Monday, 30 May 2016

Prunes and Peanut Butter

One day Miss Vegan told me to try out this easy dessert / snacky snack. Prunes and peanut butter which are enjoyed by her previous wealthy customers in one of her old jobs.

Apparently this is a Caribbean recipe. ¬_¬" I'm not sure. But correct me if I'm totally wrong.

So got the semi dry prunes, got some leftover peanut butter and a new jar in case I didn't have enough...

And voila. Not hard to make. The most simple snack to make!

Taste wise. Hmmm. I would say prunes taste better by itself. Peanut butter tastes better on bread. Not my kind of snack. Maybe I need to stuff it inside next time - but that's just extra hard work!

Well, at least it's good for those on a low carb diet I guess.

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