LOL!

This year so far Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak went to Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory). I didn't even know he was going. Shame on me for accepting a hotel tour invitation instead of meeting up with him and Miss LǜFù for Czech food. ^_^ Anyway, I was a little shocked when he started sending me pics a couple of weeks ago. I remembered telling him last year to send me food pics from Ukraine, which he did but I didn't post... Little info was provided or fewer pics were provided and he wouldn't do the write up.

So, here he is at the White Horse Pub, he started off showing me a pic of a cherry coke, with an actual cherry on top. ^_^

A rib eye steak came with that, which didn't seem too foreign... US$32.95. Exp.

This is Bangers and Mash which I replied back and said "This is not unique". But what restaurant in England would serve bangers and mash these days... hmmm. Interesting thought. US$18.95. Exp too.

This was his pudding... ice cream with chocolate sauce and cream!

Next (I think this was around dinner time) he showed me a Toad in the Hole dish... ¬_¬ It's basically sausages in a Yorkshire pudding. LOL! Ok, I don't see this often. US$19.95.

What is this? He said it was Cheesy Chicken. ¬_¬ Looks like curry chicken. US$19.95.

Burger Pizza at the Swinn Inn came up the next day! This isn't a unique dish from Bermuda!!! It cost him US$17. Expensive.

This is KFC food... OMG! No price stated.

On this day he said "I've got sunburnt feet and legs from a kayak trip this morning...". His friend had the Aberdeen Angus Strip Steak... Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak... this food is getting boring... US$26.

But then I got this pic of Pam Fried Red Hind... Looks yummy! US$33.

Ummmm, and now the desserts... they look yummy! Chocolate Bread Pudding and Rum Custard. US$8.

Chocolate Terrine. US$7½ ($7.50 I think he meant).

Next he had fish and chips priced at US$22.95!
WTH!! I had fish and chips that day too but that only cost me £4 something!! Bermuda has expensive dishes!

Beef Brisket in a Yorkie. No price stated. Wonder what the British would have nicknamed that...

Chicken Nuggets and Fries, again no price stated... Please don't tell me, it was probably priced at US$10. >_<"

And finally Pulled pork priced at US$10.25. Looks yummy, but the Americans would have made it cheaper!

Well, it looks like I won't be heading to the Bermuda Triangle anytime soon... Food is painfully expensive. 

And thank you Mr ÆðelgarYellowcloak for sharing your pictures, and making me do all the write up! :p

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley

I'm on a diet, I know, but I couldn't resist eating a chocolate bar (and eating other naughty snacks) which I did confess to my colleague Miss Vegan a day or two later. ¬_¬"" ... Anyhow I have lost 4kg in about 5-6 week just by eating fewer carbs, and little exercise - apart from the Box Hill hike ^_^ ... but been told to tone my arms a bit ¬_¬#. Not funny!

This Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley bar looked intriguing. Looked as if there were going to be lots of filling with biscuits and fudge.

So the top looked smooth and the bottom of the bar had all the biscuit and fudge showing... not a great looking bar!

I ate the whole bar in one sitting as it was already melting away... I would say there was nothing too special with the biscuit and the fudge. Could taste more chocolate than anything else... 

Chocolate bar is so-so. :p

Saturday, 14 May 2016

B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour London Awake @ The Coronet, Elephant and Castle

It's been more than a decade and less than 20 years since I've been inside the Coronet. It was once a cinema in my childhood and teen days before it closed down but returned for live music shows and nightclubbing. I think that was what it was originally used for in the late 1800's as the original seating is similar to the theatres we see in the West End.

When I saw a social media post saying that B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect) was going to perform at the Coronet, I was in shock. A South Korean boy band performing right next door to me. Whaaaat!?! So as soon as tickets were available, I bought a seat ticket ASAP... To be honest I am more of a Super Junior fan but had to go and see these guys and give them some blogging support especially because they're in my neighbourhood. ^O^ Shouldn't really be surprised since they first performed in Brixton Academy! They are truly the bad boys of the Korean boy bands. LOL!! 

B.A.P consists of 6 boys, all from South Korea: Bang Yong-guk, Kim Him-chan, Jung Dae-hyun, Yoo Young-jae, Moon Jong-up and Choi Jun-hong... When I first listened to them a few years back I thought they'll be a typical boy band, but they've turned out differently. More rap and less sweet. Warrior and No Mercy are my two fave songs from them. The sweet boy band doesn't suit them...

I left home around 7pm when the doors were about to open, I thought the crowd of fans would have been let in by the time I got there, but they weren't!! OMG...

I kept walking and walking and finally found the end of the queue, but I think I accidentally jumped the queue which went all the way around the entrance of Elephant and Castle Tube Station. It was a long queue, and the very first time I've ever had to queue this long. People travelling home were probably wondering what the heck we were queuing for?! B.A.P is who we were queuing for! Not PSY who the British population seem to think is the only popular South Korean musician. SIGH. Get with it Britain. ¬_¬"" 

It's actually gotten cold after one nice weekend of hot weather, so we all kind of queued in coldish weather... But finally got in. When I got in after a small security check, went up the stairs to the seating area... the decor has not changed one bit! Everything is how I had remembered it from back in the old days.

I sat in a seat in my row... but I think someone had taken my seat, never mind, I was not that fussed but it was just the two girls who sat in front were blocking parts of my view. Thankfully I'm not B.A.P's biggest fan, otherwise I would have been annoyed. :p Seating on the row above us was a little confusing...You know what, MANAGEMENT at the Coronet need to invest in seating numbers, like silver plaques on the seats!! Save us the confusion!!! 

Security were nice enough to tell us the show was going to start at 8.15pm (likely because there were still more people to come in). 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Crochet Bag, Little Sweetie Dress, a Bib AND a Sleeveless Cardigan

One has been a busy Geek crocheting for her life.

Started on a project a couple of months ago which I thought I would never finish.,, a bag for Mrs Hen! It's her birthday in about two weeks so I thought it would be best to start early. 

I made 18 squares, one side was all corner to corner squares, and the other was all sunburst flower style. Used 3 types of yarn all bought from B&M Stores on the Old Kent Road.

Bought some creamy looking lining and sewed the endings then sewed it into the bag. That took forever! Then I crocheted in the handles by adding a small extension of the white yarn onto the top and then pulling it over through the handle's gaps. Just hope Mrs Hen likes it. ^_^ Took me a month to complete.

Since I had some leftover yarn, thought I could try out the Little Sweetie Dress for a 2 year old designed by Red Heart... Pretty easy! But I didn't do the edging. Too lazy. Think it might be a bit too big for Baby B... 

Miss Pinky said she was running out of bibs... constantly being cleaned... so I attempted an easy version of a mini bib... Have to make big ones now!

Miss Pinky also mentioned she needed more cardigans, so I attempted this pattern which said it would take 2 and half hours, but it took me 5 and a half hours!!!! It's such a pretty cardi. ^_^

Spring is almost coming to an end, so happy I took a picture of this before the stormy weather on Monday. Happy British Summer!! Rain, rain and more rain to come methinks.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bigbe Chicken 喜噠噠 (Now called Good Friend 好朋友) - London China Town

Note: The shop has now moved to where Sun Leun Bakery used to be on Lisle Street (no more bakery!!! :( So sad). It's now called Good Friend 好朋友 - and it looks like they're selling more items...).

The hike with Miss Money consisted of talking politics, travelling and food!

Because she works around the China Town area she and colleagues like to explore the area they know when there's a new restaurant opening or where there are lunch deals. ^_^ LOL!! 

Miss Money had told me about this place called Bigbe Chicken 喜噠噠 (Mando: xi dada, meaning "like dada") which opened towards the last week of April. The English meaning is weird, and I don't know why they called themselves Bigbe Chicken... basically no meaning. She told me not to blog about this place because it will just become too busy during her lunch hours!! Hahahahah. Tough luck. 

MummyGeek and I went to China Town one weekend and we had some really disappointing dim sum at New World Restaurant...

So there are basically 5 items on the menu (not including the drinks):
1. BBC's Superstar - Deep Fried Squid (which was not ready when I went) - £6.50
2. Deep Fried Chicken Breast - £5.50
3. Deep Fried Drumstick - £3.99
4. Popcorn Chicken - £2.99
5. Fried Sweet Potato - £2.99

The owners are from Taiwan, so they speak Mandarin and English... I tried to speak in Mandarin but then converted to English... ¬_¬"" Still need to work on the Mandarin folks.

I wanted to order the squid, but there was none ready. :( Maybe next time when I go to China Town... 

So instead, I started off with the popcorn chicken with the Special Powder sprinkled on top. There are various spices you can add to the chicken.

The sweet potato was sprinkled with the plum powder... wooow... it tasted plummy and the potatoes were fried really well. ^_^

The one thing that Miss Money told me to try out was the chicken breast. It's massive! The way it's rolled out to make it 10 cm is amazing! Added the Thai spice on this one and I wanted to eat this on the bus. :D 

Miss Money said to eat them as soon as you get it because it's still fresh and crunchy. By the time you get home it becomes all soggy... :( 

Cost came to £11.48. Well worth a try! I just can't wait to try out the squid!!!! Unfortunately they aren't selling squid anymore... so sad!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
- Cooked on the spot
- Good prices
- Good service
- Get to choose your own spices to add to your chicken, squid or fries

Bad points:
- Slippery floor, just be careful

Address: 10 Little Newport Street, London WC2H 7JJ

This is the new location... it's a few doors down from the original shop.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Box Hill National Park - The Butterfly Walk

First May Bank Holiday has finally arrived. Yay! But not so yay for me. :( Miss Money wanted to go on a hike, and so I looked online to check where in London can you go hiking for long hours and still have good views. Richmond Park came up but Miss Money completely ignored that suggestion; Boxhill came up as another option, and it seemed like a good suggestion at the time. I saw pretty pictures of stepping stones and thought yes this is where we should go!

Mr Games and Mr Sensible couldn't make it with us this time as they were moving homes.

So Miss Money and I checked out times and fares. She gets a discount with her Rail Gold Card, therefore Miss Money bought the return tickets for £5.90 each using South Eastern trains. South West Trains also goes in that direction but those are trains from Waterloo. We left quite early getting to Victoria Station before 9am. Yawn! We both had McDonald's that morning... that's bad of us... my diet isn't working that much, so this didn't matter... then it was off to get onto the train!

We got to Box Hill and Westhumble Station around 10.20am. Because neither of us printed a map we started using Google Maps to find the way. We turned right from the station and walked all the way down to the motorway.

Then we made a right turn and walked for a bit. Across the road you will see a bus stop (the second one - not the one you see from when you enter the motorway), cross over but BE CAREFUL crossing the motorway because there's no traffic lights!!! 

Monday, 2 May 2016

John Smith's Golden Ale Poster Ad - "... for the Modern Male"

Hahahah. When I first saw this last week, I had to giggle to myself.

I feel like it's taking the mickey out of last year's Australian mishap ad on that failed protein breakfast drink that no-one in Britain likes. ¬_¬"

I like the way the advertisers have made their message rhyme: "Golden Ale for the Modern Male" and all three males featured are sprayed in gold paint and gold underwear. LOL!!

Looks like there's only three types of modern men in this world: the skinny long legs, the fat belly and the fit leaning tower. (Sorry, it just came out as I was typing). There are obviously other types of modern men out there!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Crowne Plaza London - The City Hotel @ London Blackfriars

I like being asked to go to things and experiencing a different atmosphere after work, and so I accepted an invitation to go to the Crowne Plaza London - The City which is opposite London Blackfriars station, a four star (deluxe) hotel. I was allowed a plus one, so I took along Miss Pinky (since she lives the closest, and I was pretty sure she wanted a night out after being a parent all day long). ^_^

Was at Miss Pinky's a little early than expected and she was ready to go! Wow. I've never seen her dressed and ready to go out before I could say 1, 2, 3... we actually walked down towards Waterloo instead of taking a bus, through The Cut and into Blackfriars Bridge (which unfortunately has a lot of roadworks at the moment due to nearby building works) and we arrived early than I had expected.

Right before our mini tour ("showcase" as they called it) of the hotel we were told to meet our hostess for the evening in the bar area called Voltaire Cocktails & Champagne Bar. The bar itself is named after the French writer/philosopher/historian as he was exiled to London for six years, this was his escape and one for the city folk. Miss Pinky and I started talking to the people around (well one person), getting to know the hotel, and talking about what I actually blog about. I blog about everything!

Miss Pinky asked a lot of the questions (since she knows more about properties and the housing market). I don't think I could've asked the things she had asked - more about the hotel business, and what they offer internationally... ¬_¬"" I should've taken notes. From memory, the Crowne Plaza is part of IHG Hotels and they offer a wide range of hotels and holiday inns, ten types of hotels, and they offer a IHG Rewards Club membership which enables you to stay at those various hotels with a discount... (see end of post for website).
Voltaire Bar
Our hostess Tuhina, introduced herself to us who is the Marketing and Partnerships Manager at the hotel. She is a very bubbly person and has worked in the Hong Kong industry (I believe her because she went "aiya" at one point during the showcase. ^_^). 

We were introduced to the afternoon tea cakes and sandwiches first. I wanted to eat them, but this was just a display. Looks cool and is available Monday to Saturday. I think Miss Pinky will be coming this way for an occasion with either friends or family, they do a cocktails or champagne addition too.

Our hostess left us for a bit, and we sort of lingered to the food. I was already into my fourth day of my low carb diet but welcomed any sort of food that evening. They served up some tuna chunks, duck spring rolls and mini shepherd's pie. Quality of the food was up to my standards - a delicious thumbs up. (^_^) These food items can be arranged for events.

Finally our tour (showcase) started...